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What are the general debugging steps of the automatic transfer switch?

  1. Put the double power on the adjustment table and connect the phase line and neutral line ( zero line).
  2. For three-pole switch connection, the common and spare zero line need to be connec...

Different Structure
A gas detector has simple structures, consisting only of the sensor and sensor conversion circuit. However, a gas analyzer not only has sensors inside, but also has a complete set of pneumatic system, which introduces the sample gas into the...

How to Choose a Circular Connector? Thu, Jul 19 by

Connector is also called as plug socket, it’s widely used in all kinds of electrical circuits to connect or disconnect the circuit. The electrical connector has many types and wide applications, proper selection of circular connector is also an important way t...

How to Detect Photoelectric Sensor? Thu, Jul 19 by

The detection modes of photoelectric sensor are divided into the following categories: opposite type, reflective plate type, polarizing reflective plate type, direct opposite type, wide beam type, focused mode, fixed-field type and adjustable-field type. Ultra...