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    Gear Motor Price List

    A gear motor is a power transmission machinery, which is used by all levels of gear transmission to achieve the purpose of speed reduction. Many transmission equipments want to achieve the effect of low speed and high torque is used is the gear reducer, the use of gear speed converter to decelerate the number of revolutions of the motor to the required number of revolutions, and get a larger torque mechanism.

    ATO provides a wide range of gear motors including AC gear motors and DC gear motors, various gear voltage and ratios are optional, small vibration and low noise, total adaptability, and compact design, which ensures that you will find the optimal product for your needs. The price of our gear motors listed in the form is reasonable and for reference only.

    AC Gear Motor

    An electrical motor that integrates a gearbox with an AC electric motor to deliver high torque at low speed or low horsepower is called an AC gear motor.

    ATO offers single-phase torque geared motors and speed control motors to meet your specific needs. The power supply frequency of our gear motors varies from region to region. In the case of automated equipment used in different regions, change the gear ratio of the gearhead or take the appropriate measure to obtain the desired speed. View the models in the price list below, you can find a good selection of AC gear motors and speed control motors with reasonable prices for your applications.

    AC Gear Motor Price List

    Product SKU Power Voltage Ratio Price
    ac gear motor ATO-GEAR-HV100 100W
    • 1-phase-110/220V
    • 3-phase-220/380/415V
    3-100 $362.62
    ATO-GEAR-HV200 200W $405.69
    ATO-GEAR-HV400 400W $498.15
    ATO-GEAR-HV750 750W $611.69
    ac gear motor vertical GEAR-HV1500 1500W
    • 1-phase-110/220V
    • 3-phase-220/380/415V
    3-100 $952.31
    GEAR-HV2200 2200W
    • 3-phase-220/380/415V
    3-100 $952.31
    GEAR-HV3700 3700W
    • 3-phase-220/380/415V
    3-60 $1,615.23
    ac gear motor ATO-GEAR-TM3 3W
    • 110/220V
    3-200 $128.41
    ATO-GEAR-TM6 6W $154.68
    GEAR-TM10 10W $156.99
    GEAR-TM20 20W $233.69

    Speed Control Motors Price List

    Product SKU Power Voltage Ratio Price
    ac gear motor GEAR-5IK25W 25W
    • 1-phase-100/220/230V

    GEAR-5IK40W 40W $305.79 
    GEAR-5IK60W 60W $328.63 
    GEAR-5IK90W 90W $398.15 
    GEAR-5IK120W 120W $420.16 
    GEAR-6IK140W 140W $475.39 
    GEAR-6IK200W 200W
    • 1-phase-220/230V

    DC Gear Motor

    DC gear motor is a type of brushed or brushless DC motor attached to a gearbox. The addition of a gearbox to a DC motor reduces the speed while increasing the torque output.

    ATO DC gear motors are brushless design, features 30W to 750W power, 3000rpm rated speed, torque from min. 01N.m to the max. 30N.m, operate with 12V, 24V, 36V, or 48V voltage, stable and durable. ATO DC gear motors provide the high starting force and precision variable-speed control required in applications.

    DC Gear Motor Price List

    Product SKU Power Voltage Ratio Price
    dc gear motor ATO-GEAR-30 30W
    • 12/24V
    3-200 $127.94
    ATO-GEAR-50 50W $155.03
    dc gear motor  ATO-GEAR-90 90W
    • 12/24/48V
    3-200 $193.25
    ATO-GEAR-150 150W $215.36
    ATO-GEAR-200 200W $262.48
    ATO-GEAR-300 300W $300.48
    ATO-GEAR-450 450W $326.35
    ATO-GEAR-750 750W
    • 12/24/48V
    3-200 $354.23
    dc worm gear motor ATO-GEAR-W50 50W
    • 12/24/36V
    7.5-60 $459.36
    ATO-GEAR-W100 100W
    • 12/24/36/48V
    7.5-60 $484.27
    ATO-GEAR-W150 150W
    • 12/24/36/48V
    7.5-80 $509.25
    dc gear motor ATO-GEAR-W90 90W
    • 12/24/36/48V
    7.5-60 $509.25
    ATO-GEAR-W200 200W
    • 12/24/36/48V
    7.5-100 $620.62
    ATO-GEAR-W300 300W $662.75
    ATO-GEAR-W450 450W $709.66
    ATO-GEAR-W600 600W
    • 24/36/48V
    ATO-GEAR-W750 750W $819.56
    ATO-GEAR-W1000 1000W $961.81
    ATO-GEAR-W1500 1500W
    • 36/48V
    ATO-GEAR-W2000 2000W
    • 48V
    dc gear motor ATO-GEAR-P75 75W
    • 12/24/36/48V
    4-250 $417.86
    ATO-GEAR-P100 100W $438.81
    ATO-GEAR-P150 150W $463.79
    dc gear motor ATO-GEAR-P90 90W
    • 12/24/36/48V
    4-250 $426.86
    ATO-GEAR-P200 200W $530.62
    ATO-GEAR-P350 300W $572.75
    ATO-GEAR-P450 450W $622.98
    ATO-GEAR-P750 750W
    • 24/36/48V
    4-250 $735.61
    dc gear motor ATO-GEAR-P600 600W
    • 24/36/48V
    4-250 $679.83
    ATO-GEAR-P1000 1000W
    • 24/36/48V
    3-250 $903.57
    ATO-GEAR-P1500 1500W
    • 36/48V
    3-250 $920.08
    ATO-GEAR-P2000 2000W
    • 48V
    3-250 $957.86

    Note: The prices in the table are for reference. If you want to know more specific information or better prices, please feel free to contact us.

    The gear motor can increase the output torque while decelerating, and the torque output ratio of the gear reducer is obtained by multiplying the motor output by the deceleration ratio, but it is important to note that the rated torque cannot be exceeded.


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