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    LM8UU Metric Linear Ball Bearings with Rubber Seals

    This 8 x 15 x 24 mm (LM8UU) linear ball bearing works with 8mm shafts, compact and lightweight, made of carbon steel material with ball lubrication in the tracks for high capacity and long life span. Suitable for use in a mounted slide unit to carry components. Double seal-closed types, open types and extended types are optional.

    LM10UU Metric Linear Ball Bearings with Rubber Seals

    10mm shaft diameter, compact and lightweight, high load-carrying capacity with dynamic load of 588cN and static load of 1100cN. Constructed with a steel outer ring and a polyamide ball retainer equipped with 4 ball circuits. The bearing has seals from both sides. It can make a very precise, safe and reliable linear motion system.

    LM12UU Metric Linear Ball Bearings with Rubber Seals

    Linear motion 12mm ball bushing has a steel outer ring with grooves for a circlip and a polyamide ball retainer with 4 ball circuits. It has elastomer seals from both sides. Cavities can also capture invading dirt, preventing potential blockages. Smooth moving, low friction, high rigidity and long life.

    LM16UU Metric Linear Ball Bearings with Rubber Seals

    LM16UU linear ball bearings, nominal shaft diameter 16mm, outsider diameter 28mm, length 37mm, with rubber seals on both sides, featured with smooth movement, high rigidity and low friction. Easy to maintain or replace and have a good life span in service. Suitable for electronic equipment types, guide bar, drive shaft and abutment.

    LM20UU Metric Linear Ball Bearings with Rubber Seals

    LM20UU metric double seal linear ball bearings with inner size 20mm, outer size 32mm and length 42mm. They consist of hardened steel outer housings, polyamide ball retainer with 5 ball circuits and rubber seals at two ends. The point contact design delivers very little frictional resistance so as to obtain smooth movement with high precision. Open types and extended editions are optional.

    LM25UU Metric Linear Ball Bearings with Rubber Seals

    LM25UU 25mm linear motion bearings are produced with a chrome steel outer cylinder, polyamide retainer, bearing balls and two side seals to prevent invading dirt and moisture. The bearing ball is in point contact with the shaft so that the friction resistance is small and the bearing balls are suitable for low-load and high speed movement.