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    Through Hole Slip Ring

    Through hole slip ring is a 360° rotating conductive device with a center hole, also called through bore slip ring or hollow shaft slip ring, used in some industrial equipment that needs to conduct or transmit signals during 360° rotation. If the equipment has a hydraulic or pneumatic drive shaft, ATO through hole slip ring can be easily mounted on the drive shaft of these devices and stably transfer current or various control signals. Size of through hole slip ring can select miniature (3/5/8mm), small (12.7mm/20mm), medium (25.4/38.1/40/50/60/80mm) and larger (100mm) depending on hole diameter (inner diameter). Current or signal supports 2~24 circuits, or customized according to requirements.

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    Miniature Through Hole Slip Ring, Inner Diameter 3/5/8mm

    SKU: ATO-THSR-358
    The series of through hole slip rings are miniature electrical slip rings with optional hole diameter (inner diameter) of 3/5/8mm. It is suitable for any rotating device with hole diameter of less than 3/5/8mm. The outer diameter is 17/22/35mm. The through hole slip ring can select 2~12 circuits of 2~10A current or signal, or 10A current mixed with 2A signal. Slip rings act as the connector for rotating assembly, rotary joints, and other axial structures, can rotate and transmit signals at 360°.

    Small Through Hole Slip Ring, 12.7mm/20mm Inner Diameter

    SKU: ATO-THSR-12720
    The series of electrical slip rings are small through hole slip rings with small apertures. Through hole slip ring with inner diameter of 12.7 mm has optional outer diameter of 35 mm/56 mm. Slip ring with inner diameter of 20 mm has optional outer diameter of 42 mm/56 mm. Small through hole slip rings have compact structure and can stably transfer small currents or signals of 2A~10A. The housing material can be plastic, aluminum or stainless steel. The number of circuits are 2~24 wires in selectable or customizable, support signal and power hybrid transmission. The small through hole slip ring is ideal for 360° rotation transmission of various control signals for pneumatic, electrical, hydraulic and other industrial equipment.

    Through Bore Slip Ring, 25.4/38.1/40/50/60/80 mm Hole Diameter

    SKU: ATO-THSR-25480
    Through bore slip ring with hole diameter of 25.4mm~80mm and outer diameter of 86~158mm, is a integral structure medium-sized slip ring connector. It can stably transmit 2~48 wires of 10A current (magnification *10A) or 2A signal. Through bore slip rings are ideally suited for applications where power and electrical signals need to be transferred under 360° rotation. The series of slip rings are designed with hollow shaft to provide electrical connections for shafts, rotary joints, pneumatic, hydraulic and other industrial instrument needed for the function of the rotating assembly.

    Hole Diameter 100mm Through Bore Slip, Outer Diameter 185mm

    SKU: ATO-THSR-100185
    Through bore slip ring has a hole with diameter of 100mm, the outer diameter is 185mm. The series of slip rings can be used as rotary connectors for industrial or civil equipment such as hydraulic, power, optical, Ethernet, etc., can transmit 6~24 circuits of 10A current and 2A signals in 360° rotation. Slip rings are made of durable materials, the aluminum alloy housing allows it to operate stably in harsh environments. Through bore slip rings have compact structure and size, making installation and use of slip rings more easy and convenient.

    High Speed Electrical Slip Ring, Through Hole, 1500rpm

    SKU: ATO-THSR-2056
    High speed slip ring is a high speed rotary conductive device designed for high-speed rotating equipment. It is more wear-resistant and has higher electrical conductivity than traditional slip rings. Max speed 1500rpm, hole size ranges from 0~20mm, outer diameter 56mm, optional 6~12 circuits 10A current.