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    1-1/2 inch Manual Pinch Valve

    1-1/2 inch (DN40) manual pinch valve is a valve made of aluminum alloy, designed with a pinch mechanism to control fluid flow. High-quality pinch tube valve with a flange connection is a reliable and cost-effective choice.
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    Buy a 1-1/2"(DN40) pinch valve from a reliable pinch valve manufacturer. The aluminum manual pinch valve is especially suited for handling abrasive or viscous fluids because the rubber sleeves can be changed easily and quickly.


    • Model: ATO-GJ41X-1.0L
    • Size: 1-1/2 inch (DN40)
    • Drive Mode: Manual
    • Body Materials: Aluminum alloy, HT200
    • Nominal Pressure: 1.0 MPa
    • Connection Form: Flange
    • Operating Temperature: ≤90℃
    • Weight: 6kg
    • Applicable Medium: Ore pulp, aid/alkali liquid, grinding aid, dry and wet filler

    Dimensions (Unit: mm)

    Pinch valve dimension

    DN L D D1 D2 b z-φ
    40 180 145 110 85 18 4-φ18


    Pinch valves are commonly used in industrial applications where precise flow control is not required, and the fluid being handled is abrasive or corrosive. They can be used in chemical processing to control the flow of chemicals through pipelines and tanks, and in mining and minerals processing to control the flow of slurries, tailings, and other abrasive fluids. 

    Pinch valve applications

    Tips: Advantages of Pinch Valve

    • Low maintenance: Pinch valves have a simple design with few moving parts, which makes them easy to maintain and repair.
    • Corrosion and abrasion resistance: The flexible sleeve in a pinch valve can be made from a variety of materials, including rubber,
      silicone, and fluoropolymer, which makes them suitable for handling corrosive or abrasive fluids.
    • Self-cleaning: When the valve is closed, the sleeve is squeezed shut, which helps to flush out any debris or sediment that may have accumulated in the valve.
    • Bi-directional flow: Pinch valves can handle flow in both directions, making them suitable for applications where flow direction may change.
    • High flow rates: Pinch valves have a large flow path, which allows for high flow rates with minimal pressure drop.
    • Bubble-tight shut-off: When the sleeve is pinched shut, the valve provides a bubble-tight seal, preventing any leakage of fluid or gas.
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