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    1" Plunger Valve, DN25

    SKU: ATO-PV-DN25
    The nominal pressure of the 1-inch plunger valve is 1.6 MPa, and the sealing surface is not prone to accumulation of impurities, ensuring sealing performance. This efficient plunger valve is designed for precise fluid control and features a high precision plunger and tight tolerances for optimum performance.

    1/2" Plunger Valve, DN15

    SKU: ATO-PV-DN15
    Reliable 1/2" plunger valves with a nominal pressure of 1.6 MPa, it is available for steam, water and oil media. Plunger valves are typically used in applications where tight shut-off is required, such as water treatment plants, industrial processes and irrigation systems.

    2" Plunger Valve, DN50

    SKU: ATO-PV-DN50
    The 2-way flanged plunger valve features a 2" bore and a body made of carbon steel for high temperature and corrosion resistance, making it the preferred choice for demanding fluid control applications.

    2-1.2" Plunger Valve, DN65

    SKU: ATO-PV-DN65
    Compact plunger valves made from high quality carbon steel with high resistance to oxidation and corrosion. Plunger valves are available in 2-1/2 inch, bore sizes (DN65) and in nominal pressures of 1.6 MPa, other pressures are available on request.

    3" Plunger Valve, DN80

    SKU: ATO-PV-DN80
    High quality carbon steel 3" plunger valve is a versatile and reliable assembly with a nominal pressure of 1.6 MPa. This plunger type valve can be used in a variety of applications including water and wastewater treatment, chemical processing and mining.

    4" Plunger Valve, DN100

    SKU: ATO-PV-DN100
    The 4" plunger valve valve is designed for easy maintenance and has a compact construction, which allows for easy integration into existing systems and automated processes. This plunger valve is durable and provides consistent performance even in harsh environments.

    5" Plunger Valve, DN125

    SKU: ATO-PV-DN125
    5" carbon steel plunger valve with flange connection, nominal pressure 1.6 MPa, other pressures available on request. ATO plunger valve has a simple disassembly and reassembly procedure to minimise downtime and maintenance costs.

    The plunger valve is a high performance valve that can operate stably under demanding conditions such as high temperature and pressure, strong corrosion and high viscosity. ATO plunger valve has excellent sealing properties and prevents media leakage and external contamination. At the same time, it's compact construction and flexible operation make it suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. offers a wide range of plunger valve sizes to meet the various needs of our customers.