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    Portable Spectrophotometer Colorimeter, Caliber 4mm/8mm

    SKU: ATO-CM-YS3020
    High precision portable spectrophotometer colorimeter can be used for clothing printing and dyeing, 4mm/8mm caliber, ceramic lamp accurate color measurement and quality control, light weight, small size and easy to use.

    Color Spectrophotometer, Caliber 8mm

    SKU: ATO-CM-NS800
    Manufacturer price color spectrophotometer caliber 8mm, test performance is accurate and stable, 3.5 inch digital LCD display, portable color spectrophotometer is easy to use.

    Handheld Color Meter, Caliber 4mm

    SKU: ATO-CM-SC-10
    Handheld color meter for the paint, plating and coatings industries, caliber 4mm, clear digital LCD display, comfortable price and high quality. The best colorimeter can accurately and quickly measure the reflected color and chromatic aberration.

    Handheld Spectrophotometer, Caliber 4mm/8mm

    SKU: ATO-CM-YS3060
    Professional handheld spectrophotometer with large digital LCD display, 4mm/8mm caliber, measuring fast and accurate measurement, light weight and portable colorimeter device.

    Pocket Colorimeter for Lab, Medical, Caliber 4mm/8mm

    SKU: ATO-CM-NH310
    Low cost pocket colorimeter for lab and medical, 4mm/8mm caliber, USB port, LED screen operation pane with clear data, widely used in papermaking, printing, ceramics and chemical industry.

    Pocket Colorimeter, Caliber 4mm

    SKU: ATO-CM-NR110
    Low price pocket colorimeter for sale, caliber φ4mm, measurement stability and accuracy, large screen display for easy reading, DC power connector USB/RS232. Colorimeter is widely used in paper, printing, ceramics, chemical, textile and dyeing industries.

    Portable Colorimeter, Caliber 8mm

    SKU: ATO-CM-NH300
    High quality portable colorimeter caliber 8mm, design with USB port, digital LCD display, built-in clock memory storage system, real-time storage of measurement and correction data, good value for money.

    Colorimeter prices as listed on the website. The colorimeter is light weight, portable, low-priced, and can accurately measure color. It is used in paper, printing, ceramics, chemical, textile printing and laboratory, aperture 4mm/8mm, choose a colorimeter for your solution.