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    Universal Wire Stripper, 10/12/14/16 gauge

    SKU: ATO-UWS-01
    Universal wire stripper for sale online. It removes the insulation or outer sheath of wires and can be used as a crimper, available in the range of 10/12/14/16/18/20 AWG, popular with electricians and DIY hobbyists operators.

    1 Phase 1/2 hp (400W) Regenerative Blower, 220V, 47 cfm

    SKU: ATO-RB-220-400
    2.7A 220V high pressure regenerative blower has the air flow capacity of 80 m³/ h (47 cfm), compress pressure of 130 mbar, vacuum pressure of -120 mbar. It is 53 dB low noise vortex blower that powered by 400W (1/ 2 hp) motor.

    3/8" (10mm) Manual Pipe Bender

    SKU: ATO-PB-10
    3/8 inch pipe bender for sale online, This manual pipe bender is a mechanical device used to bend pipes or metal rods, equipped with a φ10mm ductile iron mold, and can be bent at 180°.

    300W Wind Turbine MPPT Charge Controller, 12V/24V

    MPPT wind turbine charge controller for sale, wind generator rated power 300W, rate current 40A, 3 phase wind generator charge controller voltage 12V or 24V (auto recognition), IP67, mppt technology design, breeze start fan and strong reliability.

    300W (1/2 hp) Floor Blower

    SKU: ATO-FB-300W
    Low noise 300W (1/2 hp) floor blower is a carpet dryer with selectable 3 wind speeds and rollers + levers portable design. High-quality floor dryer can operate 24 hours a day, suitable for home use or small areas.

    Electric Car Jack, 2 in 1, 12V, 5 Ton

    SKU: ATO-EJ-2IN1
    Electric car jack, 12V, 5 tons load capacity, jacking and inflatable 2-in-1 design, easy to operate. Widely used in vehicle maintenance and emergency rescue. High-efficiency electric motor provides strong power, easy to lift heavy vehicles. Compact design, easy to carry.

    Electric Hydraulic Car Jack, 12V, 5 Ton

    SKU: ATO-EJ-HC12
    With a rated power of 18W and operating at a voltage of DC12V, boasting a maximum current of 15A, electric hydraulic jack can effortlessly handle loads of up to 5 tons, equipped with a lifting range of 135-360mm / 155-450mm / 155-450mm 235-530mm, making it a robust and efficient choice for lifting vehicles, trailers, and more.

    Ratcheting Cable Cutter, 600/1000/1250/1400 MCM

    SKU: ATO-CC-001
    Ideal ratcheting cable cutter for sale online. It comes with a 600/1000/1250/1400 MCM cutting range, can safely cut copper aluminum, armored and communication cables, widely used in construction, telecommunication and electrical work.

    1 hp (750W) Explosion Proof Tube Axial Fan

    SKU: ATO-EPF-750W
    Powerful explosion proof axial fan with smooth fan blades, high airflow, low noise, energy saving and environmentally friendly. Explosion-proof axial fan is compact and can be flexibly placed to optimize airflow and promote a safer working environment.

    1 hp Tube Axial Fan, 3500 cfm

    SKU: ATO-AF-352
    Low-cost 1 hp axial exhaust fan has a high airflow rate and a powerful motor, it comes with a flow rate of 3500 cfm. The tube axial exhaust fan is simple, robust and reliable, with low noise levels and high airflow, making it ideal for ensuring reliable and efficient cooling in a wide range of applications.

    1 hp Tube Axial Fan, 3600 cfm

    SKU: ATO-AF-44
    Low price high pressure tube axial fan for sale, with a motor of 1 hp and a speed of 1450 rpm and a flow rate of 3600 cfm. ATO axial blower fans feature a specially designed motor and blade system for quiet operation and extremely low power consumption, which makes them an excellent choice for those looking for a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution.

    1 Phase 0.7 hp (550W) Regenerative Blower, 220V, 56 cfm

    SKU: ATO-RB-220-550
    Buy good price 220V high pressure regenerative blower from ATO. The motor works at single phase, 0.7 hp (550W) power and the air output volume up to 56 cfm. -120 mbar rated vacuum pressure, 130 mbar rated compress pressure. The front bearing design increases the working stability.

    1 Ton Adjustable Beam Clamp for Lifting

    Buy 1 tonne adjustable beam clamp for lifting at factory price. This beam clamp is a mechanical device used in construction and industrial settings to secure and support I-beams, made from alloy steel, applicable 75~220mm I-beams, widely used in the construction, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), and industrial sectors.

    1 Ton Horizontal Plate Lifting Clamp

    Economical price 1 ton horizontal plate lifting clamp for sale. This industrial plate lifting clamp is a mechanical device for horizontal lifting of steel plates and steel structures in construction, manufacturing, and shipbuilding, with 1 ton working load of 2 plate clamps at low price, 0 ~ 30mm jaw opening.

    1 Ton Lifting Hook with Safety Latch

    Factory price lifting hook with 1 ton load capacity, is a mechanical device used in various industries to lift and move heavy loads safely and efficiently. Made of high-strength alloy steel, it consists of a curved metal piece with a pointed end and a large eye at the other.

    1 Ton Scissor Jack

    SKU: ATO-SJ-1T
    Buy economical price scissor jack online, with 1 Ton (2000 lbs) load capacity, ideal for lifting cars, RVs, trucks, and travel trailers. Its compact size makes it perfect for small spaces and motorcycles.

    1 Ton Single Sheave Snatch Block with Hook

    1 ton single sheave snatch block with hook is a mechanical device used in various applications to change the direction of a load or increase the lifting capacity, suitable 7.7mm wire rope diameter. The single sheave has a deep groove to accommodate a rope, cable, or chain.

    1 Ton Vertical Plate Lifting Clamp

    Economical price vertical plate lifting clamp with 1 ton load capacity, 0~20 jaw opening. This plate lifting clamp is commonly used in industrial settings, such as construction sites or manufacturing facilities, where heavy plates need to be lifted and moved with precision and safety.

    1" (4-25mm) Electric Rebar Bender, 950W/1300W

    SKU: ATO-RB-1
    4 - 25mm rebar bender tool is a portable bending machine, with bending rebar range 1 inch, ending angle 0~130°, optional no-load power 1300W or 950W, and bending speed 2.5~3s. Electric rebar bender is driven by 220V/110V AC hydraulic, used for round steel, rebar, screw rod, etc.

    1" (4-25mm) Electric Rebar Cutter, 1300W/1440W

    SKU: ATO-RC-1
    Buy am high effiency electric rebar cutter at low cost. It is the best way to cut steel bars such as rebar, round bar, steel rod, iron rod, screw, etc. 1" portable hydraulic rebar cutter is operated by a hydraulic system and motor, equipped with a Ф4 - Ф25mm cutting range, 220V/110V voltage, 1300W/1400W no-load power, and 4.5s cutting speed.