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    Ratcheting Cable Cutter, 600/1000/1250/1400 MCM

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    Ideal ratcheting cable cutter for sale online. It comes with a 600/1000/1250/1400 MCM cutting range, can safely cut copper aluminum, armored and communication cables, widely used in construction, telecommunication and electrical work.
    SKU: ATO-CC-001
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    The provided cable cutter is the best ratcheting cable cutter with a 600/1000/1250/1400 MCM cutting range. It is a manual cable cutter tool for copper, aluminum, armor and communication cables.


    Total Length 345mm 450mm 380mm 380mm
    Weight 1.85kg 3.8kg 1.5kg 3.2kg
    Package Size 345x125x46mm 450x240x45mm 380x160x50mm 380x150x50mm
    Handle Material Steel
    Handle Length 370mm
    Cutting Range Copper Cored Aluminum Stranded Wire Below 720mm2 (1400MCM) Copper Cored Aluminum Stranded Wire Below 620mm2 (1250MCM) Copper Cored Aluminum Stranded Wire Below 300mm2 (600MCM) Copper Aluminum Wire and Armored Cable Below 500mm2 (1000MCM)
    Steel Stranded Wire Below 150mm2 (300MCM) Steel Stranded Wire Below 100mm2 (200MCM) 1000 Pairs of Communication Cables
    Armored Cable × × ×
    Copper Aluminum Cable × ×
    Steel Strand × ×
    Copper Core Aluminum Stranded Wire × ×
    Steel Wire Rope × × × ×

    Purchase Notes:

    • 13J and 30J can cut the steel-stranded wire and copper core aluminum-stranded wire, but cutting cables is strictly prohibited.
    • 52J, 75J, 95J, 100J and 130J can cut armored cables, and it is strictly forbidden to cut steel strands, steel wire ropes, etc.
    • Because the 100J and 130J can cut thick cables and armored cables, it can be laborious when cutting small cables. When it is not particularly necessary to cut thick cables, please choose models below 95J.


    Ratcheting cable cutter (cable shear) is a common tool widely used in electrical engineering, construction, telecommunications and manufacturing industries to cut copper, aluminum and armored cables and wires.

    Cable cutter applications

    Tips: What is a cable cutter?

    A cable cutter is a hand-held tool used for cutting cables and wires. It typically consists of two blades that are designed to cut through various types of cables, including electrical cables, steel cables, and wire ropes.

    Cable cutters come in different sizes and types, including manual and hydraulic cutters. Manual cutters are operated by hand and are suitable for cutting smaller cables, while hydraulic cutters are more powerful and can cut through thicker cables.

    Cable cutters are commonly used in a variety of industries, including construction, telecommunications, and electrical work. They are also used by DIY enthusiasts for home projects that involve cutting wires and cables.

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    Shipment arrived in good time frame and product works well.
    From: Gale | Date: 07/11/2023
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