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    Red 5V Led Indicator Light

    SKU: ATO-IL-5V
    Low cost 5V led indicator light, rated voltage 5V AC/DC, waterproof IP68, exquisite LED soft light, protect eyes, color red, yellow, blue, green and white optional, 110V indicator light can be customized.

    Green 12V Led Indicator Light

    SKU: ATO-IL-12V
    12 Volt green indicator lamp, available in yellow, white, red and blue, soft LED light display, not dazzling, good waterproof effect, convenient connection and reliable connection. Other voltages can be customized, long service life time, easy to use.

    Blue 24V Led Indicator Light

    SKU: ATO-IL-24V
    LED indicator lamp rated voltage 24V AC/DC, hole size 22mm, rated current 20mA, easy to identify LED, soft lighting, no eye damage, high quality flame retardant enclosure, 12 months warranty, 110V LED indicator light can be customized.

    Yellow 48V Led Indicator Light

    SKU: ATO-IL-48V
    48V AC/DC indicator light for switchboard, rated current 10mA, compact size, ultra-low power consumption, easy to use, achieve one second wiring, yellow, blue, white, green and red are optional, compact size, ultra-low power consumption, other voltages can be customized.

    White 220V Led Indicator Light

    SKU: ATO-IL-220V
    White indicator lamps for panels, 220V AC/DC voltage, 22mm hole size, high brightness LED display, soft not dazzling, safe to use. Widely used in electricity, communications, machine tools, motors, household appliances, etc.

    Indicator light is a kind of lighting equipment, specially used for panel design, red, yellow, green, blue, yellow indicator light for selection, voltage 5V, 12V, 24V, 48V and 220V, 110V can be customized, hole size 22mm, protection grade IP68, high-quality flame-retardant shell, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.