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    Red 5V Led Indicator Light

    SKU: ATO-IL-5V
    Low cost 5V led indicator light, rated voltage 5V AC/DC, waterproof IP68, exquisite LED soft light, protect eyes, color red, yellow, blue, green and white optional, 110V indicator light can be customized.

    Green 12V Led Indicator Light

    SKU: ATO-IL-12V
    12 Volt green indicator lamp, available in yellow, white, red and blue, soft LED light display, not dazzling, good waterproof effect, convenient connection and reliable connection. Other voltages can be customized, long service life time, easy to use.

    Blue 24V Led Indicator Light

    SKU: ATO-IL-24V
    LED indicator lamp rated voltage 24V AC/DC, hole size 22mm, rated current 20mA, easy to identify LED, soft lighting, no eye damage, high quality flame retardant enclosure, 12 months warranty, 110V LED indicator light can be customized.

    Yellow 48V Led Indicator Light

    SKU: ATO-IL-48V
    48V AC/DC indicator light for switchboard, rated current 10mA, compact size, ultra-low power consumption, easy to use, achieve one second wiring, yellow, blue, white, green and red are optional, compact size, ultra-low power consumption, other voltages can be customized.

    White 220V Led Indicator Light

    SKU: ATO-IL-220V
    White indicator lamps for panels, 220V AC/DC voltage, 22mm hole size, high brightness LED display, soft not dazzling, safe to use. Widely used in electricity, communications, machine tools, motors, household appliances, etc.

    Indicator light is a kind of lighting equipment, specially used for panel design. Red LED indicator light, green LED indicator light, blue LED indicator light, yellow indicator light and white indicator light for selection in ATO, voltage 5V, 12V, 24V, 48V and 220V, 110V can be customized, hole size 22mm, protection grade IP68, high-quality flame-retardant shell, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.

    The small led indicator light is very suitable for extremely harsh outdoor environments, and is widely used in industrial machinery, instrument control panels, maritime and gas industries, security and outdoor applications, and transportation dashboards.

    How Does Indicator Light Work?

    LED indicator light control system, X-ray collimator is an important component of X-ray machine. Two sets of adjustable screen lead plates are used to define the X-ray exposure field in X-ray emission. Lies in its features, including PC and single chip microcomputer system, camera, motor drive circuit, two dc motors, camera installed in the small indicator light out of the mouth on the shell of light, and make your camera vision, camera to PC, PC output instruction transmitted by serial port to the single-chip microcomputer system, single chip microcomputer system after processing the data, the output through the motor drive circuit to control the signal indicator light, and the longitudinal and transverse two dc motor are, inversion, two groups of driven by two dc motor regulation line lead plate movement.

    Indicator light working principle

    The LED indicator light is digitized and the control accuracy is improved. It can be operated remotely and the work of doctors can be simplified to improve work efficiency. And the circuit volume is small, achieved the goal of saving. It is used to block X-ray scattering, reduce X-ray injury to patients and improve imaging quality. X-ray diagnostic machine is an indispensable part.

    The working principle of LED works on the quantum principle. According to quantum theory, electrons move from high energy levels to low energy levels. When energy is released from a photon, the distance between the two levels of photon energy is the same.

    If the PN-junction diode is in the forward bias, current flows through the diode. The flow of current in semiconductors is due to two currents in the opposite direction of the current and the flow of electrons in the current direction.

    Meaning of Different Color Indicator Light:

    Indicator lights include a colored lens such as red, green, blue, yellowr, clear, or white. These colored lenses symbolize the condition of the machine or equipment to which the lights are connected. The meanings of the different colored indicators are listed below.

    Different color indicator light

    • Red LED indicator light. Red means emergency (Hazardous and condition): Immediate action to deal with hazardous condition (e.g, by operating the emergency-stop)
    • Green LED indicator light. Green means normal (Normal condition): Optional
    • Blue LED indicator light. Blue means mandatory (Indication of a condition that requires action by the operator): Mandatory action
    • Yellow indicator light. Yellow means abnormal (Abnormal condition or impending critical condition): Monitoring or intervention (e.g by reestablishing the intended function)
    • White indicator light. White means no specific meaning (Other conditions can be used whenever doubt exists about the application of other colors): Monitoring

    6 Advantages of LED Indicator Light:

    LED stands for "light emitting diode", but that is just the beginning of understanding this cutting edge technology and its role in lighting design for our homes. At a glance, here's what you should know ths 6 advantages of emergency light indicator:

    1. Efficiency. Compared to conventional incandescent lamps, Led lighting lasts longer, is more durable, and is over five times more efficient. LED indicator light bulbs typically use only 2 to 10 watts of electricity.
    2. Brightness. LED lighting is measured in lumens, not watts.
    3. Design. The compact size of LEDs make them an ultra-flexible design element, which has allowed designers and manufactures to create shapes, silhouettes and technologies that simply weren't possible before.
    4. Mercury free. No mercury is used in the manufacturing of LEDs.
    5. Slow failure. LEDs slowly dim over time at the end of their lifespan, rather than burning out abruptly.
    6. Dimming. In earlier years, LEDs did not "dim" in the way incandescent lights did, but they've come a long way. More and more fixtures now offer a "warm dim", which not only lowers the light output, but also the color temperature.