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    Concrete Rebound Hammer Tester, 10-60 MPa

    SKU: ATO-RH-225A
    High quality concrete rebound hammer tester is made of stainless steel, with a test strength range of 10-60 MPa. ATO concrete rebound hammer is suitable for use in many environments, such as testing buildings, bridges, road testing and test cells.

    Digital Concrete Rebound Hammer Tester, 10-60 MPa

    SKU: ATO-RH-225C
    Buy a digital rebound hammer for measuring the compressive strength of concrete structures, which allows multiple readings to be stored in the built-in memory, and provides software that performs statistical analysis and generates comprehensive reports. The digital rebound hammer tester is the ideal tool for engineers, architects, and contractors who need to quickly and accurately assess the strength of concrete structures.

    Digital Concrete Rebound Hammer, 10-60 MPa

    SKU: ATO-RH-225D
    The digital concrete rebound hammer with a 2.2" colour display, it has a strength measurement range of 10-60 MPa, providing more accurate and reliable readings. ATO digital concrete rebound hammer allows multiple readings to be stored in the built-in memory, providing valuable data for analysis and reporting.

    Digital Rebound Concrete Test Hammer with Wireless Printer

    SKU: ATO-RH-225T
    A portable digital rebound hammer is an essential tool for assessing the compressive strength of concrete structures. ATO digital rebound test hammer has a wireless printer for printing test results at any time. The rebound hammer machine is ergonomically designed and lightweight to allow comfortable gripping and prolonged use.

    Rebound Hammer for Concrete Strength, 10-60 MPa

    SKU: ATO-RH-225B
    Buy a professional rebound hammer for concrete strength testing in the 10-60 MPa range. With its versatility and accuracy, the concrete rebound hamme is the ideal tool for any professional involved in construction, engineering or materials testing.

    A rebound hammer is a handheld device used for non-destructive testing of concrete structures. It is also known as a Schmidt hammer or Swiss hammer. The rebound hammer works by measuring the rebound of a spring-loaded hammer that strikes the surface of the concrete at a defined velocity.

    Rebound hammers are commonly used in the construction industry to assess the quality and consistency of concrete structures such as walls, floors, and bridges. They can also be used to detect voids, cracks, and other defects in concrete. The rebound hammer test is a quick and easy method to assess the strength of concrete in the field without causing damage to the structure. offers a range of rebound hammers to suit your specific needs, if you are looking for a reliable and accurate way to test the strength of concrete, our rebound hammers are the perfect solution.