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    0.0015μF 1250V Metal Film Capacitor

    SKU: ATO-FC-152J
    The 1250V metalized film capacitor has a capacity value of 0.015μF, capacitance tolerance 5%, lead distance 10mm. The metal diaphragm capacitor is made of metalized polypropylene high temperature film, which is self-healing and ideal for use in filters and audio crossovers.

    0.001μF 1250V Metal Film Capacitor

    SKU: ATO-FC-102J
    Polypropylene film capacitor with excellent insulation and flame retardant performance, rated voltage 1250V DC, capacity 0.001μF, lead spacing 7.5mm. ATO metal diaphragm capacitor is designed for S-correction circuit of large screen display and color TV, suitable for various high frequency and high current applications.

    0.001μF 630V Metal Film Capacitor

    SKU: ATO-FC-1000PF
    630V metallized polypropylene capacitor has a capacity value of 0.01μF, tolerance: ±5%, lead spacing 7.5mm. CBB22 metal film capacitor is resistant to high frequency 100KHZ, can withstand high current, has strong resistance to high voltage shock, widely used in lamps, power supplies, monitors, and color TV line reverse circuit.

    0.022μF 2000V Metal Film Capacitor

    SKU: ATO-FC-223J
    Metallized polypropylene film capacitor for mosquito killer and ultrasonic, rated voltage 2000V DC, capacity 0.022μF. ATO polypropylene film capacitor has the advantages of good self-healing, low high-frequency loss, high inrush strength overcurrent, which is ideal for high frequency, DC, and pulse circuits.

    0.033μF 1600V Metal Film Capacitor

    SKU: ATO-FC-333J
    1600V metal film capacitor for high frequency, DC and pulse circuits, capacity 0.033μF, lead spacing 20mm. 33nF mylar capacitor is heat-set by a vacuum process, which effectively eliminates air and moisture and extends the life of the film capacitor.

    0.1μF 1000V Metal Film Capacitor

    SKU: ATO-FC-104J
    The 1000V high voltage film capacitor has a capacity of 0.1μF and a pitch of 15mm. It can withstand high voltage and high current impact and is suitable for high current and high pulse circuits. The metal diaphragm capacitor adopts metallized polypropylene high-temperature film, which has strong self-healing property, high capacitor insulation resistance and long service life.

    0.68μF 100V Metal Film Capacitor

    SKU: ATO-FC-684J
    100V Metallized polyester film capacitors for audio, the distance between legs 20mm, capacitance 0.68uF. 680nF mylar capacitor is a perfect choice for telecommunication equipment, data processing equipment, automatic control, and other general electronic equipment.

    0.82μF 400V Metal Film Capacitor

    SKU: ATO-FC-824J
    Metal film capacitor with nominal capacity 0.82μF, rated voltage 400V DC, lead spacing 15mm. Metalized polypropylene film capacitor has excellent insulation and flame retardant properties, low internal temperature rise, widely used in high frequency, DC, and pulse circuits.

    1μF 400V Metal Film Capacitor

    SKU: ATO-FC-105J
    The 1000nF metal film capacitor provides a rated voltage of 400V and a lead spacing of 20mm. ATO polyester film capacitor has excellent insulation and flame retardant properties and low internal temperature rise, and is suitable for use in switching power supplies, rainproof power supplies, LED driver power supplies, inverters and small appliance control boards.

    A film capacitor is a capacitor constructed by using a metal foil as the electrode and overlapping it with a plastic film such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene or polycarbonate from both ends and then winding it into a cylinder shape.

    Film capacitors have high insulation impedance, excellent frequency characteristics (wide frequency response), and low dielectric loss. Because of these advantages, film capacitors are used in a large number of analog circuits, especially in signal cross-connected sections. offers film capacitors with capacities from 0.0015μF to 1μF, and other capacities can be customized.