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    Diaphragm Dosing Pump, 1.08 L/h Flow

    SKU: ATO-DP-V00508
    Dosing pump for water treatment plant, digital display, button to adjust flow, 12 watt, 0.48 L/h flow, stroke 90 N/m, resistant to weak acids and alkalis. Solenoid diaphragm metering pump with diaphragm damage protection and alarm function.

    Diaphragm Dosing Pump, 3.12 L/h Flow

    SKU: ATO-DP-V003008
    Chemical dosing pump flow 3.12 L/h, 12W, 7.6 bar, digital display, good sealing, strong corrosion resistance, diaphragm dosing pump with cycle timer, button control flow, widely used in industrial wastewater treatment.

    Diaphragm Dosing Pump, 5.04 L/h Flow

    SKU: ATO-DP-V05006
    Diaphragm dosing pump power 16W, AC 220V, flow 5.04 L/h, press the button to adjust the flow rate, and control the flow rate more accurately. Solenoid metering pump with cycle timer, the pump head is well sealed, suitable for a wider range of medium delivery.

    Diaphragm Dosing Pump, 9 L/h Flow

    SKU: ATO-DP-V09003
    Sell diaphragm dosing pump at the best price, 9 L/h flow, 3.5 bar pressure, digital display metering pump, used in paper industry, industrial wastewater treatment and water treatment plant.

    Diaphragm Dosing Pump, 16.8 L/h Flow

    SKU: ATO-DP-C16005
    Chemical diaphragm dosing pump for water treatment plant, flow can be adjusted to 16.8L/m by pressing the button, pressure 4.2 bar, the nature of strong acid and strong alkali resistance makes dosing pump used in a wide range of media.

    Diaphragm Dosing Pump, 21.6 L/h Flow

    SKU: ATO-DP-C20003
    Manufacturer direct sales diaphragm dosing pump, flow 21.6 L/m, LCD display, 49W, supply voltage AC 220V, good sealing, strong corrosion resistance, 12 months warranty.

    Diaphragm Dosing Pump, 26.5 L/h Flow

    SKU: ATO-DP-C26003
    Dosing pumps for water treatment plants flow 26.5 L/m, hose 6mm x 9mm, easy to use, no converter required, directly compiling external signals, LCD display, press the button to adjust the flow rate.

    Diaphragm Dosing Pump, 31.2 L/h Flow

    SKU: ATO-DP-C30002
    Diaphragm metering pump flow 31.2 L/h, LCD display, hose 6 x 9mm, shell sturdy and durable, the dosing pump has strong corrosion resistance, diaphragm damage protection and alarm functions.

    Diaphragm Dosing Pump, 4.2 L/h Flow

    SKU: ATO-DP-C04015
    Diaphragm dosing pump flow 4.2 L/h, 40 watt, directly compile external signals without converters, strong acid and alkali resistance, good stability. LCD display chemical metering pump is accurate in metering and convenient to adjust the flow rate. It is an ideal choice for sewage treatment plants.

    Diaphragm Dosing Pump, 6.8 L/h Flow

    SKU: ATO-DP-C06011
    Selling diaphragm dosing pump with good stability and performance at a low price, flow 6.8 L/h, pressure 11.3 bar, simple structure, accurate measurement, strong acid and alkali resistance.

    The dosing pump is a special positive displacement pump that can meter the delivered fluid. It is generally composed of a control part, a driving part, a transmission part and an overcurrent part. The main difference between an electromagnetic diaphragm metering pump and other metering pumps is the driving part.

    The rated flow of the ATO metering pump is in the range of 1.08-31.2 L/h, and the output pressure is 1.8-22.7 bar. The outlet flow of the dosing pump can be realized according to the stroke frequency.