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    Vane Air Motor

    The vane air motor is a power device that uses compressed air as the working medium and uses the expansion effect of compressed air to convert pressure energy into mechanical energy. online store offers six kinds of type for you to choose. ATO series pneumatic vane motor has a wide range power from 300W to 7000W, with rotate speed 200 rpm to high speed 10000 rpm. The air vane motor has simple structure, small size, light weight, large horsepower, easy operation, convenient maintenance and whicy has the characteristics of water resistance, fire resistance, explosion resistance, moisture and dust resistance, and the pneumatic motor can work in harsh environments such as humidity, high temperature, and high dust. The air motor is used in mining, rock drilling, drilling, loading and other mechanical equipment power, and is widely used in ships, offshore platforms, metallurgy, papermaking and petrochemical industries.

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    300W Pneumatic Vane Air Motor, 0.31Nm, 10000rpm

    Cheap price pneumatic vane air motor online for sale, with rated power 300 watt, rotate speed 10000rpm, 0.31Nm rated torque, which can up to 0.65Nm. It has advantages of small size, light weight, simple structure and easy to use.

    300W Vane Air Motor, 27 cfm, 6000rpm

    Cost-effective vane air motor with rated power 0.3 kW, rotate speed up to 6000rpm, 47 m³/h air comsumption, maximum torque 0.68Nm, it is widely used in ship, offshore platform, metallurgy, papermaking and petrochemical industries, etc.

    600W Pneumatic Vane Air Motor

    Lower cost pneumatic vane air motor with 600 watt, rated torque 19.5, 30 cfm air consumption, rotate speed 3000rpm, it offers small size and light weight and long life service.

    1.5hp (1.2kW) Pneumatic Vane Air Motor

    1200 watt pneumatic vane air motor with maximum torque rotated speed 300rpm, three kinds of installation methods can be chosen, gray color. It is widely used in rock drilling of mine, drilling, ship, metallurgy, chemical engineering, and papermaking etc.

    4hp (3kW) Pneumatic Vane Air Motor

    4hp pneumatic vane air motor online for sale, with 228 m³/ h air consumption, 13 Nm rated torque, foot mounting/ face mounting/ IEC flange mounting three installation methods can be chosen. Light weight, gray color and long service life.

    5hp (3.9kW) Pneumatic Vane Air Motor

    Vane air motor at affordable price which with 5hp, 14.4 Nm rated power, 2500 rpm rotate speed, 175 cfm air consumption, it provides high torque with smooth startup.

    9.5hp (7kW) Pneumatic Vane Air Motor

    7kW vane air motor with two different installation methods, foot mounting/ IEC flange mounting can be chosen, rated torque 34 Nm, 275 cfm air consumption. It offers simple structure, strong power, water resistance, fire protection and moisture & explosion proof, etc.