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    4hp (3kW) Pneumatic Vane Air Motor

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    4hp pneumatic vane air motor online for sale, with 228 m³/ h air consumption, 13 Nm rated torque, foot mounting/ face mounting/ IEC flange mounting three installation methods can be chosen. Light weight, gray color and long service life.
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    Economical price pneumatic vane air motor with 3000 watt, maximum torque rotate speed 300 rpm, it can be operated in the tough environment which is damp, high-heat, excessive dust and other poor working environment.


    Model Operation Data Maximum Torque Weight Installation Method Color Certification Warranty
    Power Torque Rotate Speed Air Consumption Rotate Speed Torque
    hp kW Nm rpm m³/ h cfm rpm Nm kg
    HX6AM-H 4 3 10 84 3000 228 128 300 13 115 7.7 Foot Mounting Gray CE 12 months
    HX6AM-V 7.2 Face Mounting
    HX6AM-F110 10 IEC Flange

    Dimension (unit=inch/mm)

     3kW pneumatic vane air motor HX6AM-H                4hp pneumatic vane air motor HX6AM-H size

    Vane air motor HX6AM-V                    Dimension of pneumatic vane air motor HX6AM-V 1

    Pneumatic vane air motor HX6AM-ARV-54                            Dimension of pneumatic vane air motor HX6AM-ARV-54 1


    3000W Pneumatic Vane Air Motor Details

    Tips: The Application of Pneumatic Vane Air Motor.

    1. Power drive, high torque drive, high speed drive.

    2. Cutting processing (drilling, milling, tapping, grinding, polishing, chamfering, deburring, etc.),

    3. Assembly and assembly (tightening assembly, packing, riveting.)

    4. It can be used for all kinds of machines and machinery:
    Printing, packaging machinery, capping machines, food and beverage machinery, filling machines, machine tools, pipe dredging machines, machines for flammable and explosive environments, mixers, beveling machines, balers, pumps, blowers, winches, winches, Valve drive, mobile platform, road spraying machine, material handling production line, assembly and tightening unit, conveyor belt, indexing table, cutting, wind saw, tapping machine, ship, woodworking, petroleum, mining, papermaking, petrochemical machinery, etc.

    5. It can be used with various functional institutions:
    Propulsion mechanism, numerical control system, positioning system, robot or manipulator, torque control system, speed control system, various sensors, various accessories, various functional components.

    Existing reviews of 4hp (3kW) Pneumatic Vane Air Motor
    Expect this 4hp pneumatic vane air motor to run well
    I just received this 4hp pneumatic vane air motor. It was packaged carefully, there was no damage, and it was shipped quickly. I haven't used it yet, and I looking forward to it running well on the printing machine.
    From: Sandra | Date: 02/08/2021
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