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    Dryer is also known as oven, is a kind of mechanical equipment that uses thermal energy to reduce material moisture, and is used in material drying. Dryer vaporizes the moisture content of material (generally refers to moisture or other volatile liquid components) by heating to obtain the solid material with the specified moisture content. Industrial and laboratory dryer commonly used are vacuum dryer and forced air oven. Vacuum dryer is an oven that removes moisture inside the material by pumping out the air inside material and reaching a predetermined vacuum degree. It is specially designed for drying heat sensitive, easily decomposed and easily oxidized substances. Vacuum oven can fill the inside of object with inert gas, and can also perform fast drying for some materials with complex composition. Forced air oven is a dryer with blower and fan. It uses hot air convection circulation system to dry materials, and has excellent temperature uniformity and service life. Vacuum oven and forced air oven provided by ATO are both freestanding electric ovens, with desktop and vertical design, and a variety of capacities and power options. Voltage can select 220V and 110V, and other specifications can be customized. All dryers are equipped with tray and pump, very suitable for drying, baking and heating materials.

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    Industrial/Lab Vacuum Oven with Pump

    SKU: ATO-ILVO-6019
    Vacuum oven for sale is a vacuum dryer with pump and tray, can quickly and efficiently drying under vacuum or filled with inert gas. The across international vacuum oven matching use with rotary vane vacuum pump, can dry heat-sensitive, easily decomposed and easily oxidized materials. Chamber capacity of the vacuum oven is available in 0.28/0.9/1.9/3.2/15 cu ft, and related specification are customizable.

    Freestanding Electric Oven, Forced Air, 220V/110V

    SKU: ATO-FAO-9099
    Forced air oven is freestanding electric dryer for sale, composed of blower, centrifugal fan, and appropriate convection air inlet channel. Electric oven price is extremely competitive, with a variety of capacities and powers to select. Freestanding ovens with capacity of 1.41 cu ft and 2.8 cu ft use 304 stainless steel shelves, which are resistant to corrosion and keep the oven surface and interior dry. Large capacity electric ovens are available in models with cu ft of 4.8/7.7/14.8/21.9/35.3, provide chamber capacity of 136L~1000L.

    Ordinary/Gland Type Vacuum Freeze Dryer Machine

    SKU: ATO-FD-2101
    Vacuum freeze dryer is a lyophilization machine for commercial and industrial. Models are available in ordinary and gland type. Ordinary type freeze dryer is equipped with 4 layers of 200mm trays, which is suitable for freeze-drying bulk materials. Gland type freeze dryer is equipped with 3 layers of 180mm trays. Its gland device seals the vial, which is equivalent to vacuum packaging, to avoid cross-infection caused by contact between materials and air.

    Multi-Manifold Industrial/Commercial Freeze Dryer

    SKU: ATO-FD-1012
    The freeze dryer for sale is a freeze dry machine can be used for lyophilization of various materials. Ability to capture water is 3kg or 4kg per day. Vacuum freeze dryer models can select ordinary multi-manifold or gland-type multi-manifold. It can be used as a lyophilizer, which is widely used in biomedicine, pharmaceuticals, biological products, chemical industry and food industry and other fields.