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    LVDT Sensor

    LVDT displacement sensor combines sensor, oscillator, demodulator and filter in one, large stroke, high accuracy, good stability, anti-interference ability, high temperature resistance, non contact measurement, easy to install.

    Displacement Sensor, Draw-wire, 1000-50000mm

    SKU: ATO-DWS-50000
    Draw wire sensor combines the advantages of angular sensor and linear displacement sensor, has a small mounting size, compact structure and high precision. The measuring range can be 1000mm/2500mm/5000mm or even 50000mm.

    Linear Displacement Sensor 50-1250mm

    SKU: ATO-DISS-R1250
    Linear displacement sensor housing surface anodized, built-in conductive plastic measurement unit, anti-corrosion, no temperature drift, long service life, automatic electrical grounding, suitable for most common applications.

    Linear Position Sensor 10-300mm

    SKU: ATO-DISS-H300
    Linear displacement sensor has two miniature hinges at both ends, built-in conductive plastic measurement unit, housing surface anodized, anti-corrosion, no temperature drift, especially suitable for the occasions with small installation space, swing motion, and sensor body can't be fixed.

    Single Point Load Cell, 300g/1kg/3kg/10kg/60kg/100kg/200kg to 500kg

    SKU: ATO-LC-SP01
    Single point load cell is widely used for weighing scale or pricing scale. Single point load cell is suited to use in flat and low space, with parallel beam structure, good stability, good output symmetry, high accuracy, low temperature drift and overload protection.

    50mm Magnetostrictive Displacement Measurement Sensor

    SKU: ATO-MSR-A0050
    Aluminum alloy rail type magnetostrictive displacement sensor for measuring linear displacement, external installation, compact structure, easy to use, good security, suitable for CNC machinery worked in large vibration.

    50mm Magnetostrictive Displacement Sensor for hydraulic servo cylinder

    SKU: ATO-MSD-0050
    Non contact displacement sensor for hydraulic servo cylinder, high precision, no temperature drift, anti-jamming performance, long life, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high pressure resistant.

    50mm Magnetostrictive Fuel Level Sensor for oil tank

    SKU: ATO-MSL-0050
    Non contact fuel level sensor for oil tank, high precision, no temperature drift, anti-jamming performance, long life, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high pressure resistant.

    AC Voltage Transducer, Range 10V to 500V, Power Supply AC/DC 120V/240V

    From $170.10
    SKU: ATO-VOS-AC500
    AC voltage transducers are input/output/power supply isolated voltage transducers, with measuring range from 10V/50V/100V/200V/300V to 500V, wide power supply voltage AC/DC 85V~265V, work temperature -25~+70℃, frequency range 25Hz ~ 1kHz, and strong anti-interference capability.

    Combination pH Electrode for Wastewater Treatment

    SKU: ATO-PHELE-5011
    Combination pH electrode for sewage or chemical industry wastewater treatment, shell material PPS/PC, 0-60℃ (32-140℉) temperature range, direct lead, 6 months service life.

    Current Sensor AC/DC 0.1mA/1mA/5mA/10mA/20mA/50mA/0.2A/0.5A/1A to 5A

    From $120.05
    Current sensors are AC/DC universal current sensors, with a low current measuring range from milliamp current 0.1mA to 5A. AC/DC current sensors adopt linear photoelectric isolation or modulation and demodulation principle, fast response, 0.5%FS high accuracy, good stability, small size, light weight, input current terminal connection, DIN rail installation. Isolated current sensors are widely used for AC sine wave current or DC bidirectional current measurement.

    Incremental Rotary Encoder, Shaft, 100 ppr

    SKU: ATO-IRE-100PS
    Cheap optical rotary encoder adopts stainless steel shaft, high resolution, high quality, line interface with waterproof protection, several output modes to choose, manufacturer direct sale.

    Pressure Sensor for Air/Water/Oil, 4-20mA/0-5V/RS485 Output

    SKU: ATO-PRES-P300
    This series of pressure sensors use a high-performance silicon piezoresistive pressure core as core element. The internal ASICs convert the mV signal into a standard current (4-20mA/0-20mA), voltage (0-5V/1-5V/0-10V) or RS485 signal. Pressure sensor with stainless steel sealing structure has small size, light weight, high anti-vibration and anti-shock performance, measuring range -0.1~100MPa/ -1~1000bar/ -14~14503psi, medium temperature -40~+60℃ (-40~+140℉), for air/water/oil pressure measurement.

    Proximity Sensor, Inductive, 4 mm, NPN

    From $27.43
    4mm proximity sensor can detect a variety of metals, miniature size, long life, low price, shielded type installation, anti-interference ability, 1mm detection distance, using for precise positioning of molds, precision machine tools and robots.

    Reaction Torque Sensor, Dual Flange, 20 Nm/100 Nm/5000 Nm to 10000 Nm

    SKU: ATO-TQS-S01
    Torque sensor is a strain gauge sensor for static torque measurement. Static torque sensor has double-flange, a 5 pin male plug and no mounting base so it can be easy to install. Reaction torque sensors have a capacity range from 20 Nm/300 Nm/2000 Nm to 10000 Nm and can measure both forward and reverse torque.

    Signal Isolator Input/Output K/B/S/E/PT100/4-20mA/0-20mA/1-5V/0-10V

    From $90.22
    Signal isolator ATO-SIGNI-402E series is a universal signal isolator that can be customized with various active and passive input signals and output signals, such as thermocouple K/B/S/E type, RTD Pt100, current 4-20mA/0-20mA and voltage 0-5V/1-5V/0-10V. Signal isolator has pluggable terminals, 12.5mm thickness, high accuracy 0.1%FS and protection class IP20.

    Submersible Level Sensor for Water/Oil/Fuel Tank, 0-200M

    Submersible level sensor adopts 304 stainless steel housing and waterproof cable, can be put in water/oil/fuel tank or reservoir directly for liquid level measurement. The measuring range can be 0-1m/0-3m/0-5m/0-10m ~ 0-200m. Liquid level sensor has optional accuracy 0.5%FS or 0.3%FS, output signal 4-20mA/0-5V/RS485, power supply DC 24V/12V. The cable type and connection type are also customizable.

    Temperature and Humidity Sensor, DHT11, Resistive, One-wire

    DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor includes a resistive humidity sensor and a NTC temperature sensor, built-in one high-performance 8-bit SCM, one-wire communication mode, with small size, excellent quality, fast response, strong anti-interference ability, low price, long signal transmission distance.

    Thermocouple, K type, Sheath

    Sheath thermocouple have shielded thermocouple wire of common length 500mm and sheath diameter Ф3~Φ8mm, with flexibility, high pressure resistant, fast thermal response time and long operating life. K type thermocouple can directly measure the temperature of liquid, vapor, gas medium and solid surface in the range of 0~950 ℃ in various production processes.

    Through Beam Photoelectric Sensor

    From $25.71
    Through beam photoelectric sensor consists of a light projector and a light receiver, both of which are separated in structure. The supply voltage is DC 12V-24V or AC 110V-220V. Infrared photoelectric sensor can distinguish the opaque reflective object, with long effective detection distance 5/15/50m, less susceptible to interference, long life, and high reliability.

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