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    LVDT Sensor

    LVDT displacement sensor combines sensor, oscillator, demodulator and filter in one, large stroke, high accuracy, good stability, anti-interference ability, high temperature resistance, non contact measurement, easy to install.

    Tilt Sensor, Single Axis/Dual Axis, ±10°~±180°

    Single axis/dual axis tilt sensor for sale. It is an industrial inclinometer sensor available with 4-20mA, Modbus RTU, CANopen, 0-5V, relay NO and relay NC output signal. High precision tilt switch is used for measurement within the range ±10°, ±30°, ±60°, ±90° and ±180°, horizontal or vertical installation is optional. The alarm angle valve 0-55° can be selected according to needs.

    Displacement Sensor, Draw-wire, 1000-50000mm

    SKU: ATO-DWS-50000
    Draw wire sensor combines the advantages of angular sensor and linear displacement sensor, has a small mounting size, compact structure and high precision. The measuring range can be 1000mm/2500mm/5000mm or even 50000mm.

    Inclinometer Sensor, Output 4-20mA, ±10°~±180°

    SKU: ATO-IMS-118128
    Low price inclinometer sensor for sale. Single axis/dual axis incline sensor, standard current 4-20mA output, optional measuring range ±10°/±30°/±60°/±90°/±180°, maximum accuracy 0.01°, wide voltage input 9-36V. Standard industrial tilt sensor, wide applications.

    Linear Displacement Sensor 50-1250mm

    SKU: ATO-DISS-R1250
    Linear displacement sensor housing surface anodized, built-in conductive plastic measurement unit, anti-corrosion, no temperature drift, long service life, automatic electrical grounding, suitable for most common applications.

    Linear Position Sensor 10-300mm

    SKU: ATO-DISS-H300
    Linear displacement sensor has two miniature hinges at both ends, built-in conductive plastic measurement unit, housing surface anodized, anti-corrosion, no temperature drift, especially suitable for the occasions with small installation space, swing motion, and sensor body can't be fixed.

    Single Point Load Cell, 300g/1kg/3kg/10kg/60kg/100kg/200kg to 500kg

    SKU: ATO-LC-SP01
    Single point load cell is widely used for weighing scale or pricing scale. Single point load cell is suited to use in flat and low space, with parallel beam structure, good stability, good output symmetry, high accuracy, low temperature drift and overload protection.

    3-axis Accelerometer Sensor, Digital Output

    SKU: ATO-AS-AKF392
    Cheap price accelerometer sensor with digital output, six different measuring ranges are optional, output rate 5Hz/ 10Hz/ 25Hz/ 50Hz/ 100Hz/ 200Hz/ 500Hz/ 1000Hz. 3-axis accelerometer sensor has the characteristics of strong structure, low power consumption and excellent deviation stability, which guarantees outstanding output reliability.

    50mm Magnetostrictive Displacement Measurement Sensor

    SKU: ATO-MSR-A0050
    Aluminum alloy rail type magnetostrictive displacement sensor for measuring linear displacement, external installation, compact structure, easy to use, good security, suitable for CNC machinery worked in large vibration.

    50mm Magnetostrictive Displacement Sensor for hydraulic servo cylinder

    SKU: ATO-MSD-0050
    Non contact displacement sensor for hydraulic servo cylinder, high precision, no temperature drift, anti-jamming performance, long life, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high pressure resistant.

    50mm Magnetostrictive Fuel Level Sensor for oil tank

    SKU: ATO-MSL-0050
    Non contact fuel level sensor for oil tank, high precision, no temperature drift, anti-jamming performance, long life, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high pressure resistant.

    90 Degree Resistance Strain Gauge

    90 Degree strain gauges are available in 350Ω or 1000Ω resistance values, with temperature compensation and creep compensation, half bridge strain gauge is suitable for sensors with small internal temperature gradients.

    Absolute Encoder, 10 bit, Single Turn, RS485/ CAN/ SSI

    SKU: ATO-RE-3910
    Cheap rotary encoder for sales online. Single turn absolute encoder with 10 bit, RS485/ CAN/ SSI three communication interfaces for selection, working voltage 5V/ 24V are available, absolute rotary encoder with 50mA/ 100mA working current. The shaft encoder is widely used inmachine tools, food machinery, elevators and other special equipment.

    AC Voltage Transducer, Range 10V to 500V, Power Supply AC/DC 120V/240V

    SKU: ATO-VOS-AC500
    AC voltage transducers are input/output/power supply isolated voltage transducers, with measuring range from 10V/50V/100V/200V/300V to 500V, wide power supply voltage AC/DC 85V~265V, work temperature -25~+70℃, frequency range 25Hz ~ 1kHz, and strong anti-interference capability.

    Ag/ AgCl Reference Electrode

    SKU: ATO-RE-218
    Silver/silver chloride (Ag/AgCl) reference electrode is a crucial component in electrochemical measurements, providing a stable and reproducible potential against which other electrodes can be compared. ATO Ag/AgCl reference electrode with low potential drift is commonly used in various electrochemical applications, including pH measurements and corrosion studies.

    Alcohol Gas Sensor, 25ppm to 500ppm

    SKU: ATO-GS-3Q
    This gas sensor has high sensitivity to alcohol gas and can resist interference from gasoline, smoke, and vapor. Quality semiconductor alcohol gas sensor has a detection range of 25ppm to 500ppm, widely used in household alcohol gas alarms, industrial alcohol gas alarms and portable alcohol detectors.

    Bromide Ion Selective Electrode

    Economical price bromide ion selective electrode (ISE) is a type of sensor used to measure the concentration of bromide ions (Br-) in a solution, measuring range from 5x10-6 to 10-1mol/L, plexiglass shell material. ISE is an analytical device that responds selectively to specific ions in a solution. This bromide ion selective electrode needs to be used with a reference electrode and ion meter, which is widely used in analytical chemistry and environmental monitoring.

    Cable Float Level Switch, SPDT, 110/ 220V

    SKU: ATO-HTM15-15
    Cable float level switch at wholesale price, is a level sensor with SPDT (normal open and normal close) contact form, AC 110V ~ 220V, 50/60 Hz, customizable cable length. Liquid level sensor is widely applied in water tank, sump pump and well pump.

    Cable Float Switch for Water Tank, SPDT, 110/ 220V

    SKU: ATO-HTM15-2
    Cable float switch is used for water tank, sump pump, well pump and so on. It is a liquid level sensor with SPDT (normal open and normal close) contact form, AC 110V ~ 220V, 50/60 Hz. The PVC cable length is customizable.

    Cable Float Switch, SPDT, 110/ 220V

    SKU: ATO-HTM15-3
    Low price cable float switch is a level sensor with SPDT (NO + NC) contact form, AC 110V ~ 220V, 50/60 Hz, max. using temperature 60℃, ABS material, selectable or customizable cable length. This liquid float switch is used for water tank, sump pump and well pump.