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    2kW Portable Industrial Electric Fan Heater

    SKU: ATO-FH-02
    2kW electric fan heater is free standing & portable type, works at 50Hz single phase 200-240V power supply, with 3 heating modes (25/1000/2000W), IPX4 waterproof class, adjustable thermostat control, you can set your desired temperature on the control panel.

    3kW Portable Industrial Electric Fan Heater

    SKU: ATO-FH-03
    Safe and reliable electrical fan heater with 3kW power, 3 heating setting mode (30/1500/3000W), operates at 50Hz singe phase 220-240V AC power supply, air flow of 280m3/h and heating area of 60m3, waterproof and dustproof class IPX4, free-standing and portable.

    5kW Portable Industrial Electric Fan Heater

    SKU: ATO-FH-05
    Free standing and portable industrial fan heater is 5kW, three phase 50Hz 380-400V AC power supply, stainless-steel tube heating element, can be heated quickly in a few seconds, safer and more durable. Also equipped with carry handle, making it very easy to carry, suitable for living room, garage or workplace.

    9kW Portable Industrial Electric Fan Heater

    SKU: ATO-FH-09
    Waterproof 9kW electric industrial fan heater with cooling fan, IPX4 protection class, 52W/ 4500W/ 9000W three different heating setting modes, turning the thermostat knob clockwise to adjust the temperature from high to low. This free standing and portable fan heater has a carring handle, can put it anywhere you want.

    15kW Portable Industrial Electric Fan Heater

    SKU: ATO-FH-015
    15kW industrial fan heater works at 50Hz 3 phase 380-400 volt AC power supply, adjustable thermostat control power from 5000W to 15000W three heating levels. Air output of 1292m3/h and heating area of 300m3, IPX4 waterproof class, portable fan heater come with handle for easy carrying.

    20kW Portable Industrial Diesel Fan Heater

    SKU: ATO-FH-020
    20kW portable air heater using diesel or kerosene fuel and fuel consumption is 2.0L/h, heating area up to 400m3, stainless steel combustion chamber with cooling fan, easy to move and maintenance, suitable for heating warehouse, factories, and workshops.

    30kW Portable Industrial Diesel Fan Heater

    SKU: ATO-FH-030
    Industrial air fan heater with 30kW high power capacity, diesel or kerosene as power source, stainless steel combustion chamber, free standing & portable type, IPX4 waterproof class, 2.8L/h fuel consumption, heating area to 600m3.

    40kW Portable Industrial Diesel Fan Heater

    SKU: ATO-FH-040
    High quality and cheap price portable electric fan heater function on diesel fuel, with 40kW power capacity, single phase 110V/60Hz, 220V/50Hz power supply, 38L fuel tank, low fuel consumption of 4L/h, heating area up to 800m3, equiped with rear handle and wheels for easy moving.

    50kW Portable Industrial Diesel Fan Heater

    SKU: ATO-FH-050
    Mobile industrial 50kW air fan heater with stainless steel combustion chamber, using diesel or kerosene fuel as power source, low fuel consumption to 5L/h, with safety cut-off protection, if no fuel, heater will cut off the power. Free standing and portable heater is a perfect sulotion for heating the garages, workshops and building sites etc.

    65kW Portable Industrial Diesel Fan Heater

    SKU: ATO-FH-065
    65kW high power electric industrial fan heater is robust and tough design, waterproof IPX4 class, function on diesel or kerosene fuel, stainless steel combustion chamber and high efficiency combustion, heating area up to 1300m3, no smoke and smell, environment protection and low noise.

    ATO portable industrial fan heaters are perfect for heating up construction sites, factories, workshops, warehouses, garages, sheds, barns, and other spaces. We have two kinds of industrial fan heaters, one is 2kW to 15kW adjustable thermostat control electric fan heater with cooling fan design, stanless steel tube heating elements elements, different heating setting modes, turning the thermostat knob clockwise to adjust the temperature from high to low. And another is 20kW to 65kW diesel fan heater using diesel or kerosene fuel as power source, low consumption, IPX4 waterproof class, heating area up to 1300m3, equiped with rear handle and wheels for easy moving.

    3 Types of Fan Heater:

    3 types of fan heater

    Industrial electric fan heater. Such as 9kW fan heater general in workshop, indoor work commonly used a heating method, high power, large heating area, rapid heating, no noise, no oxygen consumption, is a convenient heating equipment. Voltage small power for 220V, high power for 380V, power generally ranging from 5KW to 30KW.

    Industrial disel fan heater. Diesel heater fan can be used for industrial heating or drying, diesel or kerosene as fuel, burning to produce heat, to achieve the purpose of heating and drying, which is more burning diesel. Oil heater can be divided into two types of direct-fired and inter-fired, of which the direct-fired type is used more. Power 20-100kw ranging.

    Industrial gas fan heater. Fuel for liquefied petroleum gas, through the combustion of heat generated by the wind volume non-stop delivery of hot air, the outlet temperature is higher, suitable for a larger area heating or drying, etc. Types are ordinary removable, but also umbrella-shaped.

    How Does a Fan Heater Work?

    Industrial fan heater is a device that can emit warm air. Generally speaking, the temperature is about 70-300 °C. It contains three parts: Heating, blowing, temperature and blowing control and protection. The working principle is the same as that of the fuel oil model. The gas industrial heater also has a combustion chamber, ignition system, gas supply system, motor, safety device, etc. open the device on control board, and then the fan is turned on for prepurge. The equipment then informs the ignition transformer to work and continues to discharge to produce sparks. At this time, it informs the safety valve to open. The gas passes through the safety valve and enters the combustion chamber. After touching the spark, it burns. Photoelectric induction performs internal flame induction in the machine to sense the flame combustion state. After the whole work is completed.

    All gas industrial heater products are equipped with photoelectric sensor protection, temperature overheat protection, power cut off gas source protection and other devices, photoelectric sensor is in charge of detecting the flame inside the combustion chamber, when it feels flameless combustion is happening, it will automatically cut off the gas source for preventing gas leak. Temperature overheating device is responsible for detecting the working temperature inside the machine, when the internal temperature exceeds the dangerous value, the equipment will immediately stop burning, but the fan will continue to dissipate heat to protect the service life of the equipment, also accidental power failure equipment will automatically cut off the gas source to ensure that the gas is not leaked. These devices ensure the safe operation of the equipment during work.

    Fan Heater Safety Use Notice:

    Fan heater safety use notice

    • Industrial fan heater cannot be put right under wall socket.
    • Do not connect automatically turn on and off timers or other devices with automatic functions.
    • Portable fan heater cannot be put in the places or storerooms where include flammable liquid or gas.
    • If you want to use an extension cord, it must be as short as possible and always be able to fully expand.
    • The power socket of industrial electric fan heater cannot connect other devices.
    • Industrial fan heater cannot directly used in bathroom, toilet or around swimming pool.
    • If the power core of industrial fan heater is damaged, it must go to the manufacturer or repair department to repair.
    • Make sure diesel fan heater is supervised when in use, and it must be away from children and animals.
    • Do not place the electrical appliance in a moving vehicle or some places where it is easy to fall.
    • When the 2kW fan heater has not been used for long, it should unplug electrical appliances.
    • Power supply is waterproof, but for preventing possible electric shock or leakage, do not operate the 9 kW fan heater or appliances with wet hands.
    • Do not treat electrical appliances as unsorted municipal waste, and use separate collection facilities. If electrical appliances are disposed of in landfills or dumps, harmful substances will penetrate into the groundwater and endanger your health.