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    2kW Portable Industrial Electric Fan Heater

    SKU: ATO-FH-02
    2kW electric fan heater is free standing & portable type, works at 50Hz single phase 200-240V power supply, with 3 heating modes (25/1000/2000W), IPX4 waterproof class, adjustable thermostat control, you can set your desired temperature on the control panel.

    3kW Portable Industrial Electric Fan Heater

    SKU: ATO-FH-03
    Safe and reliable electrical fan heater with 3kW power, 3 heating setting mode (30/1500/3000W), operates at 50Hz singe phase 220-240V AC power supply, air flow of 280m3/h and heating area of 60m3, waterproof and dustproof class IPX4, free-standing and portable.

    5kW Portable Industrial Electric Fan Heater

    SKU: ATO-FH-05
    Free standing and portable industrial fan heater is 5kW, three phase 50Hz 380-400V AC power supply, stainless-steel tube heating element, can be heated quickly in a few seconds, safer and more durable. Also equipped with carry handle, making it very easy to carry, suitable for living room, garage or workplace.

    9kW Portable Industrial Electric Fan Heater

    SKU: ATO-FH-09
    Waterproof 9kW electric industrial fan heater with cooling fan, IPX4 protection class, 52W/ 4500W/ 9000W three different heating setting modes, turning the thermostat knob clockwise to adjust the temperature from high to low. This free standing and portable fan heater has a carring handle, can put it anywhere you want.

    15kW Portable Industrial Electric Fan Heater

    SKU: ATO-FH-015
    15kW industrial fan heater works at 50Hz 3 phase 380-400 volt AC power supply, adjustable thermostat control power from 5000W to 15000W three heating levels. Air output of 1292m3/h and heating area of 300m3, IPX4 waterproof class, portable fan heater come with handle for easy carrying.

    20kW Portable Industrial Diesel Fan Heater

    SKU: ATO-FH-020
    20kW portable air heater using diesel or kerosene fuel and fuel consumption is 2.0L/h, heating area up to 400m3, stainless steel combustion chamber with cooling fan, easy to move and maintenance, suitable for heating warehouse, factories, and workshops.

    30kW Portable Industrial Diesel Fan Heater

    SKU: ATO-FH-030
    Industrial air fan heater with 30kW high power capacity, diesel or kerosene as power source, stainless steel combustion chamber, free standing & portable type, IPX4 waterproof class, 2.8L/h fuel consumption, heating area to 600m3.

    40kW Portable Industrial Diesel Fan Heater

    SKU: ATO-FH-040
    High quality and cheap price portable electric fan heater function on diesel fuel, with 40kW power capacity, single phase 110V/60Hz, 220V/50Hz power supply, 38L fuel tank, low fuel consumption of 4L/h, heating area up to 800m3, equiped with rear handle and wheels for easy moving.

    50kW Portable Industrial Diesel Fan Heater

    SKU: ATO-FH-050
    Mobile industrial 50kW air fan heater with stainless steel combustion chamber, using diesel or kerosene fuel as power source, low fuel consumption to 5L/h, with safety cut-off protection, if no fuel, heater will cut off the power. Free standing and portable heater is a perfect sulotion for heating the garages, workshops and building sites etc.

    65kW Portable Industrial Diesel Fan Heater

    SKU: ATO-FH-065
    65kW high power electric industrial fan heater is robust and tough design, waterproof IPX4 class, function on diesel or kerosene fuel, stainless steel combustion chamber and high efficiency combustion, heating area up to 1300m3, no smoke and smell, environment protection and low noise.