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    40kW Portable Industrial Diesel Fan Heater

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    High quality and cheap price portable electric fan heater function on diesel fuel, with 40kW power capacity, single phase 110V/60Hz, 220V/50Hz power supply, 38L fuel tank, low fuel consumption of 4L/h, heating area up to 800m3, equiped with rear handle and wheels for easy moving.
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    40kW portable industrial diesel fan heater features high heating efficiency, heat-resistant stainless steel combustion chamber, automatic safety shut-off system, automatic operation with thermostat, compact design and easy maintenance, suitable for garages, workshops and building sites etc.

    Parameter List

    Model ATO-PLUSK135
    Power Supply Single phase AC 110V/60Hz, 220V/50Hz (Other voltages can be customized)
    Power 40kW
    Fuel Diesel, Kerosene  (Note that our heater using diesel and electricity for power at the same time)
    Fuel Tank 38L
    Fuel Consumption 4L/h
    Heating Area 800m3
    Ignition Type Continuous spark ignition
    Thermostat Control Yes
    Waterproof Class IPX4
    Work Temperature 5℃-45℃
    Certification CE, RoHS
    Warranty 12 months
    Product Size 902*410*518mm
    Net Weight 24kg


    Fan Heater Details

    diesel fan heater details

    Spare Parts

    Fan heater spare parts

    Input Power Cable Selection

    Fan heater plug selection

    Tips: What are the Advantages of Diesel Fan Heater Provided by ATO?

    Industrial fan heater is a kind of electric heating product. By rotating the fan, the forced air circulation is conducive to the heating of the air, which is suitable for use in places such as workshops, basements and drying rooms.

    What are the advantages of industrial diesel fan heater provided by ATO?

    1. The combustion structure of the industrial fuel heater is optimized to improve the fuel utilization rate, which can quickly heat up and heat up in 2 minutes and shorten the waiting time.
    2. The external temperature control probe uses intelligent temperature control. After the temperature rises quickly to the set temperature, the thermostat mode is turned on to reduce fuel consumption and save electricity and fuel.
    3. Double-safety protection: Better protection level, double-layer anti-overheating protection, shutdown protection, waterproof and shockproof.
    4. Heat insulation is greatly improved, imported motors have guaranteed power. Fully enclosed waterproof and dustproof IPX4, stable operation, very low noise and longer service life. The combustion cylinder is made of titanium alloy, which is not easy to burn out, the size is widened and the air volume is larger. One-piece spray-molded, double-layer heat insulation for the inner and outer cylinders, strong and durable.
    Existing reviews of 40kW Portable Industrial Diesel Fan Heater
    Works very well, highly recommended
    This heater throws a lot of heat. In the dead of winter it makes my uninsulated garage a hot box. I have been burning diesel fuel in it which is way cheaper than kerosene with no issues at all. Shipped fast and was easy to get started. Would highly recommend.
    From: Rami Aboumahadi | Date: 02/04/2020
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