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    0.5kV Potential Transformer, Single Phase, 220/100V

    SKU: ATO-PT-220
    The 0.5kV single-phase voltage transformers for sale are rated at 220 / 100 V, with other voltages available at 380/100V, 400/100V, 500/100V, 660/100V. This potential transformer is made of pure purple copper wire winding, good conductivity, epoxy resin casting, thermosetting material resistant to long time use without deformation.

    2 Pin Covered Toggle Switch

    SKU: ATO-TS-HKS1201
    Safety covered toggle switch for sale, 2 pin, single pole 2 position, switch panel mounting hole size 1/2 inch (12mm), good waterproof effect and anti-collision design, easy to turn on/off, red cover prevents accidental start, contact angle brass material.

    3 Pin Covered Toggle Switch

    SKU: ATO-TS-HKS1202
    Single pole on off toggle switch, blue safety cover prevents accidental start, 12mm panel mounting hole size, 3 pin, easy to install, good waterproof effect, strong and durable, widely used in cars, RVs, ships and off-road vehicles.

    40 Amps Isolator Switch, 3 Pole/ 4 Pole

    3 Pole isolator switch rated current 40 amps, rated insulation voltage 690V, small size and light weight, cheap price and perfect quality. It’s widely used in the distribution system and automatic system of architecture, electrical power, petrochemical, and other industries.

    5V Momentary Push Button Switch, 1 NO + 1 NC

    SKU: ATO-PBS-05V
    Waterproof momentary push button switch material stainless steel, 5 volt, 22mm size, 1 NO + 1 NC, LED colors are optional red, yellow, blue, green and white, explosion-proof grade IK08, can be used in harsh environments.

    Red 5V Led Indicator Light

    SKU: ATO-IL-5V
    Low cost 5V led indicator light, rated voltage 5V AC/DC, waterproof IP68, exquisite LED soft light, protect eyes, color red, yellow, blue, green and white optional, 110V indicator light can be customized.

    0.5μF 450V Ceiling Fan Capacitor

    SKU: ATO-FC-CBB61-005
    CBB61 type ceiling fan capacitor is made of metallized polypropylene film sheet, with a capacity of 0.5μF, which is suitable for the operation and starting of all kinds of motor fans with a frequency of 50/60Hz.

    100μF 16V Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor

    SKU: ATO-EC-KF101M
    Lower cost electrolytic capacitor online for sale. The aluminum electrolytic capacitor with 100μF capacity, 16V rated current, cap. tolerance is ±20%. High voltage electrolytic capacitors are widely used in automotive, smart home, medical, lighting, industrial control and new energy industries.

    12V Momentary Push Button Switch, 1 NO + 1 NC

    SKU: ATO-PBS-12V
    12 Volt waterproof momentary push button switch, LED display, 1 NO + 1NC, 2 NO + 2NC can be customized, size 22mm, IP65, explosion-proof grade IK08, it can be used in food industry, automobile and machinery industry.

    1A EMI Power Line Filter, 1 Phase

    SKU: ATO-EMI-2101
    Cheap 1A EMI power line filter, 1-phase 1-stage, rated voltage 115/250V AC 50/60Hz, small size and lead wire connection. High performance line filter can effectively suppress the electromagnetic noise between line to line and line to ground.

    2 hp (1.5 kW) Power Push Button Switch, 380V

    The 2 hp power switch push button features a sealed construction for good protection. Lightweight start stop push button stations are self-locking when closed, thus ensuring safe energisation. ATO start stop push button switch has a user-friendly interface and a simple installation process that allows quick and easy set-up and minimises downtime.

    2 Pole Double Throw Knife Switch with LED Indicator

    SKU: ATO-HK11-2P
    Good price 2 pole throw knife switch provides a transparent LED indicator, resin base, manual operation mode and current 32A/63A/100A. High-quality DPDT knife switch with good isolation performance can effectively isolate the power supply when disconnecting the circuit.

    2 Position 20A Rotary Switch 3 Pole/4 Pole

    SKU: ATO-WS3020
    Rotary switch 2 position, 3 pole or 4 pole is available, 20amp, IP65, mainly used for ac 50Hz, cam switch can be used for ventilation equipment, air conditioning and water pump system of the main switch, but also directly control the small ac motor.

    24V Momentary Push Button Switch, 1 NO + 1 NC

    SKU: ATO-PBS-24V
    Momentary push button switch wuth LED, 24V rated voltage, 22mm size, the shell is made of stainless steel, waterproof, dustproof and corrosion resistant, normally open and normally closed, explosion-proof grade IK08, 12 months warranty.

    3 Phase AC Vacuum Contactor, 200A, 1140V

    SKU: ATO-VCON-200
    Rated 1140V, 200A ac vacuum contactor is used for frequently switch on and off the normal working current. 3 phase, 36 volt or 220 volt control circuit, 2±0.2 mm open distance, 80±20 N final power, 1500000 times electrical life.

    3 Phase AC Vacuum Contactor, 250A, 1140V

    SKU: ATO-VCON-250
    ATO provides low price 4 pole 3 phase ac vacuum contactor with rated voltage of 1140V and rated current of 250A. 36V/ 110V/ 220V/ 380V control circuit can be selected. 2±0.2 mm open distance, 80±10N final power, AC 50Hz or 60Hz frequency.

    3 Phase AC Vacuum Contactor, 400A, 1140V

    SKU: ATO-VCON-400
    36V/ 110V/ 220V/ 380V coil voltage ac vacuum contactor for sale online is three phase ac contactor. Its main circuit rated voltage is 1140 volt and the rated current is 400 A. The contactor is designed for frequency starting and controlling AC motor in the power system with AC 50Hz - 60Hz. 2±0.5 mm open distance, 120±20 N final power.

    3 Phase AC Vacuum Contactor, 630A, 1140V

    SKU: ATO-VCON-630
    Buy three phase 630A, 1140 volt vacuum contactor at affordable price. Coil voltage 36V, 110V, 220V, 380V are available. The coil has good conductive effect, is not easy to generate heat, and is safe and reliable. AC 50 Hz or 60 Hz frequency, 2±0.5 mm open distance, 190±20 N final power.

    3 Phase AC Vacuum Contactor, 800A, 1140V

    SKU: ATO-VCON-800
    AC 50Hz/ 60Hz vacuum contactor has three enlarged vacuum tubes for better contact performance. 1140V rated voltage, 800A rated current, 190±20N final power. 3 phase ac contactor coil is sensitive to conduction and carries a large instantaneous current.

    3.5kV Potential Transformer, Single Phase, Oil-immersed

    SKU: ATO-PT-3.5
    3.5kV Oil-immersed single phase potential transformers for sale at low prices, a robust and high-precision electrical measurement solution designed for 3.5kV power systems. With its casting insulation, precise residual voltage winding, and single-phase design, it ensures accurate voltage measurement and power quality analysis for a wide range of applications.
    Passive Components