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    0.5kV Potential Transformer, Single Phase, 220/100V

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    The 0.5kV single-phase voltage transformers for sale are rated at 220 / 100 V, with other voltages available at 380/100V, 400/100V, 500/100V, 660/100V. This potential transformer is made of pure purple copper wire winding, good conductivity, epoxy resin casting, thermosetting material resistant to long time use without deformation.
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    Voltage transformer is an indispensable appliance for power transmission and supply systems such as power plants and substations. Low-cost voltage transformers, rated at 0.5kV, single-phase design, available in a variety of voltage ratios in addition to the rated voltage ratio 220/100V, with an accuracy class of 0.5, the transformer is able to accurately carry out monitoring and measurements while maintaining safe isolation from the risk of electric shock.


    Model ATO-JDG4
    Rated Frequency 50-60Hz
    Rated Voltage Ratio 220/100V, 380/100V, 400/100V, 500/100V, 660/100V
    Accuracy Classes 0.5
    Rated Output 15VA
    Rated Insulation Level 0.5kV
    Rated Primary Current 5A
    Max.output 100VA
    Net Weight 15kg

    Overall Dimension Drawing (unit: mm)

    0.5KV potential transformer overall dimension drawing


    • Voltage Conversion: The primary function of a voltage transformer is to convert a high voltage signal into a relatively low voltage signal. This helps to ensure that the signal is within safe limits when voltage measurements and monitoring are performed in power systems to protect equipment and personnel.
    • High Accuracy: Voltage transformers are usually highly accurate and sensitive to sensing, providing accurate voltage measurements. This is critical for power system operation and monitoring to ensure stable power transmission and safe operation of equipment.
    • Insulation Performance: Voltage transformers must have good electrical insulation performance to prevent high voltage signals from triggering electric shock or equipment damage. They are usually designed with insulating materials such as all-copper coils and insulation to ensure the safe transmission of signals.
    • Safety: Voltage transformers are usually protected against overloads and short circuits to prevent equipment damage under abnormal conditions. This helps to ensure that power systems remain reliable under a variety of conditions.
    • Adjustability: Some¬†potential¬†transformers have an adjustable feature that allows the voltage transformation ratio to be adjusted as needed. This flexibility makes them suitable for different power system configurations and requirements.
    • Durability: Voltage transformers are often designed for long life and durability to withstand harsh operating conditions. They are often constructed with thermoset materials and structures that are resistant to properties such as heat, pollution and vibration to ensure reliable operation in a variety of environments.

    Tips: Attention to the Use of Voltage Transformers

    1. Voltage transformers shall be tested and checked in accordance with the items specified in the regulations before they are put into operation.
    2. Voltage transformer wiring should ensure its correctness, pay attention to the correct polarity.
    3. Connected to the secondary side of the voltage transformer load capacity should be appropriate, connected to the secondary side of the voltage transformer load should not exceed its rated capacity, otherwise it is difficult to achieve the correctness of the measurement.
    4. The secondary side of the voltage transformer is not allowed to short-circuit, otherwise it will damage the secondary equipment or even endanger personal safety.
    5. In order to ensure the safety of people in contact with the measuring instruments and relays, the secondary winding of the voltage transformer must have a point of grounding, which can prevent the instrumentation and relays from high voltage and personal safety.
    6. The secondary side of the voltage transformer should never be short-circuited.
    Existing reviews of 0.5kV Potential Transformer, Single Phase, 220/100V
    Compact design and easy installation
    I have been using this 0.5kV single-phase voltage transformer for some time and it has never let me down. Its compact design and easy installation greatly simplify the workflow.
    From: Betsy | Date: 09/10/2023
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