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    Oxygen (O2) Gas Sensor, 0~100%

    Buy an O2 sensor for Oxygen gas detection. Electrochemical working principle, 0~100% measurement range, strong anti-interference ability, fast response speed. 3 types of Oxygen (O2) gas sensors can work without an external power supply and are available to choose from according to your application area.
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    Low price Oxygen O2 sensor direct sale, 0~100% measurement range, can be used for oxygen detection in industrial and other applications. There are 3 types of Oxygen gas sensors to choose from, small in size, electrochemical working principle, and fast response.


    Model ATO-AO-02 ATO-AO-03 ATO-AO-06
    Interface Molex 3 Pin Connector (2.54 mm) 2 Electrodes 3P 2.54
    Applications Automobile, Industry, Coal Mine, Steel, Petrochemical and Environmental Protection High Pressure Environment
    Working Principle Partial Voltage Electrochemistry Electrochemistry Partial Voltage Electrochemistry
    Output Method 9~13mV (in Air) 0.1±0.03mA (in Air) 9~13mV (in Air)
    Measuring Range 0~100% 0~30% (Linear Output)
    30~100% (Non~Linear Output)
    Response Time (T90) <15s <15s <15s
    Linearity Full-Scale Linearity Without Full Scale Linearity
    Temperature Compensation <2% O2, Equivalent (0~40℃) Without <2% O2, Equivalent (0~40℃)
    Load Resistance ≥10kΩ 45Ω ≥10kΩ
    Operating Temperature 0~50℃ 0~45℃ 0~50℃
    Working Humidity 0~99%RH (No Condensation)
    Work Pressure 0.5~2.0 Bar Atmospheric Pressure ±20% 0.5~2.0 Bar
    Shell Material ABS
    Weight 40g 15g 40g
    Size 29.2x38.5mm 20.3x20.8mm 29.2x41.7mm

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    Oxygen (O2) gas sensor dimensions

    Pin Definition Diagram

    O2 sensor pin definition diagrams

    ATO-AO-02 ATO-AO-06
    Pin Definition Pin Definition
    1 Positive Pin 1 No Connection
    2 Negative Pin 2 Negative Pin
    3 Negative Pin 3 Positive Pin
    4 No Connection


    Oxygen (O2) gas sensor applications

    Tips: What is an oxygen gas sensor?

    An oxygen gas sensor, also known as an oxygen sensor or O2 sensor, is a device designed to measure the concentration of oxygen in a particular environment. These sensors are widely used in various industries and applications, including automotive engines, medical devices, aerospace systems , and industrial processes.

    The principle behind oxygen gas sensors varies depending on the type of sensor. One common type is the electrochemical oxygen sensor, which consists of a sensing electrode, a reference electrode, and an electrolyte. When exposed to oxygen, a chemical reaction occurs at the sensing electrode, generating an electrical signal proportional to the oxygen concentration. This signal is then processed to determine the oxygen level.

    In automotive applications, oxygen sensors play a critical role in monitoring and optimizing engine performance. They help control the air-fuel ratio by providing feedback to the engine management system, ensuring efficient combustion and reducing harmful emissions.

    In medical devices, oxygen sensors are used in equipment such as oxygen concentrators and ventilators to monitor oxygen levels for patient safety and treatment effectiveness.

    Overall, oxygen gas sensors are essential for ensuring safety, efficiency, and compliance with environmental standards in a wide range of industries and applications.

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