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    3 Phase Relay Tester, Microcomputer Control

    SKU: ATO-RT702A
    Low price 3 phase relay tester kit for sale, microcomputer control, with big LCD display, high-resolution, high degree of automation, real-time storage of test data, reliable and comprehensive protection measures, powerful software.

    3 Phase Protection Relay Test Set, 110V 220V Adjustable DC Output

    SKU: ATO-RT802
    Professional 3 phase protection relay test set for sale, industrial control computer, 110V and 220V dedicated adjustable DC power output, secondary injection relay test kit with 2 USB ports and RS232 porthigh-tech design, compact and lightweight, easy to use, it can complete a variety of large-scale complex testing with high degree of automation and scan various protection settings.

    6 Phase Relay Test Set, 110V 220V Adjustable DC Output

    SKU: ATO-RT1600
    Super cost effective 6 phase relay test set for sale, 110V and 220V adjustable DC power output, built-in Windows XPE operating system, large display, high stability of software system, 6-phase current for easy three-phase differential protection test, 12-phase output for self-testing, 10 roads are opened, 8 roads are opened, which is convenient for self-injection and quick-cut test, exquisite smoothness and excellent performance.

    6 Phase Relay Tester, Microcomputer Control

    SKU: ATO-RT1200
    6 Phase relay tester, microcomputer control, cheap price, 6 phase voltage output, equipped with WindowsXP interface, ultra-thin industrial keyboard and optical mouse, easy to operate. Output voltage is 110V (1A) and 220V (0.6A) respectively for use in relays or protection devices that require DC operating power.

    Single Phase Relay Test Equipment

    SKU: ATO-RT701
    Multi-function single phase relay test equipment, overload protection and signal form a powerful display unit, single phase relay test kit is compact, small and easy to carry, manufacturer direct sales.

    Low price protection relay test set for sale, ideal for testing single-phase, 3-phase, and 6-phase protection relay systems. The relay tester price is as shown on the website.
    The ATO relay tester can be used to verify various relays and microcomputer protections, and can simulate a variety of complex transient, permanent, and conversion faults for the entire set of tests. Support stand-alone operation and link laptop operation, high-quality Windows system, large screen display, easy to operate. The ultra-light and small structure of high-tech design makes the whole machine extremely compact and light.