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    Single Phase Relay Test Equipment

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    Multi-function single phase relay test equipment, overload protection and signal form a powerful display unit, single phase relay test kit is compact, small and easy to carry, manufacturer direct sales.
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    The single-phase relay protection test equipment can test various AC/DC, current, voltage, intermediate, self-protection, signal and other single relays and the entire set of electromechanical protection screens.
    The secondary injection relay test kit can test the pull-in voltage (current) value of various relays and release the voltage (current) value.
    The Single phase protection relay test kit tests the pull-in and off-time of various contacts (normally open, normally closed, switched, delayed). It can easily test the parameters of the reclosing relay, and can replace the traditional stopwatch as a precision millimeter.


    Digital Millisecond Meter Model ATO-RT701
    Power Supply 220V 50Hz
    Range 99.9999S
    Resolution 0.1ms
    Accuracy ±0.001%±1 Character
    Input Reactance ≥200kΩ
    Input Single Range Refer to Table 1
    Digital Phase Meter Scope of Measurement 360.0 Degrees
    Resolution 0.1 Degree
    Accuracy <±1%±1 Character for input signal voltage ≥150mV, current ≥15mA
    <1.5%±1 Character for input signal voltage ≥50mV, current ≥50mA
    Digital Voltmeter AC and DC voltage, digit display, maximum resolution 0.1V, accuracy 0.5%±1 character
    Digital Ammeter AC and DC current, digit display, resolution 0.1A, accuracy 0.5%±1 character
    Power Source Output AC Voltage 0~250V, continuously adjustable, maximum output power 1,000VA, with short circuit and overload protection, and current limit 4A.
    AC Current 0~130A continuously adjustable, maximum output power 1,200VA, with short circuit and overload protection, and current limit 180A.
    DC Voltage Output 0-250V, continuously adjustable, with short circuit and overload protection, and current limit 2.5A.
    DC Fixed Voltage 110V/220V Output Output with AC voltage 0~250V or DC current 0~130A.
    DC Current Output 0~5A, continuously adjustable, with short circuit, and current limit 5A
    Ambient Temperature Temperature ensuring the precision 15~35℃
    Dimension 440*260*260mm
    Weight 15kg

    Table 1: Shift gear table of input signal amplitude

    Input Signal Amplitude (V) 5-15 15-40 40-120 120-250
    Trigger Voltage (V) 2.5±20% 7.5±25% 20±25% 60±25%
    Reliable and Non-Operating Voltage (V) 2 4 16 48

    Various parts on the panel

    1. Output voltage numerical table 2. Output current numerical table 3. Digital millisecond meter display screen 4. Power output indicator lamp
    5. Power output ON-OFF key 6. Time counting start key 7. Counting stop key 8. Reset key
    9. ZCH key 10. Power source switch 11. Power output adjusting button 12. DC current adjusting knob
    13. CH II input end jack soket 14. CH II input end jack socket 15. CH II amplitude adjustment button 16. CH II channel input selector switch
    17. CH I amplitude adjusting button 18. CH I input end jack socket 19. Power output selector key 20. DC voltage selector switch; see the marking of the panel for other output wiring terminal

    Tips: Test of single-phase secondary injection tester for power system protection relay

    The relay protection tester is an important calibration and commissioning instrument for power generation, power supply and consumption equipment for relay protection circuits and power systems as well as for large power plants and mining companies.
    Single-phase relay equipment consists of a fully isolated dual channel and long time counting digital millisecond meter, high power AC and DC voltage, current output unit, high precision multi-function AC/DC digital ammeter and voltmeter and logic control, overload protection and signal The powerful display unit is combined with the power frequency phase meter and automatic reclosing test function.
    The two input channels of the millimeter meter have complete electrical isolation, and there is no need to consider the common short circuit during the test, especially for the dynamic characteristics of the online dynamic test relay. This is not a universal relay protection tester and a millisecond meter. Dual channel signals can be implemented with idle contacts. Positive (negative) pulse, test power supply, automatic sync signal and positive (negative) pulse width can meet the time characteristic test and complete set test of various relays. The phase meter is more suitable for testing complex protection. All measurements are displayed digitally, intuitive and accurate. This relay is a new generation of tools for protection inspection.

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    Cool relay test equipment!
    Great relay test equipment, saves alot of time troubleshooting wiring circuits.Once again I would recommend to anyone who wants a relay test equipment. The quality is very great.
    From: Stephen | Date: 24/04/2022
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