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    Uninterruptible Power Supplies

    An uninterruptible power supply, also known as UPS or battery backup, is an electrical device that provide power source to the load during the power outages. The UPS is mainly used to provide a stable and uninterrupted power supply to personal computers, peripherals, network system telecommunication equipmentor other power electronic equipment etc. There are standby UPS and on-line UPS available from 500VA to 20kVA, with Tower design and compact design, wide range of input voltage and frequency, and AVR or PFC function. Therefore, the UPS is an ideal choice to offer reliable power protection for your critical device at home or in business during blackouts, thus save your files and avoid the data loss.

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    600VA UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply

    600VA/300 Watts uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is cost-effective battery backup for the loaded equipments with compact size, LCD display, strong overload protection. Favorable price and high performance.

    1000VA UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply

    Uninterruptible power supply or UPS power supply, 1KVA/600W provides battery backup for PCs, server, office networks, with simple and compact design, low noise and long backup time. Brand new and inexpensive price.

    1500VA UPS Backup Uninterruptible Power Supply

    1500VA/1050W UPS battery backup, line interactive UPS, is a best uninterruptible power source for personal computers and other networks during power outage with overload protection. Low cost yet high reliablity.

    2000VA UPS Backup Uninterruptible Power Supply

    2000VA/1600W uninterruptible power supply is line interactive UPS power supply to provide safe backup computers and office equipment when the mains fails. Low price and excellent performance.

    3000VA UPS Backup Uninterruptible Power Supply

    3kVA/2400W Battery Backup is line interactive uninterruptible power supply (UPS), is a reliable power source for networks, computers and other peripherals during power outage.

    1000VA Online UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply

    1kVA/800 Watts single phase online UPS uninterruptible power supply offers battery backup and reliable protection for desktop computers, small servers and workstation, printers, scanners and other business equipment with compact size and envirnmentally friendly.

    2000VA Online UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply

    2000VA/1600W single phase Battery Backup Uninterruptible Power Supply uses active PFC to protect your critical home and small business devices, environmentally friendly and cost-effective. On-line UPS has zero switching time from mains mode to battery mode to make it a perfect power protection choice.

    3000VA Online UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply

    Uninterruptible power supply with 3kVA/2.4kW, single phase, sine wave online tower UPS, designed to used as battery backup for most electronics with PFC power supply, and wide range of input voltage and frequency, high performance and good quality.

    10kVA Online UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply

    High efficiency Uninterruptible Power Supply, 10kVA/8kW, 3 phase online UPS, excellent Tower design with compact size, easy operation, provide a reliable battery backup and safeguard the power for critical devices against power surges and outages with external batteries.

    20kVA Online UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply

    20kVA/16kW 3-Phase Online UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply, with external batteries and LCD panel to display immediate, detailed working information, provides power source for critical electronics with backup battery to guarantee the device in stable and safe operation during power outages, thus avoid data loss.