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    600VA 120V/220V UPS Backup Uninterruptible Power Supply

    SKU: ATO-UPS-600
    600VA/300 Watts uninterruptible power supply (line interactive UPS) is cost-effective battery backup for the loaded equipment like PC, with input & output voltage of 220V or 120V AC for options, compact size, LCD display, strong overload protection. Favorable price, high reliability and great performance.

    1000VA 120V/220V UPS Backup Uninterruptible Power Supply

    Uninterruptible power supply or UPS power supply, 1kVA/600W capacity, line interactive, provides battery backup for computers, servers, office networks, with 220V/120V AC output voltage. Brand new, high quality and inexpensive price.

    1200VA 120V/220V UPS Backup Uninterruptible Power Supply

    SKU: ATO-UPS-1.2K
    1200VA/700W uninterruptible power supply, line interactive UPS, offers reliable battery backup for the critical devices like computers, servers, medical machines, etc., during power outage. UPS power supply has optional input and output voltages of 220V/120V AC, cheap yet reliable, with overload protection.

    1500VA 120V/220V UPS Backup Uninterruptible Power Supply

    SKU: ATO-UPS-1.5K
    1500VA/1050W UPS battery backup, line interactive UPS, is a best uninterruptible power source for personal computers, servers, networks and other home & office devices during power outage with overload protection. Selectable AC 220V/120V input and output voltage. Compact size, low cost and high reliablity.

    2000VA 120V/220V UPS Backup Uninterruptible Power Supply

    2000VA/1600W uninterruptible power supply is line interactive UPS power supply with optional input & output voltage of 220V/120V AC. Reliable yet cheap UPS offers a safe battery backup for computer, servers, network, etc., when the mains fails.

    3000VA 120V/220V UPS Backup Uninterruptible Power Supply

    3kVA/2400W battery backup is a line interactive uninterruptible power supply for home, office and business. 3000VA UPS has selectable 220V/120V AC input and output voltages with LCD display and overload protection, reliable power source for networks, personal computers and other peripherals during power outage.

    4000VA 120V/220V UPS Backup Uninterruptible Power Supply

    4kVA/3200 Watt line-interactive UPS uninterruptible power supply is available with optional input and output voltages of 220V/120V AC. Best 4000VA UPS battery backup for critical devices like computers, servers, networks, medical machines, etc. with overload protection and LCD display, high reliability and favorable price.

    5000VA 120V/220V UPS Backup Uninterruptible Power Supply

    5000VA/4000W line interactive UPS with battery backup is reliable uninterruptible power source for computer, servers and other critical devices. 5kVA UPS has optional input & output voltages of 220V/120V AC with overload protection, LCD display, compact design, high performance and favorable price.

    6000VA 120V/220V UPS Backup Uninterruptible Power Supply

    6000VA/4800W UPS power supply has optional input & output voltages of AC 220V/ 120V with overload protection. Low cost 6kVA UPS battery backup offers reliable uninterruptible power source for personal computer, servers, medical equipment, etc. during power outage, with universal output socket, LCD display.

    10kVA 120V/220V UPS Backup Uninterruptible Power Supply

    SKU: ATO-UPS-10K
    Uninterruptible Power Supply, 10kVA/8kW, line interactive UPS, provides a reliable battery backup for critical devices like PC, servers, networks against power surges and outages. High reliability yet low cost 10kVA UPS is available with input and output voltages of AC 220V/120V for choice.

    An uninterruptible power supply, also known as UPS or battery backup, is an electrical device that provides a power source to the load during power outages. The UPS power supply is mainly used to provide a stable and uninterrupted power source to personal computers, peripherals, servers, network systems, office equipment, medical machine or other critical devices, etc. offers line-interactive UPS from 600VA to 10kVA (300W to 8000W), with an LCD display, overload protection, a wide range of input voltage and optional 220V/120V AC output voltages. Therefore, the UPS power supply is an ideal choice for battery backup to provide reliable power protection for your critical device at home or in business during blackouts, thus saving your files and avoiding data loss.

    What is UPS?


    UPS is a device that contains energy storage. It is a constant voltage and constant frequency uninterruptible power supply with an inverter as the main component, which can solve the problems of power failure, low voltage, high voltage, surge, noise and so on of the existing power, and make the computer system run more safely and reliably. ATO UPS supply power has been widely used in computers, transportation, banking, securities, communication, medical, home, industrial control, etc. UPS are classified according to their operating principle as backup UPS, online UPS, and online interactive UPS, and ATO UPS are reliable online interactive UPS.

    Uninterruptible power supply working principle


    When the power at the grid works normally, the load is energized as the figure shows below and the energy storage battery of UPS is charged synchronously. When the power failure occurs suddenly, the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) starts to work and the energy storage battery provides power to the load to maintain normal production (as shown in the black →). If the load is seriously overloaded due to production needs, the grid power is directly supplied to the load after rectification (as shown by the dotted line). UPS working principle

    How to choose a UPS power supply for home?


    When you buy a UPS for home, please pay attention to the following points:

    • Determine the capacity of the required uninterruptible power supply.
    • Determine the required UPS battery backup time. According to the required working time of the equipment after a power outage. Due to the high value of the battery, it is recommended to choose a brand with better quality, which is very important for the reliability of the UPS system.
    • Determine the type of uninterruptible power supply required. Choosing online, online interaction, standby, sine wave, square wave and other types are determined according to the stability of load to output, switching time and output waveform.
    • Additional functions: In order to improve the reliability of the system, it is recommended to use a UPS hot backup system, which can be considered in series hot backup or parallel hot backup.
    • After-sale service: Uninterruptible power supply is bulky, and the wiring of large-capacity models is complicated and requires on-site maintenance. Therefore, for this situation, you can choose a supplier of professional after-sales service.
    • Understand the warranty period and method of the UPS manufacturer.

    How to use UPS for computers?


    Watch the following video to know details about how to use UPS for computer backup power. ATO provides the best UPS for computers with power, 600VA, 1000VA, 1500VA, 3000VA, 10kVA, etc, voltage 120V/220V or other customized voltage and transfer time 1~10ms.


    What can the UPS do?


    In the early days of its development, UPS supply power was only regarded as a backup power source. Later, due to voltage surges, voltage spikes, voltage transients, voltage sags, continuous over voltage or under voltage or even voltage interruptions and other ethylene-based power grid quality problems, the electronic systems of computers and other equipment were disturbed, resulting in damage to sensitive components and information. Loss, disk programs are flushed, etc., which cause huge economic losses. Therefore, UPS has been paid more and more attention and has gradually developed into a power protection system with functions such as voltage regulation, frequency stabilization, filtering, anti-electromagnetic and radio frequency interference, and anti voltage surge. Nowadays uninterruptible power supply is often used in homes as a backup battery for computers.

    How long will the UPS battery backup last?


    In order to ensure the reliable, stable and safe operation of the system, it is generally recommended to replace the UPS battery every 5 years or so. For harsh environments (such as the ambient temperature is often higher than 35°C or there is no regular maintenance), it is recommended to replace the UPS battery every 3 years or so. The life of the UPS battery backup can also be judged by the number of charges and discharges.