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    Illuminated Rocker Switch, 3 Pin

    Green light illuminated rocker switch, 3 pin 2 position, single pole single throw, hole size 28 x 11mm, max current voltage 16A 250VAC, roker swith has high-quality shock resistance, strong shock resistance, and fast frequency response.

    Illuminated Rocker Switch, 4 Pin

    Small size illuminated on off rocker switch, 4 pin, double pole single throw, 15 amp rated current, 10,000 times electrical life, wiring angle brass silver plated, strong and sturdy, flame retardant material, safe and reliable.

    Lighted Rocker Switch, 12V

    Low cost 12V lighted rocker switch, hole size 28 x 10.5mm, led light red or green, 4 pins, the rocker switch has a long service life, high temperature resistance, and high current impact resistance.

    Lighted Rocker Switch, 24V

    24 Volt lighted rocker switch, 4 pin, 28 x 10.5mm hole size, LED lamp life 40,000 hours, base material high flame retardant PA66, widely used in drinking fountains, treadmills, coffee machines, motorcycles, etc.

    Lighted Rocker Switch, 4 Pin

    12V waterproof rocker switch, 4 pins, mechanical life 50 thousand times, LED light emitting color red or green, when the switch is turned on, the LED light will be on, key material aluminum alloy, beautiful appearance.

    On Off On Rocker Switch, 3 Pin

    On off on 3 position rocker switch, 3 pin, electrical life of 10,000 times, the shell of black rocker switch is made of flame-retardant material, with strong expansion and contraction performance, high temperature resistance.

    On Off Rocker Switch, 2 Pin

    SKU: ATO-RS-KCD111
    Black on off rocker switch, rating 16A 250V, 2 position, terminals number 2 pins, withstand voltage 1500VAC, it is an ideal choice for water dispensers, treadmills, coffee pots, massage machines.

    Waterproof Lighted Rocker Switch

    2 Position red lighted rocker switch, IP65 waterproof design, on off switch 3 pin, single pole single throw lamp, dedicated to household appliances industrial equipment.

    Rocker switches are often used as power switches for electronic equipment. Their contacts are divided into single-pole single-throw and double pole double throw. Some rocker switches also have indicator lights. ATO sells waterproof rocker switches with lights, 2 pin, 3 pin, 4 pin, voltage 12V/24V. On off on rocker switch, low price, beautiful appearance, high temperature resistance, high current impact, long service life.