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    Automatic Transfer Switches

    Automatic transfer switches (ATS) on have a wide range of selections with ratings from 6 amps to 800 amps. ATS transfer switch is a device to changeover between the utility and standby power source when one power fails. ATO offers three kinds of automatic changeover switches with their own characteristics and functions, which make it applied to different areas. The switches here can be operated both automatically and manually. Go into a detailed product page and find a suitable auto transfer switch to changeover the source in case of power failure, so as to guarantee the continuous and reliable operation of the critical equipment.

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    Automatic Transfer Switch, 3/4 Pole, 6 to 63 Amps

    $188.92 $267.86
    SKU: ATO-ATS-063
    Low price and compact size dual power automatic transfer switch (ATS) with high-breaking mini circuit breaker, selectable rated operating current 6A, 10A, 16A, 20A, 25A, 32A, 40A, 63A, works at 400VAC 50Hz/ 60Hz power supply system, 3-pole or 4-pole ATS changeover switch, reliable automatic and manual operation, simple structure, easy operation and long service life.

    Automatic Transfer Switch, 3/4 Pole, 10/20 to 100 Amps

    $436.85 $580.23
    SKU: ATO-ATS-100
    Intelligent automatic transfer switch (ATS), has rated current ranging from 10 amp to 100 amp (optional 10A, 16A, 20A, 32A, 40A, 50A, 63A, 80A, 100A), 3-pole or 4-pole, rated working voltage 400VAC 50Hz and adjustable 0-30s delay time. This intelligent ATS transfer switch features compact size and light weight, easy mounting & wiring, simple operation with microcomputer controller, best automatic and manual switching between normal power and standby power.

    Automatic Transfer Switch, 3/4 Pole, 100/125 to 225 Amps

    $574.61 $685.77
    SKU: ATO-ATS-225
    Affordable price intelligent automatic transfer switch with 3P or 4P circuit breaker, has optional operating current ratings from 100 amp, 125 amp to 225 amp, and rated working voltage 400V AC 50Hz. ATS transfer switch is equipped with microcomputer controller, easy and reliable operation with automatic and manual operation, adjustable 0-30s delay time, ideal for changeover between your common power supply and standby power supply like generator.

    Automatic Transfer Switch, 3/4 Pole, 250/350 to 630 Amps

    $1,276.92 $1,383.65
    SKU: ATO-ATS-630
    Brand new and economical price intelligent automatic transfer switch, with rated operating current 250A, 315A, 350A, 400A, 500A, 630A for your choice, adjustable 0~30s delay time and rated working voltage 400V AC 50Hz. With automatic and manual operation, ATS comes with microcomputer controller, easy to use and wiring, safe and reliable to transfer between two power sources in many critical areas like hospitals, banks, airports and so on.

    Automatic Transfer Switch, 3/4 Pole, 630/700/800 Amps

    $1,486.98 $1,599.21
    SKU: ATO-ATS-800
    Reliable intelligent automatic transfer switch with microcomputer controller is best ATS for changeover between common-used power and standby power at rated working current 630 amp, 700 amp or 800 amp and rated voltage 400VAC 50Hz, adjustable 0~30s delay time, simple wiring and easy installation, high performance and long service life, suitable for residential areas, military facilities, hospitals and other areas.

    Automatic Transfer Switch, 4 Pole, 100/160/250 Amps

    $358.54 $450.95
    SKU: ATO-ATS-250
    Auto transfer switch (ATS) is available with rated current 100 amp, 160 amp and 250 amp, 4-Pole transfer switch, used in the distribution system with rated voltage 400V AC 50Hz, with functions of full auto, forcedly switching off “0” position, remote control and manual emergency operation etc. Fast switch on and off the circuit or transfer between dual power sources, to achieve the safe isolation.