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    Automatic Transfer Switch, 3/4 Pole, 100/125 to 225 Amps

    Compact size Automatic Transfer Switch with 3P/4P, has operating current ratings from 100 amp to 225 amp for your choice, equiped with intelligent controller which has keyboard input and LCD display to give you a good interactive interface, make it easy and reliable operate.
    SKU: ATO-ZMQ2F/L-225
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    ATS Features

    • Selectable rated working current 100A, 125A, 140A, 160A, 180A, 200A, 225A.
    • Used for the mutual conversion between normal power supply (N) and standby power (R) in the emergency power supply system (can also be set to manually operate).
    • Used as a switch to control the circuit with the use of controlling, signaling, interlocking etc.
    • Small size, light weight, stable running, and easy to use.
    • Keyboard input and LCD display of the intelligent controller.
    • Take 3s to enter into the protection state of dual power OFF from cutting off the abnormal power, and then transfer to a normal power supply by 0~30s delay time.
    • Suitable for residential areas, military facilities, hospitals, shopping malls, airports and so on.


    Model ZMQ2F/L-225
    Frame Current 225A
    Rated Operating Current (Optional) 100A, 125A, 140A, 160A, 180A, 200A, 225A
    Number of Poles (Optional) 3-pole 4-pole
    Breaking Current 22kA 30kA
    Rated Operating Voltage 400V
    Insulation Voltage 2500V, no flicker and no breakdown for one minute
    Frequency 50-60Hz
    Delay Time 0-30s (Adjustable)
    Rated Working Voltage of Controller 230V AC
    Service Life (Mechanical) 5,000 times
    Structural Type (Optional) Integral type (F) or split type (L)
    Environment Altitude ≤2000m
    Ambient Temperature -5℃~+40℃, the 24-hour average temperature does not exceed +35℃
    Relative Humidity RH≤50% @ +40℃; at a lower temperature, it is allowable to have a higher humidity.
    Please pay more attention to the condensation produced on the product surface with the change of humidity.
    Installation No explosive medium, and no medium of gas and dust is enough to corrode and damage the insulation.
    No significant shock and vibration.
    Standards Compliance to IEC6094-6-1, GB14048.11-2008
    Weight 11.5kg
    Dimensions See below

    Automatic Transfer Switch Dimensions
    Automatic transfer switch ats dimensions

    Type W W1 L L1 H
    ZMQ2F/L-225/3P 430 395 215 195 140
    ZMQ2F/L-225/4P 545 510 215 195 140

    3 Pole or 4 Pole Automatic Transfer Switch Wiring Diagram
    3 Pole or 4 Pole Automatic Transfer Switch Wiring Diagram
    *The above wiring diagram is just for your reference. With the different types and functions, the wiring is also different.
    *When the fire takes place, EPS signal is on (provided by firefighting center) and the circuit breakers Q1 & Q2 is released or cut off.
    *Q1 & Q2 refer to circuit breakers.
    *KG refers to the wiring terminals.
    *The R & N power ON indicator lamps are external (provided by users).
    *The dashed part is supplied by users.

    Tips: Structure of automatic transfer switch
    The automatic switch has a wide range of applications, such as elevators, banks and hospitals, where the power failure is absolutely unwanted. Once the power is cut off, it will cause huge economic losses and even endanger human safety.
    The automatic switch is mainly composed of a controller, a conversion mechanism and a body. The controller is very important, which is the same as the brain of the automatic changeover switch. It can control the switching between the two power sources. The conversion mechanism is composed of a drive mechanism and a transmission mechanism. Its role is to achieve non-stop disconnection and connection, and also determine the mechanical reliability of the automatic transfer switch. As for the body of ATS transfer switch, it is composed of contacts, contact mechanism and arc extinguisher, which directly determines the switch electrical characteristics.

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