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    1 kVA 3-Phase Autotransformer, 380V to 220/200V

    3-phase autotransformer has 1 kVA rated capacity, for step down the voltage 380V to 220V/200V, current input 1.5A, output 2.6A/2.8A, frequency 50/60 Hz, electromagnetic induction. The primary and secondary windings of dry type auto transformer are insulated from each other, stable output, low price.

    500 VA Isolation Transformer, Single phase, 220V to 110V

    SKU: ATO-T-DG500VA
    500 VA single phase isolation transformer for sales, step down low voltage 220 volt to 110 volt, other voltages are customizable. Optional for aluminum or copper wire winding, IP20 enclosure, four movable wheels for easy movement, working efficiency up to 95%.

    500VA Control Transformer, 240V to 110/36/24V

    SKU: ATO-T-BK500VA
    High efficiency single phase 500VA capacity control transformer is applicable for AC 50/60Hz, fully electric isolation between primary side and secondary sides, is designed to step down 240V input voltage to 110/36/24V three sets of output voltages.

    50VA Toroidal Transformer, 120V to 24-0-24V/30-0-30V

    SKU: ATO-T-C50VA
    50VA toroidal transformer steps down a primary voltage of 120V to selectable secondary voltages of 24-0-24V (2x24V) / 30-0-30V (2x30V) or other voltages. This single-phase transformer using high-quality copper wire, ensures superior power handling with minimal losses. Its customizability allows for tailored electrical solutions, fitting specific power demands. The toroidal design offers advantages like reduced magnetic interference and compactness, making it a preferred choice for power-sensitive applications.

    800 VA Isolation Transformer, Single Phase, 110V to 240V

    SKU: ATO-T-DG800VA
    800 VA single phase isolation transformer for sale, designed to step up 110 volt to 240 volt, step down 240 volt to 110 volt version is available, other voltage can be customizable, provides increased reliability and 95% high working efficiency.

    1 kVA Isolation Transformer, Single Phase, 240V to 120V

    Customizable 1 kVA isolation transformer is a single phase transformer with lower cost, step up or step down the AC voltage between 240 volt and 120 volt, optional enameled copper wire or aluminum wire. Encapsulation and IP20 protection grade of the enclosure protect the transformer from dust, moisture and provide extra shock and vibration resistance.

    5 kVA 3-Phase Autotransformer, 380V to 220/200V

    3-phase step down autotransformer for sale, good price. Rated capacity 5kVA, input voltage 380V (current 13A), output voltage 220V/200V (current 14A), frequency 50/60 Hz, copper/aluminum wire for selection. Dry type auto transformer, electromagnetic induction, the primary and secondary windings are insulated separately.

    70VA Toroidal Transformer, 110V AC to 12V/35-0-35V

    SKU: ATO-T-C70VA
    70VA toroidal transformer with all copper wire, higher temperature resistant, small size with low weight, easy to install and maintain. The standard input is single 110V AC windings, designed to step down 110V to 12V or 2x35V (35-0-35 volt).

    800VA Control Transformer, 220/380V to 120/48V

    SKU: ATO-T-BK800VA
    Control and lighting purposed mini dry type air automatic mode transformer with 800VA capacity, single phase, 2 groups of 220/380V primary voltages and 2 groups of 120/48V sencondary voltage. Step down control transformer is suitable for circuit of AC 50/60Hz.

    1000VA Control Transformer, 380V to 208/36V

    SKU: ATO-T-BK1000VA
    Best quality and low price 1kVA isolation control transformer enameled copper wire or aluminum wire, used in 50/60Hz, transforms single phase 380 volt to 2 groups output of 208/36 volt, input/output voltage is customizable as your need.

    120VA Toroidal Transformer for Audio Amplifier, 110V to 12V

    SKU: ATO-T-C120VA
    All copper toroidal transformer for audio power amplifier, with 120VA rated power, single phase, small in size and weight, is designed for converting AC supply voltages to one or more AC voltages, for example, 110V to 12V or 230V to 2 x 24V (24-0-24), other voltages are available for choice.

    15 kVA 3-Phase Autotransformer, 380V to 220/200V

    Buy dry type autotransformer at affordable price online. Power rating 15kVA, steps down the input voltage 3-phase 380V to 220V/200V output, input current 23A, output 39/43A, AC circuit 50Hz or 60 Hz, optional copper/aluminum wire. Dry type auto transformer supports self-cooling or wind-cooled, F insulation class winding.

    2 kVA Isolation Transformer, Single Phase, 240V to 110V

    Dry type single phase isolation transformer with 2 kVA power capacity, 50/60 Hz rated, wide range of primary and secondary voltage for selection. 240V to 110V, 208V to 120V, 110V to 230V and more isolation transformer for sale, optional enameled copper wire or aluminum wire.

    150VA Toroidal Transformer, 120V AC to 12V/24V/2x30V

    SKU: ATO-T-C150VA
    This single-phase toroidal transformer for sales, 150VA (150W) full power, is designed for a primary voltage of 120V AC and dual secondary voltages of 2x30V (30-0-30), one output 12V/24V is optional, all copper winding, manufactured according to CE, RoHS, and ISO standard.

    2000VA Control Transformer, 240/480V to 220/36V

    SKU: ATO-T-BK2000VA
    Industrial control transformer on sales, features with 2000VA capacity, single phase, step 240/480V dual primary down to 220/36V dual secondary, H insulation level assure safe operation and long life. Input/output voltage can be customized as your requiements.

    200VA Step-Down Toroidal Transformer, 240V AC to 24-0-24V

    SKU: ATO-T-C200VA
    Low cost 200VA step down toroidal transformer is made with cold rolled silicon steel core and pure copper winding and lead. It features a single primary winding tapped at 240VAC 50/60Hz and dual secondary windings 2x24V (24-0-24). Twin secondary windings may be connected in series or parallel or used independently.

    25 kVA 3-Phase Autotransformer, 380V to 220/200V

    3-phase autotransformer from professional manufacturer. Capacity rating 25kVA, designed to step down high voltage 380 volt to 220/200 volt, applicable AC circuit 50 Hz or 60 Hz, self-cooling or wind-cooled. Dry type auto transformer has copper/aluminum wire winding for selection, 98% high efficiency, competitive price.

    3 kVA Isolation Transformer, Single Phase, 208V to 240V

    Dry type single phase 3 kVA isolation transformer for sale, with primary voltage 208V and secondary voltage 240V, other capacity and voltage can be customizable. Safe and reliable 1-phase isolation transformer to step up or step down voltage, insulating the electrical between the primary and secondary sides and isolates the circuit.

    30 kVA 3-Phase Autotransformer, 380V to 220/200V

    Manufacturer price 3-phase autotransformer for sale online. Rated power capacity 30 kVA, primary input voltage 380 volts, secondary output voltage 220V/200V, AC circuit 50/60 Hz, optional copper/aluminum winding, supports self/wind-cooled, open type and sealed type versions are available.

    3000VA Control Transformer, 440/460/480V to 120/24V

    SKU: ATO-T-BK3000VA
    This best industrial control transformer has 3000VA power rating, 1- phase, and step down the 440/460/480V three sets of primary voltages to 120/24V dual secondary voltage, it is usually used in machine tool working as local lighting, power of indicator light or the machine control electric appliance.

    A transformer is an electrical apparatus designed to convert alternating current from one voltage to another. It can be designed to step up or step down voltages and works on the magnetic induction principle. When an AC current is passed through the primary coil, an AC magnetic flux is generated in the iron core, causing a voltage (or current) to be induced in the secondary coil. It is composed of an iron core and a coil. The coil has two or more windings. The winding connected to the power supply is called the primary winding, and the remaining windings are called the secondary winding.

    How Does a Electrical Transformer Work?

    Transformer mainly uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to work. The specific process is when an AC voltage U1 is applied to the primary side of the electrical transformer, and the current flowing through the primary winding is I1, the current will generate alternating magnetic flux in the iron core, which makes the primary winding and the secondary winding electromagnetically connections.

    Working principle of transformer

    According to the principle of electromagnetic induction, the electromotive force will be induced when the alternating magnetic flux passes through these two windings. Its magnitude is proportional to the number of winding turns and the maximum value of the main magnetic flux. The voltage on the side with more winding turns is higher, and the voltage on the side with less winding turns is lower. When the secondary side of the transformer is open, that is, when the transformer is no-load, the voltage at the primary and secondary terminals is proportional to the number of turns of the primary and secondary windings. That is, U1/U2=N1/N2, but the primary and secondary frequencies are consistent, so as to realize the voltage change. The working principle of the transformer can be understood from the figure below.

    What Types of Step UP & Step Down Transformer for Sales on

    Isolation transformer

    Isolation transformerIsolation transformer refers to a transformer with electrical isolation between the input winding and the output winding. It is widely used in the electronic industry or industrial and mining enterprises, machine tools and mechanical equipment in the general circuit control power supply, safety lighting and indicator power. It can completely insulate the electrical on the primary side and the secondary side, and also isolate the circuit. In addition, the high-frequency loss of its iron core is used to prevent high-frequency clutter from entering the control loop. Using an isolation transformer to suspend the secondary to the ground can only be used in occasions where the power supply range is small and the line is short. At this time, the capacitance current of the system to ground is too small to cause personal injury. Another important role is to protect personal safety! It can isolate people from dangerous voltages.

    Toroidal transformer

    Toroidal transformerToroidal transformer is a kind of step-up & step-down transformer power supply, which has the advantages of small volume, low noise, less heat and high performance. Generally, we use a variety of voltages, such as 220V for domestic lighting, 36V for industrial safety lighting, and the voltage of the welding machine needs to be adjusted. These cannot be separated from the toroidal transformer, which can step down the voltage we need through the principle of electromagnetic mutual inductance of the main and auxiliary coils. But how to improve the conversion efficiency of toroidal transformers has been a problem for many people. In fact, the conversion rate of a toroidal transformer is determined by the transformer's power, production materials, and its work site.

    Control transformer

    Control transformerControl transformer is a small dry-type transformer, which is mainly used to change the voltage of AC power. It is wound by an iron core and a coil. It can change not only the voltage of the alternating current, but also the impedance. When the design power is not exceeded, the current can also be changed. In different environments, the transformer also has different applications. Generally, it is used as a control lighting and indicator light source for electrical appliances in machine tools and mechanical equipment. The multi tapped control transformer can also be used in the chemical industry as a rectifier transformer. At this time, it is only required to rewire the adjustment taps of the control transformer, cut off all power to the equipment, and then adjust the voltage to the control transformer with voltage regulating equipment on both sides, so that it can be used in the chemical industry.


    autotransformerAutotransformer is a transformer whose windings are primary and secondary in the same winding, the primary and secondary windings are directly connected in series, and the transformer is self-coupled. Ordinary transformers transfer energy through electromagnetic coupling of primary and secondary coils, and there is no direct electrical connection between primary and secondary, while autotransformer has direct electrical connection between primary and secondary, and its low voltage coil is part of high voltage coil. Autotransformers are also used as protection equipment for communication lines.

    Since the calculated capacity of an autotransformer is less than the rated capacity. Therefore, for the same rated capacity, the main dimensions of the autotransformer are smaller and the effective material (silicon steel sheet and conductors) and the construction material (steel) are reduced accordingly, thus reducing the cost. The reduction of effective materials leads to a corresponding reduction of copper and iron consumption, so the efficiency of the autotransformer is higher. Also, due to the reduction of the main dimensions and mass, it is possible to manufacture transformers with larger capacities per unit under tolerable transportation conditions.

    What's the Functions of a Power Transformer?

    Ensure the safety of electricity

    There are many types of power transformers, but each type of transformer is a device that uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to change the AC voltage. Therefore, the use of each transformer can ensure the safety of electricity. By changing the AC voltage without changing the power source, the current can be changed, which essentially enables people to use electricity safely.

    Use transformer to step up and step down

    The transformer can make voltage step up & down. We often use various voltages. For example, we need different voltages for household lighting power and industrial safety power. All of these are inseparable from the transformer. Using the transformer, we can reduce the voltage to the required voltage through the principle of electromagnetic mutual inductance, and reduce the voltage loss.

    Impedance matching voltage

    This function is most commonly used in electronic circuits. Generally speaking, electronic factories will use transformers for impedance matching to make the signal flow smoothly. Therefore, companies that require different voltages in the same environment can manufacture multi-winding transformers to satisfy the daily needs of workers.

    Something Should be Known Before Operating the Transformer

    Before the step up or step down transformer is used, it should be fully tested to ensure the safe and stable operation. The detection of transformer before operation mainly includes the following points.

    • According to the requirements of actual production for transformers and the relevant national standards for transformer operation, the DC resistance and insulation resistance of transformers are tested.
    • They should be tested if they are in the specified range.
    • The safe operation of transformer has clear requirements for grounding, so grounding resistance and neutral grounding at low voltage side should be tested. Moreover, the standardization of shell grounding should be guaranteed. Check whether these grounding points are in accordance with the specifications and ensure the stability of the grounding.
    • Ensure that respirators and explosion-proof tubes are within specified requirements, and check whether damp agent and explosion-proof film can be used properly.
    • Check all the wire connections of the transformer, and guarantee the firmness of wiring and the correctness of phase matching.
    • Check the performance of each sealing device to ensure good tightness, particularly the vent valve, casing pipe and oil cover, prevent the leakage caused by poor sealing.
    • Check whether the oil level in the conservator is consistent with the operating environment.