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    2 Pin Covered Toggle Switch

    SKU: ATO-TS-HKS1201
    Safety covered toggle switch for sale, 2 pin, single pole 2 position, switch panel mounting hole size 1/2 inch (12mm), good waterproof effect and anti-collision design, easy to turn on/off, red cover prevents accidental start, contact angle brass material.

    3 Pin Covered Toggle Switch

    SKU: ATO-TS-HKS1202
    Single pole on off toggle switch, blue safety cover prevents accidental start, 12mm panel mounting hole size, 3 pin, easy to install, good waterproof effect, strong and durable, widely used in cars, RVs, ships and off-road vehicles.

    On Off On Toggle Switch, 3 Pin

    SKU: ATO-TS-T80P31
    Heavy Duty on off on toggle switch for boat, 3 pin, 3 position, rated voltage & current 5A/120V, 3A, 250V, electrical life more than 100,000 times, with self-locking and self-resetting function, simple installation and reliable contact.

    On Off Toggle Switch, 3 Pin

    SKU: ATO-TS-T80P3
    On off toggle switch mounting hole diameter 6mm, 2 position, 3 pin, contact resistance 10mΩ, rated current 5A, 120 volt, electrical life 100,000 times, switch handle made of nickel-plated copper, with strong corrosion resistance.

    12V Lighted Toggle Switch, 6 Pin

    SKU: ATO-TS-AD16102E
    Lighted toggle switch 12 volt, 2 position, 6 pin, rated current 5 Amp, IP67, waterproof, dustproof and corrosion resistant, LED lighting color red, yellow, blue, green and white. Suitable for on-off power supply and switching circuit in household appliances, instruments and various electronic equipment.

    24V Lighted Toggle Switch, 6 Pin

    SKU: ATO-TS-AD16102E2
    Sell 6 pin toggle switch at low price, 24 volt, on off 2 position, 5A rated current, waterproof appearance design, with led light display, electrical life more than 10, 000 cycles, 12 months warranty.

    24V Red Green Lighted Toggle Switch

    SKU: ATO-TS-AD16102E3
    24V water proof toggle switch with two colors LED light, red and green, 6 pin, on/off 2 position, 5A, copper nickel-plated material prevents rust and corrosion of the switch, IP67, it can be used in various harsh environments.

    Toggle switch is to switch the circuit by turning the switch handle to make the circuit on or off, so as to achieve the purpose of switching the circuit. It is widely used in medical equipment, outdoor charging equipment, ships and vehicle equipment, charging piles, electric vehicles, etc. 

    ATO sells on/off, on/off/on toggle switches, affordable prices, 2 pin, 3 pin or 6 pin toggle switches with LED lights, good waterproof and dustproof performance, corrosion resistance.