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    1A EMI Power Line Filter, 1 Phase

    SKU: ATO-EMI-2101
    Cheap 1A EMI power line filter, 1-phase 1-stage, rated voltage 115/250V AC 50/60Hz, small size and lead wire connection. High performance line filter can effectively suppress the electromagnetic noise between line to line and line to ground.

    3A EMI Power Line Filter, 1 Phase

    SKU: ATO-EMI-2103
    General purpose 3A 1-phase single-stage EMI power line filter, rated voltage 115/250V AC 50/60Hz, high performance for noise suppression with compact size, easy mounting, and low price.

    6A EMI Power Line Filter, 1 Phase

    SKU: ATO-EMI-2106
    6 Amp single-phase single-stage power line filter, rated voltage 115/250V AC 50/60Hz, general purpose EMI/RFI filter for various electrical equipment, electronics and devices with its competitive price and high performance.

    10A Sine Wave Filter, 3 Phase

    SKU: ATO-SWF-10
    Cost-effective sine wave filter for sale online with rated current 10A, adapted power of 3.7kW, and carrier frequency 4kHz. The three phase sinusoidal filter has the advantage of small size, light weight and long service life.

    20A Sine Wave Filter, 3 Phase

    SKU: ATO-SWF-20
    Good price 20A sine wave filter comes with 3-phase, adapted power of 7.5kW, and carrier frequency 4kHz. The sinusoidal filter features compact, easy to install and excellent performance.

    25A Sine Wave Filter, 3 Phase

    SKU: ATO-SWF-25
    25A sine wave filter comes with adapted power of 11kW, withstand voltage 3000VAC, and carrier frequency is 4kHz. The sine wave filter is widely used in the fields of etallurgy, coal, petrochemical, water treatment, new energy.

    30A Sine Wave Filter, 3 Phase

    SKU: ATO-SWF-30
    High-performance sine wave filter for sale online. The sine filter with rated current 30A adapted power of 15kW, and carrier frequency 4kHz. The sinusoidal filter has an advanced choke design to minimize filter losses and voltage drop.

    40A Sine Wave Filter, 3 Phase

    SKU: ATO-SWF-40
    Sine wave output filter for high-speed motor drives. The sine wave filter with rated current of 40A, an adapted power of 18.5kW, and a fundamental frequency of 50Hz. The sinusoidal filter IP 20 protection, touch-safe terminals and temperature monitoring function to increase overall equipment safety

    50A Sine Wave Filter, 3 Phase

    SKU: ATO-SWF-50
    Cheap sine wave filter for sale online with rated current of 50A, adapted power of 22kW, carrier frequency 4kHz, and F insulation class. The sinusoidal filter has less interference propagation towards neighboring equipment or lines.

    5A Sine Wave Filter, 3 Phase

    SKU: ATO-SWF-5
    Good price sine wave filter for sale online. The 3-phase sine filter with rated current 5A, adapted power of 2.2kW, and carrier frequency 4kHz. The sinusoidal filter is widely used in metallurgy, coal, petrochemical, and new energy.

    EMI Power Line Filter 6A, 3 phase

    SKU: ATO-EMI-1006
    General purpose EMI line filter, 6 Amp rated current, three phase three wire, single stage, rated voltage 250V/440V 50/60Hz, compact size, easily connected with stud, low leakage current, excellent attenuation performance.

    EMI Power Line Filter 10A, 3 phase

    SKU: ATO-EMI-1010
    EMI power line filter, 3-phase 3-wire, single stage, rated current 10A, operating frequency 50/60Hz and voltage rating to 250V/440V AC, connected with threaded stud, excellenct attenuation performance and favorable price.

    EMI/RFI Power Line Filter 20A, 3 phase

    SKU: ATO-EMI-1020
    EMI/RFI power line filter, three-phase three-wire single-stage, rated current 20 Amps and rated voltage 250V/440V AC. Low leakage current, compact design, threaded stud connection and excellenct attenuation performance.

    EMI/RFI Power Line Filter 30A, 3 phase

    SKU: ATO-EMI-1030
    30A EMI/RFI power line filter, 3 phase 3 wire, single stage, rated voltage 250V/440V AC, 50/60Hz, compact size and stud connection, stable performance and low price, best 3-phase EMI filter for the industrial equipment.

    EMI Line Filter, 40A, 3 phase

    SKU: ATO-EMI-1040
    3-phase 3-wire EMI line filter, single-stage, rated current 40A, rated voltage 440V AC, easy mounting with threaded stud, high performance in noise suppression yet low price.

    EMI Line Filter, 50A, 3 phase

    SKU: ATO-EMI-1050
    Reliable single-stage EMI power line filter for 3-phase 3-wire electrical equipment, rated current 50A, voltage rating to 440V AC, threaded stud connection and compact structure, high performance and favorable price.

    EMI Line Filter, 100A, 3 phase

    SKU: ATO-EMI-10100
    100A 3-phase single-stage EMI power line filter, rated voltage 250/440V AC, compact size, easy to install with stud connection, good performance in noise filter, high reliability and reasonable price.

    10A 3-phase EMI Line Filter, 2 Stage

    SKU: ATO-EMI-2010
    10A 2-stage EMI line filter, 3-phase 3-wire or 3-phase 4-wire, rated voltage 250/440V AC 50/60Hz, excellent performance of EMI suppression in the industrial equipment, compact size, stud connection, low price and high reliability.

    20A 3-phase EMI Line Filter, 2 Stage

    SKU: ATO-EMI-2020
    3-phase 3-wire or 3-phase 4-wire EMI power line filter in dual-stage configuration, current rating 20 Amp, voltage rating 250/440V AC 50/60Hz, high performance, compact design, great EMI filter for servo system, motor drives, etc.

    30A 3-phase EMI Line Filter, 2 Stage

    SKU: ATO-EMI-2030
    3-phase 3-wire dual-stage EMI line filter, 30A rated current, 440V AC rated voltage, light weight and compact design, can effectively protect electrical equipment like packaging machine, servo system from noise interference.

    A power line filter, also known as EMI/RFI power line filter, is an electronic passive device which is installed between the power line and the equipment in order to suppress electromagnetic interference (EMI) or radio frequency interference (RFI). Due to high attenuation performance, 1-phase and 3-phase EMI AC power line filters on are good solutions for EMI suppression, which provide a reliable protection for a wide range of applications in the industrial areas. The current rating ranges from 1A, 10A, 20A, 40A to 100A. To achieve a higher performance in interference attenuation, 3-phase dual-stage EMI power line filters are also available here.
    ATO EMC line filters for variable frequecny devices for sale now. The filters work on the input / output side of VFD, with current rating from 6A to 1000A and rated voltage 250V/440V AC 50Hz/60Hz. With low leakage current and high interference suppression capability, it is a best solution for protecting variable frequency drives, servo motors, and frequency converters and extend their service life.
    Scroll down the page and select a high-performance line filter to protect your equipment or device from EMI/RFI/EMC.

    What is Power Line Filter?

    A power line filter, also called EMI power line filter, is a passive bi-directional network, electrical equipment which effectively filters the particular frequency point in the power line or the frequency out of the particular frequency point. Line filters are designed for electromagnetic interference (EMI) in the mains, and it is a frequency-selective two-port network usually composed of inductors, capacitors, resistors. Actually it is a kind of filters and can also be called reflection filter according the working principle. It provides high series impedance and low parallel impedance in the filter stop band, severely mismatching noise source and its impedance with load impedance, thus transmitting the undesired frequency components back to the noise source.

    When selecting the power line filter, three main indicators should be considered: first is voltage and current, the following is insertion loss, and finally it is size and structure. Since the filter inside is typically potted, environment is not a main concern. However, the temperature characteristics of all potting materials and filter capacitors have some influence on the environmental characteristics of the power filter.

    How does Power Line Filter Work?

    The commonly-used filter circuits of power line filters have passive filtering and active filtering. The main forms of passive filtering are capacitive filtering, inductive filtering and complex filtering (including inverted L-type, LC filtering, LC π-type filtering and RC π-type filtering, etc.). The main form of active filtering is active RC filtering, also known as electronic filters. The magnitude of the ripple component in DC electricity is represented by the ripple coefficient S: the larger the value, the worse the filtering effect of the filter.

    Ripple coefficient (S) = maximum value of fundamental wave of AC component of output voltage / DC component of output voltage

    Power line filter's principle is an impedance adaption network: the larger the impedance mismatching between line filter input & output side and power & load side, the more effective the attenuation of electromagnetic interference (EMI). The specific working principle is as follows. After AC is rectified by diode, the direction is single, but the current intensity is still constantly changing. Generally, this ripple DC is not directly used to power supply. To make the ripple DC into a smooth waveform, one thing need to be done, that is filtering. In other words, the task of filters is to reduce the ripple in the output voltage of the rectifier as much as possible and transform it into near constant DC.

    How to Select an EMI Power Line Filter?

    1. Rated voltage
      Rated voltage is the working voltage of EMI power supply at specified power frequency, which is the maximum allowable voltage value of filter. If the input voltage of filter is too high, it may damage the capacitor inside.
    2. Rated current
      Rated current (Ir) is the maximum allowable continuous operating current at the rated voltage and specified ambient temperature.
      Along with the ambient temperature rise, or operating temperature higher than indoor temperature due to inductive wire’s copper loss, magnetic core loss and ambient temperature, it is difficult to guarantee insertion loss performance. Therefore, the rated current of EMI power line filter should be selected according to the maximum operation current and ambient temperature possibly in the actual work.power line filter selection.
    3. Insertion loss
      Insertion loss is one of the most important technical parameters of EMI power filter. In the premise of ensuring the safety, environment, machinery and reliability of the filter to meet the requirements of the relevant standards, the insertion loss can be achieved as high as possible.
      The other factor is operation temperature and rated current of filter. Since the inductive L of the line filter is made from ferrite or other magnetic materials, under large current operation, magnetic saturation state causes performance deterioration, which is much different from one at rated current in the test.
    4. Operating environment
      One of the main reasons affecting the operating current and environment relation is soft magnetism material in EMI line filter. EMI power line filter normally uses high permeability soft magnetism material, Mn-Zn ferrite, the initial permeability μi=7000~10000,but its Curie point temperature is not high, and high quality is around 130℃. The higher the permeability is, the lower the Curie point temperature is. The permeability drops down rapidly after the Curie point, then leading to inductive value drop down of EMI power filter, which seriously affects filtering effect.

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