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    3A EMI Power Line Filter

    3A single-phase single-stage EMI filter is generally used in line filtering or noise filtering for noise suppression with compact, easy mounting and low price.
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    EMI line/noise filter, single-phase single-stage, rated current 3A and rated voltage 250V AC, has a wide range of applications with its good differential mode and common mode attenuation performance.


    Basics Model ATO200-3
    Type Single phase single stage
    Operating temperature -25℃~85℃
    Weight 65g
    Mounting Wire
    Technical parameters Rated voltage(Max) 250V AC
    Operating frequency 50/60Hz
    Hipot rating(one minute) Line to ground 2000V AC
    Line to line 1760V DC
    Rated current(@ 40℃) 3A
    Leakage current(Line to ground) ≤0.3mA @ 250V AC 50Hz
    Insulation Resistance(Line to ground) 200MΩ @ 500V DC for one minute
    Inductance L 2.5mH
    Capacitance CX 0.1μF
    CY 2.2nF
    Insertion loss in dB (measured in 50Ω system)
    Frequency(MHz) 0.1 0.15 0.5 1 5 10 30
    Common mode(line to ground) 28 34 47 45 45 48 38
    Differential mode (line to line) 3 5 13 32 55 67 68


    single phase filter dimensions

    Electrical schematic

    single phase filter electrical schematic

    Tips: What is filter type?

    1. According to the processed signal, it is divided into analog filter and digital filter.
    2. According to pass signal frequency, it’s divided into low pass, high pass, band pass and band stop filter.
      Low pass filter: It allows low frequency or direct current component in the signal to pass through, suppressing high frequency component or interference and noise.
      High pass filter: it allows high frequency component in the signal to pass through, restraining low frequency or direct current component.  
      Band pass filter: It allows particular frequency band signal to pass through, suppressing the signal, interference and noise which is lower or higher than this frequency band.
      Band stop filter: It restrains the signal within particular frequency band, allowing the signal outside this particular frequency band to pass through.
    3. According to the components, it is divided into passive and active filter.
      Passive filter: it is only composed of passive element(R、L and C), based on the principle that the reactance of capacitor and inductor changes along with the frequency change.
      Active filter: it is composed of passive element(Normally R and C) and active element(i.e. integrated operational amplifier).
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