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    Digital Output Gyroscope Sensor, ±180°

    SKU: ATO-GS-TL740D
    Cheap price gyroscope sensor with digital output, featuring measuring range ±180°, max angle rate 150°/ s, acquisition bandwidth >100Hz, accelerometer range ±4g. The three axis gyro sensor is widely used in position control and attitude control of cars and moving objects, and other occasions requiring precise angle measurement.

    Angular Velocity Output Gyroscope Sensor, ±50°/ ±150°/ ±300°

    SKU: ATO-GS-TL632D
    Economical price gyroscope sensor with angular velocity output, measuring range ±50°/ ±150°/ ±300° for selection, measuring axis X/ Y/ Z are optional, input voltage 9-36V, current 6mA. Three axis gyro sensor has advantages of high performance, waterproof, light wight and long service life.

    Current (Voltage) Output Gyroscope Sensor, ±50°/ ±150°/ ±300°

    SKU: ATO-GS-TL610D
    Cost-effective gyroscope sensor with current/ voltage output for selection, measuring range ±50°/ ±150°/ ±300° can be chosen, measuring axis X/ Y/ Z are optional, temperature drift <±1°/ s, consumption current 6mA. The gyro sensor is widely used in position control and attitude control of cars and moving objects, and other occasions requiring precise angle measurement.

    Gyroscope sensor, also known as angular rate sensor or angular velocity sensor, which is a simple control system based on free space movement and gesture positioning. online store offers digital output/ angular velocity output/ current (voltage) output three kinds of output signal for selection. The three axis gyro sensor has wide range measuring range from ±50°~ ±300°. 3 axis gyroscope sensor has advantages of high performance, waterproof, light wight and long service life. The gyro sensor is widely used in mobile and portable devices such as mobile phones.

    What is Gyroscope Sensor?

    Gyro sensors, also known as angular rate sensors or angular velocity sensors, are devices that sense angular velocity. Angular velocity. In simple terms, angular velocity is the change in rotational angle per unit of time. Angular velocity is generally expressed in deg/ s (degrees per second). Gyroscope sensors are devices used in gadgets and electronics to reference orientation. Three axis gyro sensor has a very specific and intelligent function that provides stability as we navigate the device. The most common use is for smartphones; it senses motion and changes the frame for us. It uses gravity as the defining force for angular velocity.Gyro sensor

    To explain in simpler language what is a gyro sensor, all the mobile games we play on our phone or smartphone that use angular movement and acceleration and rotational speed are done by a gyro sensor, we watch 360 degree photos and video is just because of this sensor.

    How does Gyroscope Sensor Work?

    The concept of Coriolis force is used in gyroscope sensors. In this angular rate measurement sensor, the rotational rate of the sensor is converted into an electrical signal. The working principle of gyroscope sensor can be understood by observing the working of vibrating gyroscope sensor. The sensor consists of an internal vibrating element made of crystalline material in a double-T configuration. The structure consists of a central stationary part to which a "sensing arm" and two "actuating arms" are attached.

    This double-T structure is symmetrical. When an alternating vibrating electric field is applied to the drive arm, continuous lateral vibration is generated. Since the drive arms are symmetrical, when one arm moves to the left, the other arm moves to the right, which cancels out the leakage vibration. This keeps the stationary part centered and the sensing arm stationary. When an external rotational force is applied to the sensor, vertical vibration is generated on the drive arm. This results in a vibration of the drive arm in the upward and downward directions, whereby a rotational force acts on the stationary part of the center.

    What are the Application of Gyroscope Sensor?

    The main application of a gyroscope is to measure the orientation of an object. Gyroscope sensors have infinite uses, from airplanes to simple cell phones. These are also used in rescue cars and jet skis. It can also generate electricity and can measure the rate of change of vibration and angular velocity. Vibration is used in the navigation systems of cars and boats. These are very common in camera shake features in mobile phones and digital cameras used for gaming.

    It is used in any application that requires measurement of angular velocity, angle sensing and control mechanisms.

    • Sensing Angular Velocity: The gyro sensor used to detect changes in angular motion when an object moves. This is also used to detect motion in motion.
    • Sensing Angle: The angle is detected by the gyro sensor. This is required for things like car navigation and game controllers.
    • Sensing Control Mechanism: A gyro sensor is used to detect vibrations caused by external causes. One of the other applications can be camera shake control and vehicle control.