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    Best commercial & industrial dehumidifier for sale. The dehumidifiers have water removal capacity up to 110 Pint (55L), 120 Pint (60L), 160 Pint (80L) per day etc., which can handle moisture removal in damp environments in an area up to 500 sq. ft, 700 sq. ft, 800 sq. ft or larger room. Featuring low noise, energy saving and high efficiency, the dehumidifier comes with wheels for easy moving, and water tank & drain outlet for continuous draining. The dehumidifiers are ideal for commercial and industrial environments like hotel, garage, basements, cellars, warehouses, workshops and so on.

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    Commercial Dehumidifier 110-Pint (55L) for 500 Sq. Ft

    SKU: ATO-FDH-255BS
    Small commercial dehumidifier for sale, removes up to 55L (about 110 pints) of moisture in the air per day in a room 40-55 m2 (430-590 sq. ft), with big air volume 350m3/h and operating at 1150W power, to maintain an ideal relative hunidity level. The dehumidifier comes with a handle and two wheels for convenient transport, built-in water tank & drain outlet for continuous draining. Easy operation, low energy consumption and high efficiency, ideal air dehumidifier for commerical use in the hotels, basements, garages, warehouses, etc.

    Commercial Dehumidifier 120-Pint (60L) for 700 Sq. Ft

    SKU: ATO-FDH-260BS
    Cheap 60L/day (120 pt./day) commercial grade dehumidifier is designed to remove moisture from the air for smaller-sized rooms of 55-70 square meters (590-750 square feet), and has moisture removal ability with 450 m3/h large air volume. Operating at 1200W high power, the dehumidifier is constructed with built-in 6L water tank, and a drain hose outlet for continuous drainage. Low noise, energy saving and high durability, ideal dehumidifier for commercial and industrial environments.

    Commercial Dehumidifier 160-Pint (80L) for 800 Sq. Ft

    SKU: ATO-FDH-280BS
    Quality hand-push dehumidifier is suitable for commercial & industrial environments like basements, workshops, hotels, etc. It can reduce moisture in the air 80L per day (about 160 pints per day) in an area ranging from 60 m2 to 80 m2 (645 to 860 sq. ft). Big air volume 800 m3/h and high power 1250W makes dehumidification more efficient. Quiet dehumidifier is designed with a handle and two wheels, convenient to transport, large water tank and drain outlet for continuous drainage, as well as durable housing.

    Commercial Dehumidifier 250-Pint (120L) for 1600 Sq. Ft

    SKU: ATO-FDH-2120BS
    Best commercial and industrial dehumidifier has high-capacity water removal up to 250 pints/ 120L per day for a room around 120-160 m2 (up to 1600 square feet). Air dehumidifier features high-efficiency compressor, easy-to-move wheels and a handle, direct-to-drain hose for continuous water drainage, and automatic defrost function for normal operation. Operating at 1450W power, the dehumidifier with 1200 m3/h air volume can efficiently move the air, ideal for warehouses, basements, store rooms, etc.

    Industrial Dehumidifier 190-Pint (90L) for 1200 Sq. Ft

    SKU: ATO-FDH-290BC
    Ideal 190-pint dehumidifier can remove moisture up to 90L per day from the air in areas up to 120 m2 (1290 square feet). The industrial dehumidifier is also available with a larger dehumidification up to 108 litre per day for 100-150 m2 areas. Heavy duty dehumidifier is suitable for commercial and industrial environments such as basement, warehouse and so on, due to its amazing features like powerful and quiet compressor, strong turbine centrifugal fan up to 1000m3/h air volume, protective PET filter, free humidity setting and automatic defrost function, etc.

    Industrial Dehumidifier 330-Pint (158L) for 1900 Sq. Ft

    SKU: ATO-FDH-2158BC
    Economical industrial dehumidifier for sale. With max. dehumidification 158L per day (330 pints per 24h) and 1400m3/h air volume, the dehunmidifier can handles moisture removal in commercial and industrial environments up to 1,900 square feet such as warehouses, garages and basements. Featuring a drain hose outlet for continuous draining, universal wheels for easy moving, simple & quiet operation, low energy consumption, best solution for keeping an ideal relative humidity level.