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    Industrial Dehumidifier 330-Pint (158L) for 1900 Sq. Ft

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    Economical industrial dehumidifier for sale. With max. dehumidification 158L per day (330 pints per 24h) and 1400m3/h air volume, the dehunmidifier can handles moisture removal in commercial and industrial environments up to 1,900 square feet such as warehouses, garages and basements. Featuring a drain hose outlet for continuous draining, universal wheels for easy moving, simple & quiet operation, low energy consumption, best solution for keeping an ideal relative humidity level.
    SKU: ATO-FDH-2158BC
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    Delivery date: 20-30 days


    • Remove up to 158L water in the air per day (330 pints per day) for an area around 150-180m2 (1610-1930 square feet).
    • Adopting brand compressor, powerful, low noise and energy saving.
    • Turbine centrifugal fan with strong air volume 1400m3/h, large dehumidification capacity.
    • LCD display, free to set and control humidity.
    • Set start-up time (1-24h) freely.
    • Industrial dehumidifier has four universal wheels, convenient to move.
    • Auto defrosting function to protect the compressor and ensure the normal operation.
    • With direct-to-drain hose, to continuously drain off water.


    Model ATO-FDH-2138BC ATO-FDH-2158BC
    Dehumidity Capacity 138L/D (290 pints per day) (80%RH, 30℃) 158L/D (330 pints per day) (80%RH, 30℃)
    Air Volume 1200m3/h 1400m3/h
    Working Temperature 5~35℃ 5~35℃
    Applicable Floor Area 120-160m2 (1290-1720 sq. ft) 150-180m2 (1610-1930 sq. ft)
    Voltage AC 220V 50Hz AC 220V 50Hz
    Power 1850W 2000W
    Refrigerant R407C
    Certification CE, ROHS
    Warranty 1 Year
    Dimension 542*642*1117mm
    Weight 70kg 75kg

    Shipping Way of ATO Dehumidifier

    Just confirm us the shipping way by email when place your order.

    1. Ship by Air: The compressed refrigerant inside the dehumidifier is a dangerous item with the possibility of explosion, so it needs to release the compressed refrigerant before transportation. (It means that dehumidifier without refrigerant when choosing this shiping way. After the machine arrives at your destination, you need to add refrigerant by local professionals, the process is as simple as adding refrigerant for ordinary air conditioners.) Delivery time is about 15-30 days.

    2. Ship by Sea: The transportation time is longer (about 40-55 days), and there is no need to add refrigerant after the equipment arrives at the destination.

    Dehumidifier Details

    Industrial Dehumidifier Details


    Industrial Dehumidifier Applications

    Tips: Daily Maintenance of Industrial Dehumidifier

    First of all, you have to do the right settings and adjustments.

    Industrial dehumidifier is now basically intelligent equipment. We only need to do a good job of the basic settings, for the subsequent humidity, the equipment can be automatically adjust according to the indoor conditions. But we must be accurate to set. The humidity setting is also to be stable, not up and down, which will have a great loss to the equipment. If the factory has a strict control of humidity, so it must set the dehumidifier strictly in accordance with such a humidity, thus achieving a very good effect.

    Next, the clean job of filter net is necessary.

    Industrial dehumidifier interior actually has a very good filter, so as to achieve a good cleaning effect. In the process of dehumidification, the air quality is also guaranteed, which is helpful for the benign operation of the workshop. So when we carry out daily maintenance, we can regularly remove the filter screen inside the dehumidifier and clean it. This can ensure the dehumidifier dust removal effect, but also can be conducive to improving the quality of the air. The corresponding heat sink also needs to be cleaned regularly, so as to ensure the normal operation of the dehumidifier and save some energy.

    Existing reviews of Industrial Dehumidifier 330-Pint (158L) for 1900 Sq. Ft
    Best dehumidifier I ever used!
    Best dehumidifier I ever used! 158L dehumidifier works great for my basement. Works fast in high or low temperatures. Well worth the investment couldn't be happier.
    From: Jakko | Date: 21/11/2022
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