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    Digital Illuminance Light Meter, 0~199999 Lux

    SKU: ATO-LM-383BT
    This is a mini digital illuminance meter with Bluetooth communication, the illuminance measurement range is 0 to 199999 Lux or 0 to 19999 FC. Whether a photographer, lighting technician or just want to monitor the light level in a home or office, the ATO digital illuminance meter is an essential tool.

    Digital Illuminance Light Meter, 0~20000 Lux

    SKU: ATO-LM-381
    The digital illuminance light meter is compact and easy to use, with a large LCD screen that displays readings in real time, allowing the user to easily monitor changes in light levels. The digital lux meter offers a measurement range of 0 to 20000 lux and can store up to 2044 sets of data, making the illuminance light meter the perfect tool for measuring light intensity in a variety of environments.

    Digital Lux Meter with LCD Display, 0~199999 Lux

    SKU: ATO-LM-383
    The digital lux meter has a large LCD backlit display and a light level measurement range of 0 to 199999 Lux/0 to 19999 FC. This portable digital lux meter is compact and suitable for use in agriculture and horticulture to measure the amount of light required for plant growth.

    Handheld Digital Lux Meter, 0~199999 Lux

    SKU: ATO-LM-383S
    Handheld digital lux meter with a light measurement range of 19900 Lux, 1 Lux resolution and a high sensitivity sampling rate of 0.5S. The smart sensor lux light meter features coated filter technology and a dedicated light source calibration to ensure fast and accurate results and save time.

    Portable Digital Lux Meter, 0~20000 Lux

    SKU: ATO-LM-382
    Buy a low price digital lux meter online, measuring range 0~20000 Lux, accuracy ±(4%+8). Portable digital lux meter is compact and easy to use, widely used in lighting companies, agriculture and livestock, mining companies, laboratories, offices, homes, street lighting construction, studios, photography, etc.

    A lux meter is a device used to measure the intensity of light or the amount of luminous flux per unit area. Illuminance meter usually consists of a photodiode sensor that detects light and converts it into an electrical signal, which is then displayed in lux or foot-candles. By purchasing an ATO lux meter, you can ensure optimum light conditions in your room. ATO lux meters are widely used for monitoring and measuring light levels in lighting companies, agriculture and livestock, industrial and mining companies, laboratories, offices, medical institutions, home applications, street lighting construction, and other industries.