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    Digital Lux Meter with LCD Display, 0~199999 Lux

    The digital lux meter has a large LCD backlit display and a light level measurement range of 0 to 199999 Lux/0 to 19999 FC. This portable digital lux meter is compact and suitable for use in agriculture and horticulture to measure the amount of light required for plant growth.
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    The low cost digital lux light meter can be switched between lux/footcandles display modes. ATO illuminance meters are designed with photoelectric sensing technology and special opto-amplifier chips, as well as special light filtering processes, which effectively convert light into electrical signals. It is widely used in agriculture, meteorology, environmental protection, sports, scientific research, public places and other fields.


    • Model: ATO-LM-UT383
    • Illuminance Measurement (Lux): 0~199999 Lux
    • Illuminance Measurement (FC): 0~19999 FC
    • Measurement Accuracy: ±(4%+8)
    • Data Retention:
    • Auto Range:
    • Automatic Shutdown: about 10 minutes
    • Low Voltage Display:
    • Maximum Value:
    • Minimum Value:
    • LCD Backlight:
    • Power Supply: Number 7 battery x 3
    • Body Weight: 118g
    • Body Size: 160x50x28mm


    • Digital lux light meter with backlit LCD display.
    • Maximum and minimum value display.
    • Automatic switch-off, low voltage indication, overload indication.
    • Switching between LUX/FC measurement units
    • The use of coated filter technology makes the light meter more stable and accurate.


    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    Digital lux light meter dimension


    Lux meters are widely used for light monitoring and measurement in lighting enterprises, agriculture and livestock, industry and mining, laboratories, offices, medical institutions, home applications, street lighting construction and other industries.

    Lux meter application

    Tips: How does the lux meter work?

    A lux meter, also known as a light meter, works by measuring the intensity of light in a given area. The device contains a photodiode or a photovoltaic cell that converts light energy into electrical energy. The photodiode or cell generates a voltage proportional to the intensity of light falling on its surface. This voltage is then amplified and measured by the device's circuitry, which displays the measurement in units of lux or foot-candles.

    Lux meters are used to measure the light intensity in various settings, such as photography, film, and video production, indoor and outdoor lighting, and in research applications. They are typically calibrated to measure the spectral sensitivity of the human eye, with different spectral responses for different types of meters.

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