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    Slip Ring

    Slip ring is an electrical component for communicating and transmitting current and signal in 360° rotation, and is also called slip ring connector. According to structure size and feature, slip ring is mainly divided into miniature capsule slip ring, small slip ring, rotary joint (union), through hole (bore) slip ring, high speed slip ring, etc. ATO high performance industrial slip rings have a variety of in stock models with different circuit quantities and transmission currents for selection, providing a full range of specification customization services. Our products also can mix power lines, signal lines, Ethernet, USB, industrial buses, solenoid valves, etc.

    The use of slip ring is very wide, often used in industrial electrical equipment (such as alternator, wind turbine, fiber optic) or precision electronic equipment with versatility, high performance, high accuracy, and multiple continuous rotary motion.

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    Rotary Joint, 1-Passage, Electrical/Pneumatic, M5 Thread Port

    SKU: ATO-RTJT-3001
    1-passage rotary joint is an electrical and pneumatic slip ring, transfer fluid mediums including hydraulic, cooling water, compressed air, steam, vacuum and other gas/liquid. It also can transmit 5A current and signal, circuits can select 6 wires/12 wires/24 wires. M5 thread port for 4mm pipes. Other combinations of circuits and transmission current are customizable.

    2-Passage Rotary Joint, Pneumatic/Electrical, G1/8" Thread Port

    SKU: ATO-RTJT-3002
    2-passage rotary union can 360° rotate transfer fluid mediums including compressed air, vacuum, water, steam, oil, hydraulic and other gas/fluid. For power/current/signal transmission, circuits can select 6/12/24/36/56 wires 2A or 12/24 wires 5A. G1/8" port for 6~8mm pipes. Combination of circuit wires and current can be customized.

    Pneumatic Rotary Joint for Hydraulic/Air/Water, 4-Passage, G1/8"

    SKU: ATO-RTJT-3004
    4-passage rotary joint can be used in compressed air, steam, vacuum, negative pressure, positive pressure, cooling water, hot oil and other fluid medium. Transmission circuits 12/24/36/56 wires 2A electrical signal or 12/24 circuits 5A electrical signal for selection. Thread port is G1/8" for 6~8mm pipes. Other combinations of circuits and transmission current can be customized.

    Air/Water/Hydraulic Rotary Union, Pneumatic, 6-Passage

    SKU: ATO-RTJT-3006
    6-passage pneumatic rotary union price is affordable. It can transmit compressed air, steam, vacuum, hydraulic and other fluid medium in 360 ° rotation. It also can select 12/24/36/56 wires 2A or 12/24 wires 5A for signal/current transmission. Thread port is G1/8" for 6~8mm pipes. Combinations of circuits and transmission current for customization.

    8/12-Passage Air/Hydraulic Rotary Union, Pneumatic/Electrical

    SKU: ATO-RTJT-300812
    Electrical/pneumatic rotary unions are suitable for fluid medium including air, hydraulic, vacuum, steam, hot water, cooling water, etc. 8-passage or 12-passage for selection, each passage does not interfere with each other. It can transmit current/signal of 12/24/36/56 wires 2A or 12/24 wires 5A, number of circuits and current are customizable.

    Electrical Miniature Slip Ring, 4/6/8/12 Wires, 1A, 6.5mm

    SKU: ATO-MNTSR-065
    Electrical miniature slip ring for sale has outer diameter of 6.5mm. Standard model is available in 4-wire, 6-wire, 8-wire, and 12-wire and the maximum current per channel is 1A. Other combinations of wire count and current are customizable. Installation method is no-flange installation.

    Miniature Slip Ring Connector, 22mm, 2-36 Wires, 2A/5A/10A/30A

    SKU: ATO-MNTSR-220
    Miniature slip ring connector uses a capsule design with 22mm outer diameter. Transmission circuit of standard model can select 2A/5A/10A/30A per wire, the number of circuits are optional in 2 wires~36 wires. Other currents and circuits quantities are customizable. Mounting method is A-type flange or no flange.

    Miniature Capsule Slip Ring Connector, 25mm, 56-Wire, 2A

    SKU: ATO-MNTSR-250
    Miniature slip ring connector adopts capsule design. Compact structure, low torque and smooth rotation. Outer diameter is 25mm. Signal/current transmission is 56 wires, 2A/wire. Rotating speed is 250rpm. In addition to standard model, other circuit quantities and currents can be customized.

    30mm Miniature Electrical Slip Ring, 4-Wire 30A, 2-Wire 50A

    SKU: ATO-MNTSR-300
    Miniature electrical slip ring can 360° rotate transmit large current and. It is capsule design, outer diameter is 30mm. Standard circuits can select 4 wires 30A or 2 wires 50A large current, customized specifications are available. Rotation speed is 250rpm. With A-type flange, installation and use of slip rings are easy.

    Miniature Through Hole Slip Ring, Inner Diameter 3/5/8mm

    SKU: ATO-THSR-358
    Miniature through hole slip ring is suitable for any rotating device with hole diameter≤3/5/8mm. Corresponding outer diameters are 17mm/22mm/35mm respectively. It can transmit current/signal in 360° rotation. Standard models are available in 2~12 circuits 2A or 5A. Other circuits and current/signal such as 10A/20A/30A are customizable.

    Small Through Hole Slip Ring, 12.7mm/20mm Inner Diameter

    SKU: ATO-THSR-12720
    Small through hole slip rings are electrical slip rings with small apertures. Inner diameter 12.7mm has optional outer diameter of 35mm/56mm. Inner diameter 20mm has optional outer diameter of 42mm/56mm. It can stably transfer small currents or signals of 6~24 wires 5A or 6~24 wires 10A, support signal and power hybrid transmission.

    Through Bore Slip Ring, 25.4/38.1/40/50/60/80 mm Hole Diameter

    SKU: ATO-THSR-25480
    Through bore slip ring price is affordable, hole diameter can select 25.4mm/38.1mm/40mm/50mm/60mm/80mm, corresponding outer diameter respectively is 86/99/86/119/130/119/158mm. Standard model can stably transmit 6 wires~24 wires of 10A current (magnification *10A), other circuits and 2A signal can be customized.

    Hole Diameter 100mm Through Bore Slip, Outer Diameter 185mm

    SKU: ATO-THSR-100185
    Through bore slip ring price is affordable, hole diameter is 100mm, outer diameter is 185mm. For standard models, it can transmit 6/12/18/24 circuits of 10A current in 360° rotation, 2A signal or other currents are customizable. Through bore slip rings have compact structure and size, making installation and use of slip rings more easy and convenient.

    High Speed Electrical Slip Ring, Through Hole, 1500rpm

    SKU: ATO-THSR-2056
    High speed electrical slip ring is a through hole slip ring specially used in conducting for high-speed rotating equipment. Rotating speed is 1500rpm, inner diameter (hole size) is 20mm, outer diameter is 56mm. It can transmit 6 circuits 10A or 12 circuits 10A current or signal stably, other circuits quantities and currents are customizable. It is more wear-resistant and has higher electrical conductivity than traditional slip rings.

    12.5mm Miniature Slip Ring, 2/4 Wires 5A, 6/12/18 Wires 2A

    SKU: ATO-MNTSR-125
    Miniature slip ring with quite compact size of 12.5mm outer diameter, can transmit current and electrical signal in 360° rotation. Current/signal transmission can select 2~18 circuits, max current can be up to 60A/wire. Signals that can be transmitted include Ethernet, video, USB, HDMI, fiber, RF, etc.