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    Aluminum Alloy Air Knife, 3"/4"/6"/9"/12"

    Aluminum Alloy Air Knife provides the air curtain widths 3"/4"/6"/9"/12", can customizable from 50mm to 3000mm, and the airflow intensity of the air knife is adjustable. When the air knife leaves the factory, the standard air outlet gap is 0.1mm. The air knife gap is adjustable, and increasing the thickness of the gasket can also achieve the amount of air output.
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    This air knife is made of aluminum alloy which has strong airflow, even airflow. The aluminum alloy air knife lengths available in various specifications, such as 3", 4", 6", 12", if you need other air knife models, please note the order for customization. This air knife is widely used in products that require water removal, dust removal, drying, cooling.


    • Air knife is made of aluminum alloy and has small size, easy to install and maintenance-free.
    • Aluminum alloy air knife can replace traditional fans and blowers, the air flow is balanced, and the air compression ratio can reach 40:1 ratio.
    • There are no moving parts and the material is aluminum alloy or stainless steel.
    • Aluminum alloy air knife can save compressed air and save about 60% of air consumption compared with conventional drilled pipe air curtains.
    • Air knife noise is only 69 decibels in most cases, which is about 10 times lower than that of conventional drilled pipe air curtains.
    • Various specifications of air curtain widths (50-3000mm) are provided, and the airflow intensity is adjustable (pressure regulator included).


    Length Air Consumption (m3/min) Air Inlet Thread
    (10mm Quick Connect)
    Number of Air Inlets Noise (db) Width* Height (mm) A (mm) B (mm)
    75mm (3 In) 0.24 PT-1/4 1 44 26*60 37.5 /
    100mm (4 In) 0.32 PT-1/4 1 46 26*60 50 /
    150mm (6 In) 0.51 PT-1/4 1 50 26*60 75 /
    200mm (8 In) 0.67 PT-1/4 1 53 26*60 100 /
    225mm (9 In) 0.76 PT-1/4 1 54 26*60 112.5 /
    300mm (12 In) 1.06 PT-1/4 2 57 26*60 75 150
    400mm (16 In) 1.45 PT-1/4 2 60 26*60 100 200
    500mm (20 In) 1.69 PT-1/4 2 65 26*60 90 160
    600mm (24 In) 1.93 PT-1/4 2 71 26*60 100 200
    700mm (28 In) 2.17 PT-1/4 3 73 26*60 100 250
    750mm( 30 In) 2.32 PT-1/4 3 74 26*60 125 250
    950mm( 37 In) 2.84 PT-1/4 4 81 26*60 100 250
    1000mm (39 In) 3.02 PT-1/4 4 84 26*60 100 200
    1500mm (59 In) 4.59 PT-1/4 6 94 26*60 125 250
    2000mm (79 In) 5.18 PT-1/4 8 98 26*60 125 250
    2500mm (98 In) 5.79 PT-1/4 9 102 26*60 125 250
    3000mm (118 In) 6.63 PT-1/4 11 106 26*60 125 250

    Air knife dimensions

    Application Scenarios

    • Aluminum alloy air knife is used in many occasions such as water and dust removal, air curtain isolation, and drying.
    • Aluminum alloy air knife can dewater on the surface of the board, dewatering and drying after parts cleaning (hot air knife is more effective), cleaning debris on the conveyor belt, and pretreatment before electroplating and painting.
    • Air knife which made of aluminum alloy can clean the working environment, cooling of parts, purging of machine tool guide rails, liquid removal and drying on the surface of circuit boards, drying or cleaning of fabrics, air curtain isolation, opening of packaging bags during packaging machinery operations, etc.

    Air knife application scenarios

    Tips: Precautions for using aluminum alloy air knife

    • The default air outlet gap of the air knife is 0.1mm. The air outlet gap cannot be adjusted after the product leaves the factory.
    • If you want to increase or decrease the air outlet gap, you need to return it to the factory for adjustment. If you need to adjust the air force of the air knife during use. An adjustable air inlet can be installed (please note clearly before placing an order).
    • Depending on the industry in which it is used, the required wind power is different, and the number of air inlets can be increased or reduced to adjust the wind power.
    • The number of air knife inlets will directly affect the air output force of the aluminum alloy air knife. When we take over the air knife, the area of ​​the main pipe must be greater than or equal to the sum of the areas of the branch pipes, so that the air output force can be effectively improved.
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