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    Power Regulator

    SCR power regulator is used for regulating power & voltage and controlling temperature in heating constant temperature equipment and electric power system. It based on thyristor (power electronic device) and dedicated control circuit. ATO provides 3 phase 3 wire or 3 phase 4 wire SCR power regulator, with a variety of rated current or rated power for selection, control signals are 4-20mA, 0-5VDC, 0-10VDC (switchable or one of three options). In addition, digital SCR AC voltage regulator can continuously adjust the load voltage, and SCR AC voltage regulator module (vrm) and other products can meet diversified needs.

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    3 Phase 3-Wire SCR Power Regulator

    SKU: ATO-PRG-3320
    SCR power regulator is mainly used for power & voltage regulation and temperature control in electric power system. Rated current can select 25/40/75/90A, rated voltage is 380VAC, 3 phase 3-wire. Control signals have 3 types for selection or 3 types to switch. Power controller comes with protection function, good quality, safe and reliable.

    4-Wire 3-Phase SCR Power Regulator

    SKU: ATO-PRG-4340
    SCR power regulator can regulate voltage/power and control temperature. Input is 3-phase 4-wire, rated voltage is 380VAC. Rated current is 40A/75A/90A/120A optional. Control signals can select 4-20mA, 0-5VDC, 0-10VDC. Power controller comes with protection function, safe and durable. Protection function is built-in fuse, simple wiring and easy maintenance.

    Thyristor Power Regulator, 3 Phase 3 Wires

    SKU: ATO-PRG-3370
    Thyristor power regulator price is competitive, can be used in electric power system for power or voltage regulating and temperature control. Rated current can select 75/90/120/150/200/250A, rated voltage is 380VAC, input is 3 phase 3-wire. Control signals are optional in 4-20mA, 0-5VDC, 0-10VDC. Power controller comes with protection function, safe and durable.

    3 Phase 4 Wires SCR Power Controller, 6/9/12/24kW

    SCR power controller is a simple power regulator, can regulate voltage & power and control temperature. Rated power can select 6kW/9kW/12kW/24kW. Control signals are optional in 4-20mA, 0-5VDC, 0-10VDC. Rated voltage is 380VAC and input is 3-phase 4-wire. The SCR controller is small in size, convenient for installation and wiring, and affordable.

    AC 220V SCR Voltage Regulator

    SKU: ATO-VRG-220
    SCR voltage regulator changes voltage value on the load by phase-shift triggering, can continuously adjust the voltage on load. Adjustment range is 0-220VAC. There are three control output types for selection. The main output characteristic is stabilized voltage output. Small size, light weight, high accuracy, strong earthquake resistance, and affordable price.

    SCR AC Voltage Regulator Module

    SKU: ATO-VRGM-20
    Voltage regulator module (vrm) is single phase AC SCR module with analog output. Models can select single-phase active, enhanced, high-voltage enhanced, and stabilivolt. Control mode is DC 0-5V or 4-20mA for selection. Load current is 15A/25A/40A/75A/90A/120A, meets various electric needs.