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    Heat Exchanger

    Heat exchanger is a device that transfers part of heat of a hot fluid to a cold fluid. Common types are plate heat exchanger, shell and tube heat exchangers plate and frame heat exchanger, spiral heat exchanger, finned tube heat exchanger and so on. Among them, brazed plate heat exchanger have becomes the most popular heat exchanger due to its compact structure, small size, and high heat exchange efficiency. ATO provides cost-effective plate heat exchangers to achieve heat transfer between air to air, water to air, water to water, air to water, and oil to water. Plate heat exchangers are widely used in chemical, petroleum, power, food, air conditioner and many other industrial productions. In chemical production, heat exchanger is commonly used in boiler, chiller, heat pump, solar energy and other equipment.

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    Water to Air Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger, 50/60 Plate

    SKU: ATO-PHE-5060
    The brazed plate heat exchanger can be used for heat transfer, heating, condensation, cooling, evaporation, etc. of water, air, oil, gas, steam, organic solvents and other medium. The maximum number of plates is 50 or 60 plates and can be customized. Heat exchange area per plate can select 0.012/0.014/0.022 square cm. Plate heat exchangers use stainless steel, copper and brazing processes to provide efficient heat transfer. It is ideal for air conditioner, heat pump, chiller, solar equipment, etc.

    Brazed Plate Air to Air Heat Exchanger, 150 Plate

    SKU: ATO-PHE-150
    Brazed plate air to air heat exchanger is made of stainless steel and copper. Maximum number of metal plates in the series of heat exchangers is 150, and the specific quantity can be customized according to requirements. Suitable medium include water, air, oil, gas, steam, and so on. Heat exchange surface area per plate are available in 0.028/0.030/0.052/0.060 square cm.

    Counter Flow Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger, 250/300 Plate

    SKU: ATO-PHE-250
    Counter flow heat exchanger can customize the number of plates and the maximum plate quantity in the series is 250~300. It is brazed from copper or nickel. Heat exchange area of each plate is 0.090, 0.095, 0.136, 0.210, 0.310 square cm. The air to water heat exchanger can be used as condenser and evaporator. Heat exchange capacity is 28~550 kw can be customized.

    Cross Flow Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger

    SKU: ATO-PHE-1421
    The series of plate heat exchangers are cross-flow heat exchangers. Inlet and outlet directions of the primary side and the secondary side cross each other for heat exchange. Heat exchange capacity can reach up to 450kw. Brazed plate heat exchanger is made by vacuum brazing, there are copper brazing, nickel brazing, etc. It is the best choice for condenser and evaporator. The plates are completely vacuum brazed without gasket sealing, and can withstand maximum high pressure of 6.75Mpa and high temperature of 200℃.