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    Vacuum Generator vs. Vacuum Pump

    In various industrial and scientific applications, the application of vacuum technology is becoming increasingly important. Vacuum generators and vacuum pumps are two common devices that play a crucial role in generating and maintaining vacuum environments. This article provides an in-depth comparison of these two devices, with a focus on their stability.

    Which is Better, Electric Hoist or Air Hoist?

    Air hoists (also known as pneumatic hoists) and electric hoists are two types of lifting equipment with different power sources.
    Pneumatic hoists utilize air pressure as their power source and typically comprise pneumatic motors, wire ropes, lifting mechanisms, and operating control systems. They are characterized by their simple structure, safety, reliability, and stable operation. These hoists are suitable for special environments such as those with explosion hazards or in damp and corrosive conditions. They find wide application in handling and lifting operations in factories, warehouses, ports, and other locations.
    Electric hoists, on the other hand, are powered by electric motors and usually consist of electric motors, wire ropes, lifting mechanisms, control systems, and safety protection devices. They are known for their compact size, light weight, and ease of operation. Electric hoists are extensively used in handling and lifting operations across various settings such as factories, warehouses, and docks, and they are adaptable to diverse working environments.

    What is an Air Hoist?

    Air hoists, or pneumatic hoists, are ideal explosion-proof lifting equipment, mainly used in high-explosive dust environments such as petroleum, chemical, coal mines, textiles, and other situations where explosion-proof requirements are needed. As an upgraded alternative to electric hoists, air hoists operate efficiently with minimal energy consumption, requiring only compressed air at a specified pressure for operation. Air hoists are equipped with air-cut protection, which ensures that the workpiece does not descend or fall in case of sudden loss of air pressure. Additionally, these hoists can be paired with various non-standard lifting fixtures to accommodate workpieces of different shapes. They can also be used in conjunction with jib cranes or guide rails for mobility, making them essential tools for promoting safety and cost-effectiveness in industrial operations. ATO Automation Store offers air chain hoists with specifications ranging from 300 lb 10 ft to 2000 lb 20 ft, providing flexibility to meet diverse lifting needs.

    Alarm & Siren Price List

    The function of the alarm is to send out a sound or signal in time when an emergency occurs to remind people to take action to prevent casualties and property losses. ATO provides different models of high-quality alarms and alarm lights used with the alarms for you to choose from to protect your safety. These include TOWL, GLASS alarm lights, AVALM, MOALM, and MDSR alarms. The price range of ATO alarms and alarm lights is listed below for your reference. Please note that the table below only shows some prices, not all. For more information, please view the alarm product page.

    Linear Slide: Applications, Advantages and Working Principle

    Linear slide, also known as linear guide or slide rail, is a mechanical component used to achieve linear motion. Its basic principle is based on the reduction of rolling friction to achieve high precision, high rigidity, and high-speed linear motion. This blog will provide a detailed introduction to linear slides.

    How to Maintain Soldering Station?

    Welding station maintenance and upkeep is critical to ensuring welding quality and the long life of your equipment. It is recommended that operators be fully trained before taking up the job to ensure the correctness of the operation, help you improve welding efficiency and quality, and extend the service life of the equipment.

    How to Use the Hydraulic Puller?

    Hydraulic pullers are an ideal new tool to replace transmission pullers. Easy to operate, labor-saving, and not limited by the site. There are many types of hydraulic pullers, including integrated hydraulic pullers, separate hydraulic pullers, coupler-specific pullers, mobile hydraulic pullers, separate non-slip hydraulic pullers, and vehicle-mounted hydraulic pullers. Choosing the right puller depends on the task you want to complete and the environment in which you work.

    Sander Price List

    Sander machine is a commonly used equipment for sharpening various cutting tools and tools, as well as for grinding, deburring, and cleaning ordinary small parts. It mainly consists of a base, grinding wheel, electric motor or other power source, bracket, protective cover, and water heater. It can be divided into handheld grinding machines, vertical grinding machines, suspended grinding machines, desktop grinding machines, etc.

    What is a Forward Reverse Switch?

    Forward reverse switches, as a common electrical switching device, are widely used in various circuits due to their simple and practical characteristics. The principle is simple and clear, and by changing the position of the switch, the on/off control of the circuit can be achieved. ATO online store will explore the definition, working principle, and application fields of forward and reverse switches.

    Difference between Active Buzzer and Passive Buzzer

    Buzzers are divided into active buzzers and passive buzzers. The "source" here does not refer to the power supply, but the oscillation source. Active buzzers have oscillation sources, while passive buzzers do not. The differences between them also include: different working principles, different appearances, different prices, different test sounds and multimeter resistance measurements, different requirements for input signals, different DC voltage tests, and different applicable scenarios. Next, ATO Automation Store will explain in detail for you.

    How to Use the Motor Alarm?

    Motor alarm is a type of sound and light alarm, also known as vibration alarm, which is a sound signal generator, mainly used for alarm, prompt and other occasions. It uses the built-in motor to remind the user that there is an abnormal situation in the device or room. It is usually composed of components such as batteries, circuit boards, vibration motors, etc.

    What are Types of Motor Alarms?

    An alarm is an electronic product that reminds or warns us in the form of sound, light, air pressure, etc. that we should take certain actions to prevent the consequences of an event. Alarms are divided into motor alarms and electronic alarms. This blog will introduce motor alarms in detail. A motor alarm is a special alarm directly driven by an electric motor. It converts electrical energy into mechanical energy to make a loud sound. It is usually composed of a motor, a rotor, a circuit board, and a housing. ATO's motor alarm types include wind screw motor alarms, explosion-proof motor alarms, and motor driven siren alarms. 

    Electronic Ballast Price List

    An electronic ballast is an electronic device that regulates the current used in electronic equipment for fluorescent and other gas discharge lamps. Its main function is to provide a high voltage to ignite the lamp during the start-up phase of the lamp, and then to limit the current and stabilize the light output during normal operation.

    How to Measure Current with an AC Current Sensor?

    AC current sensor, also known as AC current transducer, is a device used to detect alternating current (AC) flowing in a circuit. It senses the information of the measured AC current and transforms it into electrical signals or other required forms of information output according to certain rules, to meet the requirements of information transmission, processing, storage, display, recording, and control. It is the primary component for achieving automatic detection and control.

    What are the Advantages of Insulation Testers?

    In modern society, electricity is an indispensable resource for production and daily life. However, with the increasing number of electrical devices and the complexity of electrical circuits, electrical safety issues are becoming increasingly prominent. In order to ensure the safe operation of electrical equipment and circuits, insulation testers have emerged as an important electrical testing tool. Below, ATO industrial automation will explore why using insulation testers is so important.

    Using a Multimeter to Measure the Motor Insulated Resistance

    An AC motor is a device that converts electrical energy from alternating current into mechanical energy. Its main components include a stator and a rotor. The stator is the stationary part and usually contains windings and an iron core. Insulation check is very important for AC motors, and it is also a very important technical index in the operation and maintenance of electric motors. In practice, it not only protects against current leakage or short-circuiting but also ensures the safety of the operator, thus preventing damage to the motor. 

    Aerator Pump Price List

    An aerator pump is a kind of water treatment equipment. In order to better help users choose aerator pumps and subsequent maintenance, in this paper, ATO Automation will provide a detailed price list and maintenance guide, mainly introducing solar aerator pumps and economic aerator pumps of these two categories, for reference.

    How to Choose a Battery Balancer?

    With the advancement of battery technology, the battery balancer has become an indispensable part of battery systems. Whether used in residential solar systems, electric vehicles, or industrial applications, selecting the appropriate battery balancer is crucial for the performance and lifespan of battery arrays. When choosing a battery balancer, there are several key factors to consider.

    Heat Gun Price List

    A heat gun is a tool that can convert electrical energy into thermal energy. It is widely used in various scenarios that require heating, such as welding of electronic components, heating of plastic parts, drying of wood, etc. ATO Industrial Automation provides detailed price lists to introduce the three types of products available: The basic model, the model with LCD display function, and the model with memory function.

    Inkjet Printer Price List

    An inkjet printer is a printing device that sprays colored liquid ink onto printing paper. It has one or more printing nozzles for printing ink of different colors. The technologies used in inkjet printers include bubble technology and thermal responsive inkjet technology. During the printing process, the nozzle quickly sweeps over the printing paper, spraying countless small ink droplets to form the pixels in the image. Generally speaking, the more nozzles there are, the faster the printing speed. Different colored ink droplets fall on the same point, forming different complex colors. Using a microscope, it can be observed that the areas where both yellow and blue purple ink are sprayed simultaneously appear green, so we can assume that the printed base color is formed in the inkjet coating layer