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    The Analysis of Line Reactor Noise

    One of the other manufacturing reasons for the high noise of the reactor lies in the insufficient clamp force of the iron core. The low iron core fastening force will increase the operation noise of the reactor. As the experience indicates, when the pressure intensity of the iron core clamp force is 0.8~1.2MPa, the noise of the reactor is the lowest. In addition to this, the compression screw and clamp nut of the iron core sheet should be equipped with an additional lock net, preventing from the looseness of the nut caused by the vibration of the iron core sheet in operation, so as to result in the high noise degree.

    3 phase reactor noise

    Difference Between Reactor and Inductor

    Reactor is used to maintain the current and stabilize the voltage of the electrical system. The reactor adopted in the power grid is substantially a hollow coil without the permeability magnetic material. It can be arranged in vertical, horizontal and stagger assembling forms as the demand. When the electrical system has short circuit, the short-circuit current with high values will be generated. If it is not restricted, it is very difficult to maintain the dynamic stability and thermal stability of the electrical equipment. Therefore, in order to satisfy the interrupting capacity requirement of some disconnectors, reactors are usually connected in the outgoing breaker in series, so as to increase the short-circuit impedance and limit the short-circuit current.

    How to Reduce Ripple of Switching Power Supply?

    As to the ripple wave of the switching power supply, it certainly exists both theoretically and practically. Generally speaking, here are some approaches restraining or reducing it.
    Reducing EMI - diode back connection inductance
    The metal shell can be adopted as the shield which is used to reduce the radiated interference of the external electromagnetic field. In order to reduce the electromagnetic interference of the power line input, the power input terminal is equipped with the EMI power line filter, just as the below diagram shows (EMI filter is also named as the power line filter). This is also a method usually used to restrain the high-frequency noise.

    Pressure Transducer Troubleshooting

    Generally, DCS system treats the current higher than 20.2mA or less than 3.8mA as a fault, and the pressure transducer also has fault current settings. For example, it can set the fault current of pressure transducer to 3.6mA or 22.8mA, or setting as needed and related to failure alarm setting. When the output current of pressure transducer is less than 4mA or greater than 20mA, it refers to the common saying that the instrument display is below zero or the instrument display is maximum. In this case, the fault is analyzed and judged in excess of the range. When checking the over-range fault of pressure transducer, firstly check the components related to the process, whether the process parameters have significantly changed, whether the instrument sampling valve and connecting pipes are normal, whether the connecting line or safety grille is faulty or damaged. Then check the pressure transducer itself, whether its range is selected correctly, whether the measuring diaphragm and circuit board break.

    How to Connect Load Cell to PLC?

    In our load cell product pages, when we introducing the load cells, we often say that you can buy a transmitter/amplifier with a customized output signal (0-5V, 0-10V, 4-20mA) to output standard signal to PLC, DCS and other control systems. Then someone will ask us how to connect load cell to plc. Now today we will explain the connection methods of load cell in details. When forming the weighing and batching control system with PLC, there are four connection methods for load cell.

    Temperature Transmitter Calibration

    Temperature sensor equipped for the temperature transmitter can be divided into thermocouple and RTD, and the RTD sensor can be divided into three kinds of 2-wire RTD, 3-wire RTD and 4-wire RTD. Despite of the differences mentioned above, measurements and principles of the temperature transmitter are the same. Now the indication error calibrating of ATO-S-TEMPT-ST500 temperature transmitter would be taken as example to analyze temperature transmitter calibration and errors in the process.

    How to Select a Line Reactor for VFD?

    The main function of DC reactor is to reduce the higher harmonic components of the input current, improve the power factors of the input power source, and limit the short-circuit current. Before the DC reactor is connected with the filter capacitor, it hinders the impulse current amplitude entering the capacitor, and reduces the AC impulse of the busbar. When the power of the frequency converter is higher than 22kW, it is suggested to consider the application of DC reactor. The greater the power of the converter is, there should be a higher possibility of using the reactor. Because when there is no DC reactor, the capacitor filtering of the frequency converter will result in the serious distortion of the current wave, thus further causing the serious distortion of the network voltage waveform. In addition, it is very harmful to the service life of the rectifier bridge and filter capacitor of the frequency converter.

    Proximity Sensor Selection Guide

    Proximity sensor belongs to the non-contact static position switch. When an object approaches it at a certain distance, the proximity switch gives an action signal. Different from the mechanical position switch that needs to be applied with mechanical force, the proximity switch acquires signal by the change of medium energy between the probe and the object under test. The proximity switch is widely used and has exceeded its scope of limit and protection, and common applications include speed measurement, liquid level control, and metal detection. When you are going to buy a proximity sensor but without any suggestion of others, you will be clear after reading this article.

    Load Cell Installation and Requirements

    Installation quality of load cells is decided by horizontal and vertical placement and height adjustment. In many use scenarios of electronic weighing instruments, it is observed that some weighing instruments are not bought from one professional manufacturer but from different manufacturers. Due to a lack of overall consideration, these weighing instruments might easily encounter different problems, including installation process, requirements of bolts and place limiting stopper.
    Compression load cell installed horizontally

    What is a Pancake Load Cell?

    Pancake load cell is also known as low profile load cell, because it has a low profile design and it looks like a pancake. On the other hand, pancake load cell can bear both tension and compression force. So it is also a tension and compression load cell that is widely used for platform scale, truck scale, rail weighbridge and tension tester.

    Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter Price List

    A power inverter or inverter plays a role in converting the DC power from batteries to AC power for charging most appliances. According the output wave forms, it can be mainly divided into modified sine wave inverters and pure sine wave inverters. Then, what are the differences between them?
    A modified sine wave inverter outputs waveform that has a time interval from the maximum value in the positive direction to the negative value in the negative direction. That means, the waveform is still composed of broken lines, thus without good continuity. However, pure sine wave inverters can output stable true sine wave power as good as the one from the grid we use every day, without electromagnetic pollution. However, the pure sine wave inverter can output stable true sine wave power as good as the one from the grid we use every day, without electromagnetic pollution. It works higher efficiently, suitable for all kinds of loads. The pure sine wave inverter can be applied for common appliances and devices without interference.

    Industrial Camera & Lens Price List

    The industrial cameras on are available for the resolution ranging from 0.3MP to 6MP, monochrome and color, to meet the needs of various visual applications. This series of industrial cameras features high image quality, high frame rate and large resolution. The industrial cameras support GigE Gigabit Ethernet and USB 3.0 data bus standards. This series of industrial cameras have a good cost performance and they are very suitable for detection, measurement and high-speed imaging, such as mobile phone or tablet inspection, LED automatic packaging, defect detection, electronic component manufacturing, etc. The industrial lens is also available to you here. It is up to 5MP resolution standards. With a better photosensitivity and professional physical distortion correction design, it helps users to obtain more realistic and clear images. ATO industrial lens is an ideal choice of the industrial inspection, intelligent transportation and machine vision projects.

    Automatic Transfer Switch Price List

    Automatic transfer switch is used to automatically switch between common power source and backup power source. It can be used to detect the circuit. When the common power supply fails, the load is automatically switched to connect the backup power by the dual power ATS and can be operating normally. Due to its safe and reliable feature, ATO automatic transfer switch can be widely used in the electrical system.

    Proximity Sensor Price List

    The proximity sensor is a position sensor or switch that can have operation on the moving parts without mechanical contact. When the object gets close to the sensing surface of the sensor to the working distance (detection distance), the proximity sensor can operate without mechanical contact and pressure, thereby provide control instructions to the computer or PLC.
    There are two main types of ATO proximity sensors: inductive proximity sensors and capacitive proximity sensors. Inductive proximity sensors are specifically designed to detect metal, and capacitive proximity sensors are primarily used to detect dielectric, such as conductors, insulating liquids or powders. According to output methods and wiring, the proximity sensors can be divided into DC 2-wire NO/NC, DC 3-wire NPN/PNP type NO/NC, DC 4-wire NPN/PNP type NO+NC, AC 2-wire NO/NC and AC 3-wire NO+NC.

    Solenoid Valves Price List

    Different solenoid valves play different roles in the control system. The solenoid valve on can automatically control or remote control on-off the working media such as water, oil and liquid. The solenoid valves are widely applied in medical machinery, solar energy, cleaning equipment, food machinery, burners, welding and cutting, fire safety, environmental water treatment, machinery manufacturing and other industries.
    General purpose solenoid valve

    How to Choose a Gas Detector?

    Confirm the type and concentration range of the gas to be tested. The type of gas encountered in each production department is different. All possible situations should be considered when selecting a gas detector. For example, in the mining environment of coal mines, methane and less toxic alkanes, it is undoubtedly the most suitable choice for the selection of combustible gas detectors. This is not only because the detection principle of the gas detector is simple, the application is wide, and it has the characteristics of convenient maintenance and calibration.

    Photoelectric Sensor Price List

    Photoelectric sensor has a great many of models because of its wide range of applications. Today, ATO provides a photoelectric sensor price list for your reference. It's about the most common types of photoelectric sensor on the market. If you could not find the model you want, you can also contact us directly. ATO will provide more sensor price. ATO also can customize new photoelectric sensor according to your requirements.

    What is Single Phase to 3 Phase Converter?

    Traditional phase conversion system adopts rotary transformation technology, which has 50 years of history and simple product structure in early times. It consists of a transformer, three-phase motor, capacitor and relay control circuit. As long as the 220V power is connected, the auxiliary motor starts, the starting capacitor is disconnected and the motor is turned into a generator, thus producing missing phase. A fairly rough three-phase electric lead can be produced to provide power supply for other electrical equipment. Such a traditional conversion system doesn't have the adaptive control function, so there are many defects in its application. When the load varies widely, the three-phase output voltage will be unbalanced. At free load or light load conditions, the output voltage will rise to more than 25% of the rated output voltage; When the load is too large, it will also greatly reduce the output voltage, making it difficult for the device to start or stop running. However, the single phase to 3 phase power converter of ATO uses many important new technologies, the newly invented built-in micro-control computer control program makes our products to have a qualitative leap in conversion efficiency and performance.

    Difference Between Current Sensor and Current Transformer

    Current transformer is mainly used to measure the current of busbar and primary side with iron core coils in AC occasion. It can detect the DC current, can be single core or dual cores, generally, it's equipped with auxiliary DC winding. Such a structure is simple, reliable and slow. Technology and design of the current transformer are complex, its common precision is 5%, it's difficult to reach 0.5% because phase position and compensation are difficult. A current transformer is an electrical component that turns large current into small current, it doesn't change the current frequency but only the size. Its secondary side current is 5A, that means the output rated current is 5A. It's mainly used for electrical control, measurement, protection and signal.

    Pneumatic Solenoid Valves Price List

    ATO pneumatic solenoid valves are internal pilot operated to control the flow of air. There are available for valve functions of 2/2 way, 3/2 way NO or NC, and 5/2(3) way. The pneumatic solenoid valves also have various port sizes for your selection, including M5*0.8, Rc 1/8", Rc 1/4", Rc 3/8" etc. The below table is ATO pneumatic solenoid valve price list for your reference. For the detailed specifications, please check the product page.