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    Mig Welder Price List

    The mig welder has no welding current output.
    Fault reason: There is no voltage input at the input end of the welder, the internal wiring is disconnected or broken, the internal coil is burnt out.
    Treatment method: Check the switch, wire, fuse and connection part from the distribution box to the input end of the welder. Check that the wiring of the internal switch and coil of the welder is intact. Check if the internal components of the welder are burnt out (it is obvious that the burnt marks are usually burnt, and a special smell will be smelled when burned). If it burns out, it should be replaced.

    Magnetic Particle Clutch and Brake Price List

    The magnetic particle brake is a magnetic powder chain formed by the braking component and the moving component relying on the electromagnetic attraction of magnetic power. The magnetic particle brake is a high-performance and multifunctional automatic control component, which has been, so far, widely applied to unwinding and unrolling tension control of the paper-making industry, printing industry, plastic industry, rubber industry, textile industry, printing and dyeing industry, cable and wire industry, metallurgy industry, tablet press industry and other reeling processing industry. Characterized by the linear relationship between the exciting current and the transfer matrix, the magnetic powder brake can deliver certain torque, and has the advantages, including fast response, simple structure, non-pollution, non-noises, non-impact vibration, and energy conservation under the condition that the same slip is irrelevant.

    Fume Extrator Price List

    Welding fume extractor is easy to install, and requires no extra pavement of the smoke pipeline nor professionals' control. The large-power brushless electric machine is equipped to lengthen the service life of the equipment. When the equipment is operating, the noise volume is low, and the air flow is high. The triple filtration design is adopted, including the basic effect filter, intermediate effect filter and primary filter. The multilayer protection has achieved an ideal purification effect, which is above 99%, so the air after purification can be directly discharged indoor. The large-scale basic effect filter can effectively filter out dust of large particles to lengthen the service life of the main filter.

    Industrial Vibration Motor Price List

    Industrial Vibration motors rely on their own high-frequency vibration to generate the vibration force. Therefore, during the operation process, the motor itself will rise to a high temperature. Because of the existence of the fit clearance, the axle of the vibration motor after the temperature rise will expand. After the expansion, the axle and the bearing should have close cooperation with each other to achieve the normal operating status. Without the fit clearance, the vibration motor after the operating temperature reaches certain level will be faced with a series of problems, which might even stop operation or be burned. Hence, this problem requires more attention in vibration motor maintenance.

    Hipot Tester Price List

    The DC hi-pot tester, though with a higher test voltage, is found with insulation weaknesses, but the insulation of electric appliances is mostly composite dielectrics, whose voltage is distributed by resistance under the effect of DC voltage. Therefore, the DC hi-pot test might not find out the weaknesses of the DC electric appliances under the AC electric field. On the contrary, the AC hi pot tester is in line with the electric conditions imposed on the electric appliance during its operation process. Meanwhile, the AC hi-pot tester is generally higher than the operating voltage. Therefore, after passing the test, the appliance can gain a larger safety margin, so this test has been a major method to guarantee operation safety.

    Linear Scale and Digital Readout Price List

    Linear scale is a measuring and feedback device that works on the optical principle of grating. Linear scale is often used in the closed-loop servo system of CNC machine tools and can be used for Linear or angular displacement detection. The measured signal is digital pulse, which has the characteristics of wide detection range, high detection accuracy and fast response. For example, in CNC machine tools are often used to detect the tool and workpiece coordinates, to observe and track the feed error, in order to play a role in compensating the motion error of the tool. Linear scale is composed of a scale grating and a grating reading head. The scale grating is generally fixed on the fixed parts of the machine tool, the reading head of the grating is installed on the moving parts of the machine tool, and the indicating grating is installed in the reading head of the grating.

    Linear Scale for Machine Tools

    With the general use of machine tools in the field of processing, the accuracy of products processed by machine tools has been continuously improved, the assistant of machine tools in the processing of the knife route precision products are also used in machine tools, the linear encoder is a kind of product which assists the precision of the cutter of machine tool. The linear scale, often used in CNC machine tool closed-loop servo system, can be used as linear displacement or angular displacement detection. In machine tools, it is often used to detect the coordinates of tools and work pieces to observe and track the error of the cutter, such as play a role in compensating the motion error of the cutter. CNC machine tool installed linear encoder, which can ensure the precision of machine tool and has a good auxiliary effect for CNC machine tool processing accuracy. Linear scale is often used with digital scale for milling machine, lathes, surface grinders, grizzly planer ang optical comparator.

    How to Prevent a Spark at Relay Contacts?

    The relay contacts’ jumping or switching on/off will cause the change of inductive load and further gas discharge. The current of relay contact on-off is small, there will be no electrical arc between contacts, but there will be a spark at the relay contacts. Due to the existence of inductance in the contact circuit, there will be overvoltage on the inductance when disconnecting the contact circuit. Together with the voltage supply in the contact gap, the contact gap that just separates a little will be broken down and discharged. Limited to energy, there will only be spark discharge. The conversion of capacitance between contacts and energy in inductance makes spark discharge disappear and reappear, becoming a high frequency signal, which will be crosstalk to related circuits by means of high frequency radiation, wire transmission and distributed capacitance, forming interference signals. Furthermore, spark discharges can also damage relay contacts and shorten the service life of contacts, so that sparks may ablate contact surfaces and make the surface uneven, resulting in failure of relay poor contact.

    Pneumatic Cylinder Price List

    A pneumatic cylinder is a cylindrical metal machine that guides a piston in a straight-line reciprocating movement in a cylinder. The air converts heat energy into mechanical energy through expansion  the engine cylinder, and the gas receives piston compression in the compressor cylinder to increase the pressure.

    Pneumatic Cylinder Working Principle

    A pneumatic cylinder is a cylindrical metal machine that guides a piston in a straight-line reciprocating movement in a cylinder. The air converts heat energy into mechanical energy through expansion in the engine cylinder, and the gas receives piston compression in the compressor cylinder to increase the pressure.

    How to Maintain UPS Battery Life?

    When using uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system, people tend to unilaterally believe that there is no need to maintain batteries. However, the data show that there is about one third UPS host failure or abnormal operation caused by battery failure. Therefore, it is more and more important to strengthen the proper use and maintenance of UPS battery for prolonging the service life of batteries and then reducing the failure rate of UPS system.

    Why is the Neutral Wire So Important?

    The impedance of N-wire is at the milliohm level, and its unbalanced voltage of load neutral point is the voltage drop of N-wire current on N-wire impedance with small value. Even if the three-phase load is seriously unbalanced, it is enough to clamp the neutral point potential of load on the neutral point potential of power supply. While the ground resistance is at the ohm level, which is several hundred times larger than the N-wire impedance, so it is impossible to clamp the neutral point potential of load on the neutral point potential of power supply.

    How to Increase Efficiency of Step Up/Step Down Transformer?

    Step up or step down transformer is an important part of power grid operation, it's of great significance to the stable operation of the power grid. It meets different power demands by adjusting current and voltage. Once a transformer fails, it will cause great losses to the whole power grid, and further affects the normal operation of industrial production. In order to ensure the efficient operation of transformers, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive management of the whole process of installation and application, thus reducing potential safety hazards and improving operational efficiency.

    Automatic Voltage Stabilizer Buying Guide

    Before purchasing a voltage stabilizer, you'd better determine the reverse range and frequency of household voltage. For instance, if your voltage is pulled to about 80V and the input range of your voltage stabilizer is between 140 V and 260V, it will not work as you wish. Therefore, voltage stabilizers should be selected according to the power supply range of the service environment. It is recommended to choose a broadband voltage stabilizer.

    How to Select a Right Magnetic Flow Meter?

    Nowadays, the magnetic flow meter (electromagnetic flow meter) has been widely applied to measuring of industrial sewage or wastewater. With a high precision and a long service life, the magnetic flow meter is the top choice for the environmental measuring industry. To choose the correct magnetic flow meter can five fuller play to the magnetic flow meter for specific purposes. Generally, the selection of the magnetic flow meter is based on the following factors including chemical attributes of the fluid medium, pipeline diameter, flow range, liner material, electrode material and output signal.

    How to Calculate AC Contactor Current Rating for Motor?

    The AC contactor has found wide applications in the motor-controlled circuit. It is no exaggeration to say that the electric drive of most motors cannot be separated from the control of the AC contactor. Many electricians are very familiar with the AC contactor for their frequency use or maintenance of it. How should we calculate the AC contactor rating for the motor or other equipment and make a right choice? Let us take a look at it.

    How Magnetic Flow Meter Works?

    A magnetic flow meter, mag meter, or electromagnetic flow meter is a kind of instrument which measures the volume flow rate of the conductive fluid based on the principle of Faraday's Law of Electromagnetic Induction. With a large measurable flow range, the ratio of the maximum flow rate to the minimum flow rate maintains above 20:1. The mag flow meter is suitable for wide range of industrial pipe diameter, and the maximum can reach up to 3m. The output signal and the measured flow are linear, and the magnetic flow meter has high measurement precision. It can effectively measure the flow rate of fluids with a conductivity more than 5μs/cm, such as acid solution, alkaline solution, saline solution, water, sewage, corrosive liquid, mud, ore pulp, and paper pulp. Nevertheless, the electromagnetic flow meter cannot be used to measure the flow of gases, steam and purified water.
    Electromagnetic flow meter

    Difference Between Current Transformer and Potential Transformer

    The instrument transformers like current transformer and potential transformer (also called voltage transformer) are both used for measuring devices, which have a similar working principle to transformers. The current transformer can reduce the high current to low current, while the potential transformer steps down the high voltage to low voltage for measuring the circuit or in the power distribution. They both separate the measurement circuit from the high-voltage grid to protect safety of the personnel.

    Operating Steps of Start and Stop Pressure Transducers

    In normal inspection and maintenance of pressure transducer, zero calibration and periodical blowdown of the pressure transducer would involve the starting and stopping operations. So correctly start and stop the pressure transducer is also one of the required skills. This paper describes the specific start and stop operating steps of pressure transducer.

    Industrial PCs Price List

    ATO Industrial fanless embedded computers are available in a wide variety of designs and sizes, offer a high level of performance and low level of power consumption. Used for data computing, remote monitoring, and the integration of hardware and software technologies, industrial PC's are ideal computing solutions for tight spaces because they are designed with small footprints and multiple I/Os.