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    How to Use Drag Chain?

    If the cable drag chain cable is stretched by tension during wiring, it will friction with the inner wall of the drag chain and cause the sheath to wear. On the contrary, if the wiring is too loose, it will also cause friction with the inner wall of the drag chain, causing the sheath to wear, and it will easily be entangled with other cables. The wiring length of the drag chain cable should be set to just pass the center line of the drag chain. In addition, if the moving part of the drag chain cable is fixed, the bending stress will not be dispersed and absorbed. The fixed part of the cable should be set at both ends of the drag chain.

    Difference Between Drag Chain and Ordinary Cable

    First of all, in terms of flexibility, drag chains are more flexible than ordinary cables. Although the monofilament diameter of the drag chain cable conductor is small, in order to protect the conductor, an insulating material with resistance to mechanical fatigue and a certain strength must be selected. The requirements of tensile resistance, bending resistance, strong wear resistance, anti-blocking, and high toughness also determine that the protective cover material should also have a certain degree of hardness. Therefore, the flexibility of the drag chain is high flexibility, not high flexibility.

    Working Principle of Pneumatic Vane Air Motor

    Pneumatic vane air motor, known as a rotary vane motor, uses air to produce rotational motion to a shaft. The rotating element is a slotted rotor which is mounted on a drive shaft. Each slot of the rotor is fitted with a freely sliding rectangular vane. The vanes are extended to the housing walls using springs, cam action, or air pressure, depending on the motor design. Vane air motorAir is pumped through the motor input which pushes on the vanes creating the rotational motion of the central shaft. Rotation speeds can vary between 100rpm and 25000rpm depending on several factors which include the amount of air pressure at the motor inlet and the diameter of the housing. 

    What is Variable Speed Motor?

    A variable speed motor is a motor that has a variable frequency drive or similar technology installed to control motor speed and torque, by placing these key factors of motor performance under the control of the operator, variable speed motors offer a means for products and production facilities to greatly reduce the amount of energy being consumed by the motors in their devices. Unlike single-speed motors that run at full capacity and then cycle off, a variable-speed motor can operate at high speeds, low speeds or anywhere in between, ramping up and down like a dimmer switch. Variable speed motors are widely used in places that require energy-saving continuous operation and frequent work, such as fans, air compressors, injection molding machines, reducers, water pumps, vacuum pumps, etc.

    How to Choose Level Sensor?

    In the automated production process, liquid level detection and monitoring has always played a more important role, such as the production of food and beverage, daily chemical products, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors and other industries, the cooling and lubrication of various machines, liquid level monitoring directly affects the quality of the product, and even related to the production process can be carried out smoothly.

    ato level sensor

    How to Adjust Timer Relay?

    The main function of a time relay is to act as an actuator in a simple program control, when it receives a start signal to start the timing, after the timing is over its operating contacts are opened or closed, thus driving the subsequent circuit work. Generally speaking, the time delay performance of a time relay is adjustable within the design range, thus making it easy to adjust the length of its delay time, so this article will tell you how to adjust time relay.

    Current Sensor Price List

    The current sensor converts a large current into a small current with the same frequency and phase to facilitate measurement or isolation. According to different transformation principles, current sensors generally have five technologies: Hall effect, fluxgate, electromagnetic induction, Rogowski coil (the principle of electromagnetic induction and Ampere’s loop law), and shunt (Ohm’s theorem). This article is to introduce the features of ATO current sensors and their prices.

    Applications of Pressure Sensor

    A pressure sensor is normally used to determine the value of the pressure generated in a system. The main intention is to compare to expected values for expected safe operation of the system in question.

    Common systems where pressure sensors are used include but are not limited to:

    • Compressed air systems.
    • Lubricant oil systems.
    • Water pumping systems.

    The systems mentioned above can actually be found in different industries and there are other systems which require pressure sensors. So, let’s see how pressure sensors can be used in each.

    Pull Rope Switch Working Principle

    The pull rope switch is composed of pull rod, reset handle, cam, lock slot and micro switch. The pull rope switch is installed on the frame on both sides of the belt conveyor, and the switch is connected with the steel wire rope along both sides of the conveyor. When an emergency occurs in the conveyor belt equipment, the wire rope is pulled anywhere along the line at the site, and the wire rope pulls the drive arm to rotate, which drives the torque spring through the drive shaft to displace the precision cam and drive the control line, making the conveyor stop running.

    ato pull rope switch

    5 Types of Gas Detectors

    When you are in a factory, refinery, pipeline or any other hazardous work environment there are many different things that need to be monitored and kept at the highest level.  Failure to monitor and treat them can lead to devastating accidents, but with some clever technology, such as gas detectors, so you can make sure you are always aware of any gas that is permeating your workspace thus ensuring safety.

    gas detector

    Classification of Fan Heater

    Selection of industrial heaters to understand what classification it has, to understand the characteristics of different industrial heaters, according to the application of the scene to choose the right product. Industrial heaters are common oil heater, electric heater, gas heater.

    electric and diesel fan heater

    Advantages of Magnetic Sweepers

    Features of ATO magnetic sweepers

    • The magnetic roller adopts movable magnetic system inside, made of rare-earth permanent magnetic material, with high suction force and no loss of magnetism for 30 years.
    • The vehicle connecting rod adopts convenient connecting design to ensure easy and quick installation and disassembly.
    • The collection box adopts large capacity design to ensure complete cleaning at one time and reduce the waste of working hours during the work.
    • With magnetic system adjustment plate, the angle of the magnetic system can be adjusted at will to suit the actual needs.

    magnetic sweepers applications

    How to Choose Impact Wrenches?

    Impact wrench, also known as ratchet wrench and power tool in general, is mainly a tool that provides high torque output with minimal consumption. It accelerates an object with a certain mass by a continuous power source and then instantly slams into the output shaft, so that a relatively large torque output can be obtained.

    ● Applications

    ● How to choose impact wrenches?

    Push Button Price List

    Push button switch is pressed that action, release that reset is used to connect and break small current circuit electrical appliances, simple structure, the application is very wide. It uses the button to push the transmission mechanism, so that the dynamic contact and static contact press through or break and achieve circuit switching.

    push button

    Introduction of Push Button Switch

    Push button switch refers to a switch that uses a button to push the transmission mechanism, presses or disconnects the moving contact and the static contact, and realizes the circuit switching. It is a kind of electrical appliances with simple structure, composed of a metal shell and a circuit, in the electrical automatic control circuit, it is used to manually send out control signals to control contactors, relays, electromagnetic starters, etc. The working principle of the button: after the power is turned on, it outputs a high level signal, when the button is pressed, the button outputs a low-level signal in the normal state.

    Why Should You Buy a Reactor?

    When a short circuit occurs in the power system, a large short-circuit current will be generated. If not limited, it is very difficult to maintain the dynamic stability and thermal stability of electrical equipment. Therefore, in order to meet the requirements of breaking capacity of some circuit breakers, reactors are often connected in series at the outgoing circuit breaker to increase the short-circuit impedance and limit the short-circuit current. Due to the use of reactor, the voltage drop on the reactor is large in case of short circuit, so it also plays a role in maintaining the bus voltage level. It makes the voltage fluctuation on the bus less and ensures the operation stability of user electrical equipment on the non fault line. This is how the reactor works.

    AC Servo Spindle Motor Price List

    The operating principle of the AC spindle servo motor is that when the symmetrical three-phase winding on the stator is connected to the symmetrical three-phase, the excitation current is supplied by the power supply and a rotating magnetic field is established in the air gap between the stator and the rotor rotating at a synchronous speed. By the electromagnetic inductance, the induced potential is generated in the rotor guide bar. Because the rotor guide strip has formed a closed circuit, a current is running through the rotor guide strip. This generates electromagnetic torque and realizes the energy transformation from electrical energy to mechanical energy. ATO provides customers with a wide range of AC spindle servo motors of good quality with favorable prices.

    Servo spindle motor Servo motor junction box
    side compact junction box
    Voltage Sensor Price List

    The application of sensors involves machinery manufacturing, industrial process control, automotive electronics, communication electronics, consumer electronics and special equipment. There are various kinds of voltage sensors, and based on the measuring principle can be divided into Hall voltage sensors, photoelectric isolated voltage sensors, electrically isolated voltage sensors, voltage transformers and so on. Voltage sensors are able to sense the measured voltage and convert it into a usable output signal. In a variety of automatic detection and control systems, voltage sensors often track and collect AC and DC voltage signals that change at high speed. The signals may be high voltage, high current, or weak power with poor load capacity.  In these cases, it is necessary to use suitable voltage sensors to collect voltage signals that cannot be directly measured or mismatched, so as to obtain standardized and electrically isolated voltage signals. ATO offers a full range of voltage sensors with different measuring ranges at favorable prices.

    What is a Crane Scale?

    ATO crane scale is a hook scale that used for weighing the goods needed to be loaded/unloaded/transferred. It is usually installed under the crane or lifting equipment. A crane scale is consists of high-strength hook, shackle, display controller, load cell, metal casings, front and back covers and protection board. Crane scale has a special wireless infrared remote controller, and also can be connected to a large wireless screen for convenient reading. Because of the advantages of multi-functions, high precision, strong anti-cheating ability and low maintenance cost, now crane scale has been widely used for logistic/ warehouse/ factory/ dock/ trading market OCS (online charging system). The crane scales with capacity higher than 30 ton are used for material delivery in metallurgy, railway, industrial and mining companies.

    What is a Servo Motor?

    Servo motors are mainly classified into DC servo motors and AC servo motors. DC servo motors are divided into brush and brushless motors. Brushed motors have low cost, simple structure, large starting torque, wide speed range, easy to control and maintain (changing carbon brushes), it will generate electromagnetic interference and have specific requirements for the environment. Therefore, it is suitable for common industrial and civil occasions that are sensitive to cost.

    The brushless motor is small in size, light in weight, large in output, fast in response, high in speed, small inertia, smooth in rotation, and stable in torque. The control is complex and easy to realize intelligence, and its electronic commutation method is flexible, and it can be square wave commutation or sine wave commutation. The motor is maintenance-free, highly efficient, low operating temperature, low electromagnetic radiation, long life, and can be used in various environments.