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    Laser Welding Machine for Flat Plate Solar Collectors

    Abstract: Solar collector Laser welding system, welding speed 3.5min/pc.

    Laser Welding Technology for Cardiac Pacemakers

    It's successful that use laser welding machine on the implanted pacemaker for seam welding. This passage describes the laser welding machine structure and selection of welding technology parameters. With the development of medical technology, in recent years, the demand for implanted heart pacemakers is growing. In order to develop this product, ATO actively cooperates with relevant enterprises to apply laser machining technology to the heart pacemaker industry. After more than one year repeated experiments, finally solved the implant type pacemaker shell sealing welding technology, meet the extremely strict quality requirements of the cardiac pacemakers' production.

    Advantages of Laser Marking on Metal Signs and Marks
    Laser marking allows you to create a high-quality, high-value signs and marks that make your metal signs and marks greatly different from your competition. Laser marking respond quickly to customized and one-of-a-kind applications that are difficult and expensive to produce using alternate methods and materials. The laser is like a pencil-the beam emitted from it allows the controller to trace patterns onto the surface. The controller (usually a computer) controls the direction, intensity, speed of movement, and spread of the laser beam aimed at the surface. The surface is picked to match what the laser can act on.
    Variable Frequency Drive Protection Functions on Motor

    The variable frequency drive has the following ten protections on the motor:
    Over-voltage protection: The variable frequency drive output has automatic voltage regulator function to control the external overtop power input to be not exceed the motor rated voltage.