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    Paperless Recorder: Advantages and Functions

    The paperless recorder records the collected data/operation data in the internal storage system of the instrument based on time, without consuming any common recording facilities, such as paper, pen and ink. The stored data recorded in the instrument is displayed on the LCD screen after calculation and simulation. Commonly used LCD screens are widely used. On the LCD screen, digital display, bar graph display, curve display, alarm list, etc. can be displayed.

    What is a Start Delta Starter?

    Star delta starter is a starting device of asynchronous motors. The starting current of induction motors is relatively large during the starting process, so motors with large capacity can use the wye delta starter. The star delta starter is actually a step-down starter. When it starts, the stator winding of the motor is connected into a star shape, and when the speed reaches close to the rated speed, it is changed into a △ to reduce the starting current.

    How to Use Industrial Endoscope?

    Industrial endoscope is a kind of visual inspection in NDT (nondestructive testing). When talking about the operation of industrial endoscopes, we have always thought just insert the probe into the inspected area, adjust the brightness, do the clarity, find the best viewing angle, and then inspect in real-time monitoring.

    What is an Infrared Temperature Sensor Used for?

    An infrared temperature sensor is a sensor that uses the physical properties of infrared rays to measure, and only measures the surface temperature. Infrared light is also called infrared light, which includes reflection, refraction, scattering, interference, absorption and other properties. This property of infrared temperature sensor makes it have a wide range of applications.

    How to Choose a Pressure Sensor?

    For most engineering applications, choosing a suitable pressure sensor will have an important impact on the accuracy of the entire engineering measurement and the progress of the project. There are many types of pressure sensors available today. How to select a pressure sensor reasonably according to the specific measurement purpose, measurement object and measurement environment is the first problem to be solved when measuring a certain quantity.

    Laser Sensor: Basics, Working Principle and Types

    Laser sensors utilize laser technology to measure. It consists of a laser, a laser detector and a measuring circuit. Laser sensor is a new type of measuring instrument. Its advantages are fast speed, high precision, large range, strong anti-light and electrical interference ability, etc. And it can realize non-contact long-distance measurement.

    How to Use a Soil Moisture Meter?

    Soil moisture is an important part of soil and plays a very important role in crop growth and water-saving irrigation. The soil moisture meter grasps the distribution of soil moisture (water) through the GPS positioning system, providing a scientific basis for differentiated water-saving irrigation. At the same time, accurate water supply is also conducive to improving crop yield and quality.

    How Does Mirror Contamination Affect Dew Point Measurements?

    A dew point meter is an instrument that can directly measure the dew point temperature. A mirror is cooled in the humid air of the sample until the moment when dew droplets (or ice crystals) are looming on the mirror, and the average temperature of the mirror is measured, which is the dew point (frost) temperature. It has high humidity measurement accuracy, but requires a mirror surface with high smoothness, a temperature control system with high precision, and an optical detection system for dew droplets (ice crystals) with high sensitivity.

    How Does Float Level Switch Work & Wire?

    The float switch is a liquid level control device with simple structure and convenient use. It does not need to provide power supply and has no complicated circuit. It has the advantages of smaller size and longer working life than ordinary mechanical switches. When selecting the model, as long as the material is selected correctly, any liquid or pressure and temperature can be used. It can be used in shipbuilding industry, generator equipment, petrochemical industry, food industry, water treatment equipment, dyeing and finishing industry, hydraulic machinery, etc a wide range of applications.

    Optical Endoscope vs. Electronic Endoscope

    Endoscope, also known as borescope or endoscope camera, is a multidisciplinary universal tool. Its function is to explore the depths of curved pipes, observe the parts that cannot be directly seen, observe the internal space structure and state in a sealed cavity, and realize long distance observation and operation. Endoscopes are mainly divided into optical endoscope and electronic endoscope.

    The Difference Between Flexible Coupling and Rigid Coupling

    Rigid couplings are divided into flange couplings, radial key flange couplings, sleeve couplings, jacket couplings and parallel shaft couplings Flange couplings: use bolts to connect the two halves The flange of the shaft coupling realizes the coupling of the two shafts. Radial key flange coupling: the coupling of the two halves of the coupling is connected by radial keys and ordinary bolts. Sleeve Coupling: using a common sleeve Couplings that connect two shafts in a certain way Couplings: Couplings that are clamped in some way to achieve two-shaft coupling using two axially split collets. Parallel shaft couplings: use Coupling in which the intermediate disc passes through the pin to realize the connection of two parallel shafts.

    How to Control the Temperature Drift of Pressure Sensor?

    Pressure sensor is a device that senses a pressure signal and converts the pressure signal into a usable output electrical signal. Under the interference of external factors, the output of the sensor usually has unneeded changes that have nothing to do with the input. This type of change is called "temperature drift", and the main reason for drift is that the sensitive components of the measurement system are usually easily interfered by external temperature, humidity, electromagnetic interference and sensor conditioning circuits.

    What is Industrial Endoscope?

    An industrial endoscope refers to an optical device that consists of a hose (flexible or rigid) with a lens at one end and an eyepiece attached to the optical system at the other end. Cameras in industrial endoscopes can produce high-quality images without spending a fortune. The device also comes with lighting and vision systems. The lighting system requires an optical fiber to illuminate the interior of the area.

    How to Calibrate a Sound Level Meter?

    The sound level meter measurement is to convert the vibration wave signal of the metal diaphragm of the microphone (microphone head) at the front of the sound level meter into an electrical signal through the vibration wave caused by the sound signal (sound wave), and then pass through the special weighting network and circuit. After the operational amplification, the noise decibel value is displayed by digital or meter.

    What are the Types of Pressure Sensors?

    Devices that can measure pressure and provide remote electrical signals are collectively referred to as pressure sensors. The pressure sensor is an important part of the pressure detection instrument, and its structure is varied, the common types are strain type, piezoresistive type, capacitive type, piezoelectric type, vibration frequency pressure sensor and so on. In addition, there are photoelectric, optical fiber, ultrasonic pressure sensors and so on. The pressure sensor can directly convert the measured pressure into various forms of electrical signals, which is convenient to meet the requirements of centralized detection and control of the automation system, so it is widely used in industrial production.

    How to Install Static Eliminator?

    Static eliminator refers to the production and life used to eliminate static equipment. The static eliminator should be installed in the place where the electrostatic potential of the charged body is highest. The electrostatic tester can be used to measure the whole production line and find out the position of the highest electrostatic.

    How to Use a Sound Level Meter?

    Multi-cell dry batteries are the most used in sound level meters, but batteries have their service life. Sometimes when the battery voltage is insufficient, the measured data will be inaccurate. This requires timely replacement of batteries when they are used to a certain extent. Usually, the sound level meter will set the indicator to check the battery status. Just press the battery check button, and the voltage of the battery can be displayed at a glance.

    Relay/ Contactor Interlock Circuit Wiring

    When an electrical circuit has two contactors and only one of them needs to be turned on at a time then the interlocking system is used. The interlocking system ensures that only one contactor can be on while another one will be in off condition even if we try to manually on.

    5 Frequency Control Methods for VFD

    A variable-frequency drive (VFD) is a type of motor drive used in electro-mechanical drive systems to control AC motor speed and torque by varying motor input frequency and, depending on topology, to control associated voltage or current variation. VFDs can be used to control AC motor speeds by changing the motor's frequency without sacrificing the output power of the motor. This is done by turning the speed pot (explained in section three) of an AC motor drive.

    How Does a Spectrophotometer Work?

    A spectrophotometer is a scientific instrument that decomposes light with complex components into spectral lines. The measurement range generally includes the visible light region with wavelengths ranging from 380nm to 780 nm and the ultraviolet region with wavelengths ranging from 200nm to 380 nm. Different light sources have their own unique emission spectrum, so different luminous bodies can be used as the light source of the instrument.