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    What is Digital Inclinometer used for?

    The digital inclinometer is a measuring tool for measuring small angles, also known as inclinometers and surveying and mapping instruments. It can be used to measure the inclination of the horizontal position, the parallelism and perpendicularity of two parts, the straightness of machine tools and instrument guide rails, the flatness of worktables, and the flatness of flat plates, etc. With the continuous advancement of science and technology, the development prospect of the inclinometer is also very good, so the demand continues to increase, and it has a very broad application prospect in the market. Next, ATO will provide you with the application scope of the digital inclinometer in detail. Interested friends can take a look together.

    How to Maintain Inkjet Printer?

    Inkjet printers are essential equipment in our homes and offices, because with inkjet printers we can make our work and study more and more convenient. However, no matter how good the printer brand is, it will be damaged if it is used for a long time. In order to prolong the service life of the printer, we can only extend the service life by doing a good job of maintenance. Next, ATO will introduce to you the maintenance skills of inkjet printers. Only by following some basic usage rules and simple operations can we keep the best printing effect of inkjet printers at all times.

    How does a Pressure Switch Work?

    A pressure switch is an electrical contact device that drives a switch through the action of gas or liquid pressure. It is mainly composed of power or pressure sensitive components (feeling external pressure), mechanical linkage mechanism (transmitting pressure), micro switch (executed by normally open and normally closed contacts) and other parts. Understanding the working principle of the pressure switch helps us to use it better. The following will provide you with the knowledge of the working principle, application and adjustment method of the pressure switch.

    What is Pressure Gauge used for?

    In the 21st century and even in the future, it is an inevitable trend for enterprises to implement advanced automation, and instruments and meters will be indispensable for the operation of equipment. Pressure gauges refer to instruments that use elastic components as sensitive components to measure and indicate pressure higher than the environment. Since the main body is mostly made of stainless steel and has strong sealing performance, it has strong corrosion resistance, which undoubtedly expands the scope of use in the industrial field. Therefore, it is essential to understand the specific application range of the pressure gauge. Today let's learn the application and structural knowledge of pressure gauges.

    How does Hydraulic Jack Work?

    Hydraulic jack is a kind of the simplest lifting equipment that lifting height is little (less than 1m). The hydraulic jack has compact structure, stable operation and self-locking effect, so it is widely used. Jacks are mainly used in factories, mines, transportation and other fields as vehicle repairs and other lifting, support and other work. Its structure is light and strong, flexible and reliable, and can be carried and operated by one person. As a tool with a wide range of uses, the hydraulic jack can only play its role better if you understand its principle. Next, let's learn how the hydraulic jack works and how to use it.

    What is Smoke Detector Function?

    When there is a fire, the smoke will cause hypoxia of the human body. When the smoke reaches a certain concentration, the human body will have difficulty breathing due to lack of oxygen. When the smoke enters the lungs, it can cause death by suffocation due to its weakened ability to combine oxygen and carbon dioxide. When smoke enters the body through the respiratory system, it raises the awareness of respiratory diseases. To protect people's health and safety, smoke detectors were created. Smoke detector is to monitor the concentration of smoke to achieve fire prevention, it is a kind of advanced technology, stable and reliable detector and is widely used in a variety of fire alarm systems. So let's learn what smoke alarms can do.

    Data Transfer Unit Stability Testing

    Since GPRS DTU is mostly used in remote monitoring sites, the stability of GPRS DTU becomes very important. Many users choose GPRS DTU, and it is not enough to finish the selection work only by doing some simple tests in the early stage. If you choose an unstable GPRS DTU and apply it in large quantities, it is tantamount to planting a time bomb for your own monitoring system. So how can you test the stability of GPRS DTU comprehensively and quickly at the beginning? This has become an important topic.

    What is Data Transfer Unit?

    Data Transfer unit is a wireless terminal device specially used to convert serial port data into IP data (or convert IP data into serial port data), and then transmit it through the wireless communication network. DTU has been widely used in electric power, environmental protection, LED information release, logistics, hydrology, meteorology and other industries. Although the applied industries are different, the applied principles are the same. Most of the DTUs are connected to industrial equipment, such as PLC, single-chip microcomputer and other automation products, and then establish a wireless communication connection with the background. With the increasing development of the Internet today, the use of DTU is becoming more and more extensive. It provides assistance for information and industrial integration of various industries and between industries.

    What is the Digital Force Gauge?

    Digital force gauges are widely used in various industries such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, packaging, automobiles, electrics, electronics, and machinery. It is an indispensable force measuring tool in product manufacturing, quality management, research and development. The digital dynamometer is based on the traditional mechanical dynamometer structure that uses knives, knife bearings, and levers as the measurement structure and is displayed by mechanical transmission. It is reformed to use sensors to convert electrical signals into electrical signals for measurement and display, so as to achieve the purpose of force measuring instruments. In structure, there are only a small number of mechanical parts in the detection part and others are composed of electronic devices. Therefore, the digital force gauge is an integrated instrument and equipment with the force-electric sensor as the core and the electrical signal measurement and display as the main body.

    What is photoelectric smoke detector?

    The photoelectric smoke detector is composed of a light source, a photoelectric element and an electronic switch. It is developed by utilizing the basic property that the smoke generated during a fire can change the propagation characteristics of light. The photoelectric smoke detector adopts a photoelectric sensor with a special structure design, which has the advantages of high sensitivity, stability and reliability, low power consumption, beautiful and durable, and easy to use. Its circuit and power supply can be self-tested, and analog alarm tests can be performed.

    Why is Smoke Detector Beeping?

    In order to make buildings safer and avoid the probability of fire, most people have installed smoke alarms in buildings, but many people don’t know much about smoke alarms. How can we solve the problem if it keeps beeping? Is the smoke alarm going off for no reason because formaldehyde exceeds the standard? In fact, this has nothing to do with formaldehyde, it may involve a variety of reasons.

    How to Maintain Temperature Infrared Sensor?

    The temperature sensor converts the relationship between various physical properties of materials and temperature into effective output signals. As the core component of the thermometer, there are many types. According to its measurement method, it can be divided into two categories: contact type and non-contact type. According to the characteristics of its material and device, it can be divided into thermal resistance type and thermocouple type. The current temperature sensor is very small, so it has great applications in many aspects of actual production, which brings a lot of convenience and practicality to our life.

    What is Mud Pump used for?

    As the name suggests, the mud pump is a device used to transport mud-like liquids with high consistency or more particles. The pump is an important part of mechanical equipment and a machine that converts mechanical energy into liquid pressure energy. Now it has been widely used in drilling, construction sites, enterprise production, mud pond pumping, etc. And now it is used in daily production. Only being familiar with the working principle of the pump can help the operator to use the pump more skillfully and make it play an effective role in industrial production. The following is a detailed description of the working principle and application of the mud pump.

    How to Maintain Pneumatic Grease Pump?

    With the rise of lubricating grease in the mechanical industry, pneumatic grease pumps have received extensive attention and application. Pneumatic grease is used in printing and dyeing, medicine, coating, chemical, textile, painting and other industries. It is suitable for the transportation of high-viscosity chemical slurry.

    Single VS Double Acting Pneumatic Cylinders: What are their Differences?

    There is a wide range of cylinder types, and cylinder designs vary according to their application and end-use industry. These cylinder types differ in certain components. The more commonly used pneumatic actuators in manufacturing consist of a piston and rod moving within a closed cylinder and are designed to move in a straight line to provide linear motion. This type of linear actuator is used in various industrial sectors, factory automation and packaging, as well as transportation and life science applications. Single-acting cylinders and double-acting cylinders are common types of cylinders.

    Pneumatic and Electric Butterfly Valve: What are their differences?

    There is no difference between the butterfly valves themselves, the difference lies in their respective actuators and the applicable working conditions affected by the actuators. Among them, butterfly valves can be divided into pneumatic butterfly valves and electric butterfly valves, both of which are widely used in the market. These two butterfly valves are easily confused because of the difference in driving energy. This kind of valve with structural similarity is more likely to be confused in procurement and use, so buyers need to fully grasp the principles and advantages of the two. Here is a detailed introduction to the difference between them. Let's take a look.

    How to Install Electric Butterfly Valve?

    With the development of electric valves, many well-known valve companies at home and abroad produce electric valves. Electric butterfly valves are important execution units in the field of industrial automation and control. The electric butterfly valve is a kind product of electric valve and electric regulating valve. The electric butterfly valve can be divided into flange type and wafer type butterfly valve ( ato possess product 8 inch elecrric wafer butterfly valve). The electric butterfly valve controls the switch of the butterfly valve through the power signal.



    Electric Butterfly Valve: How it Works?

    With the development of electric valves, many well-known valve companies at home and abroad produce electric valves. Electric butterfly valves are important execution units in the field of industrial automation and control. Belonging to a variety of electric valves and electric regulating valves, it is named after the combination of electric actuators and butterfly valves. With the advantages of simple operation and simple structure, the butterfly valve is widely used in textile, power station, petrochemical, heating and refrigeration, pharmaceutical, shipbuilding, metallurgy, light industry, environmental protection and other fields.

    Factors Affect Air Filter Efficiency

    Air Filter (Air Regulator Filter) refers to an air filter device, generally used in clean workshops, clean workshops, laboratories and clean rooms, or for dust prevention of electronic mechanical communication equipment. It is often made of artificial fiber filter material, and the outer frame is made of strong, moisture-proof cardboard frame. It will not be deformed, broken, or twisted under normal operating conditions.

    What are Types of Moisture Meters?

    Moisture meter (moisture tester) is an instrument for quickly measuring moisture content. It is mostly used for moisture control in various industries such as food, chemical industry, plastics, agriculture and forestry. According to different working principles, moisture meters can be divided into the following types.