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    What is a Plug Valve?

    The design of a plug valve is inspired by the movement of the plug, which rotates to control the flow of fluid. This design enables plug valves to provide precise flow regulation in a wide range of operating conditions to meet the needs of different industrial processes. Whether in chemical plants, power stations, or water treatment systems, plug valves have demonstrated excellent performance. will introduce you to the basics of plug valves, which will help you understand and better utilize this tool.

    Proximity Sensors Basics: Working Principle, Type and Application

    The proximity sensor is a general term for sensors that detect objects without touching them instead of contact detection methods such as limit switches. The sensor converts the movement and presence information of the detected object into an electrical signal. Among the detection methods that convert the information into electrical signals, some methods utilize the eddy current generated in the metal body of the detection object due to electromagnetic induction, methods that change the capacity of the electrical signal due to the proximity of the detection object, and methods that use a sharp stone or a guide switch, etc. will introduce the basics such as the principle of operation, types, and applications of the proximity sensors in detail in this article.

    What is a Diaphragm Valve?

    The Diaphragm valve is a diaphragm as the opening and closing parts close the flow path, cut off the fluid, and the valve body cavity and bonnet cavity separated from the stop valve. The structure of the diaphragm valve is very different from the general valve, is a new type of valve, and is a special form of stop valve, its opening and closing parts are a piece of soft material made of diaphragm, the valve body cavity and the bonnet cavity and drive parts separated, is now widely used in various fields. will introduce the basics of the diaphragm valve, which will help the user in the use of the diaphragm valve more simple and convenient.

    What is Heavy Duty Connector?

    Heavy duty connector is a key component widely used in electrical and electronic systems, usually used to connect cables, wires, and equipment to transmit power, signals, and data. Heavy duty connectors play a key role in industry, aviation, railroad, energy, and many other fields. will introduce the basic structure, characteristics, and application areas of heavy duty connectors in detail.

    What is a Temperature Sensor?

    A temperature transducer is a sensor that senses temperature and converts it into a usable output signal. It converts temperature information into electrical signals or digital data to monitor, control, and record temperature changes. Temperature sensors play an important role in a variety of applications, from industrial automation to household appliances, from medical equipment to weather forecasting, all need reliable temperature measurement. ATO store will introduce the structure, working principle, application areas, and development status of temperature sensors in detail.

    What is Magnetic Drive Pump?

    The magnetic drive pump is a new type of sealless pump that uses the principle of permanent magnet transmission technology to achieve contactless transmission of torque. There is no mechanical connection between the driving shaft and the driven shaft, and no dynamic seal is required in the structure. Therefore, this type of pump has no seal and can achieve zero leakage. The magnetic drive pump is especially suitable for transporting flammable, explosive, volatile, toxic, and hazardous materials. For corrosion and precious liquids, magnetic pumps are mostly used in situations where the magnetic drive pump can only leak slightly or even without leakage, as well as in high vacuum situations where mechanical seals are difficult to handle.

    What is a Clamp Meter?

    The clamp meter is a combination of a current transformer and an ammeter. Usually, when measuring current with an ordinary ammeter, it is necessary to cut off the circuit to stop before the ammeter can be accessed for measurement, which is very troublesome, and sometimes the normal operation of the motor does not allow this to be done. At this time, the use of a clamp ammeter is much more convenient, you can not cut off the circuit to measure the current.

    What is a Potential Transformer?

    A potential transformer (PT for short, also known as Voltage Transformer, VT for short) is similar to a transformer and is an instrument used to convert voltage. A potential transformer is an indispensable electrical appliance in power transmission and power supply systems such as power plants and substations. A precision voltage transformer is an instrument used in electrical testing laboratories to expand the measurement limit and measure voltage, power, and electrical energy.

    What is an Electric Ball Valve?

    Electric ball valve is a modern control equipment, usually used for pipeline media remote opening and closing (connecting, cutting off the medium) control, but also industrial automation process control in an important pipeline pressure components, widely used in industrial automation control field. It can accurately control the opening and closing of the ball valve through the electric actuator to realize the precise adjustment of the flow and pressure of liquid, gas and corrosive media. In an electric ball valve, the ball can be rotated within the seat to control the on-off and flow of fluid. The electric actuator is connected to the ball to realize the on/off operation through the electric signal. The control system is responsible for receiving the signal and controlling the movement of the actuator to adjust the status of the valve.

    What is a Check Valve?

    Check valve refers to the opening and closing parts for the round valve and rely on their own weight and media pressure to produce action to block the medium backflow of a valve. Belong to the automatic valve category, also known as check valve, check valve, backflow valve or isolation valve. Flap movement is divided into lift and rotary type. Lift check valve and globe valve structure is similar, only the lack of valve stem to drive the valve flap. The medium from the inlet side (lower side) inflow, from the outlet side (upper side) outflow. When the inlet pressure is greater than the weight of the valve and its flow resistance and when the valve is open. Conversely, the medium backflow valve is closed.

    Why do You Need a CNC Router?

    A CNC router machine is a processing machine tool that is widely used in machine tool equipment. It can perform plane milling, plane cavity milling, outline milling, three-dimensional and more complex surface milling, and can also perform drilling, boring, thread cutting, and other holes. The powerful functions of the CNC router machine enable it to be widely used in the industrial field. Next, let us bring you the functions and features of using a CNC router machine to learn more about why people use a CNC router machine.

    What is a Density Meter?

    A density meter is a common measuring instrument, that is widely used in industry, chemical industry, electric power, ships, machine tools, and other industries. When we use the density meter for its principle and use are needed to master, which is very important for the use of density meter. Next, ATO organized the relevant information and introduce the principle and use of a density meter, hope to help you.

    What is a Screw Pump?

    Screw pumps are pumps that utilize the rotary motion of spiral open vanes to increase the potential energy of the liquid. Spiral pump belongs to low-pressure, dilute phase transportation equipment. It consists of a motor, coupling, bearing housing, screw shaft, support, check valve, mixing chamber, nozzle, and so on.

    Powder from the discharge port into the screw conveyor pump, in the variable pitch screw extrusion and strong push, the powder uniformly into the mixing chamber, in the mixing chamber is equipped with nozzles in the lower part of the compressed air through the nozzle box sprayed into the mixing chamber.

    What is Digital Inclinometer used for?

    The digital inclinometer is a measuring tool for measuring small angles, also known as inclinometers and surveying and mapping instruments. It can be used to measure the inclination of the horizontal position, the parallelism and perpendicularity of two parts, the straightness of machine tools and instrument guide rails, the flatness of worktables, and the flatness of flat plates, etc. With the continuous advancement of science and technology, the development prospect of the inclinometer is also very good, so the demand continues to increase, and it has a very broad application prospect in the market. Next, ATO will provide you with the application scope of the digital inclinometer in detail. Interested friends can take a look together.

    How to Maintain Inkjet Printer?

    Inkjet printers are essential equipment in our homes and offices, because with inkjet printers we can make our work and study more and more convenient. However, no matter how good the printer brand is, it will be damaged if it is used for a long time. In order to prolong the service life of the printer, we can only extend the service life by doing a good job of maintenance. Next, ATO will introduce to you the maintenance skills of inkjet printers. Only by following some basic usage rules and simple operations can we keep the best printing effect of inkjet printers at all times.

    How does a Pressure Switch Work?

    A pressure switch is an electrical contact device that drives a switch through the action of gas or liquid pressure. It is mainly composed of power or pressure sensitive components (feeling external pressure), mechanical linkage mechanism (transmitting pressure), micro switch (executed by normally open and normally closed contacts) and other parts. Understanding the working principle of the pressure switch helps us to use it better. The following will provide you with the knowledge of the working principle, application and adjustment method of the pressure switch.

    What is Pressure Gauge used for?

    In the 21st century and even in the future, it is an inevitable trend for enterprises to implement advanced automation, and instruments and meters will be indispensable for the operation of equipment. Pressure gauges refer to instruments that use elastic components as sensitive components to measure and indicate pressure higher than the environment. Since the main body is mostly made of stainless steel and has strong sealing performance, it has strong corrosion resistance, which undoubtedly expands the scope of use in the industrial field. Therefore, it is essential to understand the specific application range of the pressure gauge. Today let's learn the application and structural knowledge of pressure gauges.

    How does Hydraulic Jack Work?

    Hydraulic jack is a kind of the simplest lifting equipment that lifting height is little (less than 1m). The hydraulic jack has compact structure, stable operation and self-locking effect, so it is widely used. Jacks are mainly used in factories, mines, transportation and other fields as vehicle repairs and other lifting, support and other work. Its structure is light and strong, flexible and reliable, and can be carried and operated by one person. As a tool with a wide range of uses, the hydraulic jack can only play its role better if you understand its principle. Next, let's learn how the hydraulic jack works and how to use it.

    What is Smoke Detector Function?

    When there is a fire, the smoke will cause hypoxia of the human body. When the smoke reaches a certain concentration, the human body will have difficulty breathing due to lack of oxygen. When the smoke enters the lungs, it can cause death by suffocation due to its weakened ability to combine oxygen and carbon dioxide. When smoke enters the body through the respiratory system, it raises the awareness of respiratory diseases. To protect people's health and safety, smoke detectors were created. Smoke detector is to monitor the concentration of smoke to achieve fire prevention, it is a kind of advanced technology, stable and reliable detector and is widely used in a variety of fire alarm systems. So let's learn what smoke alarms can do.

    Data Transfer Unit Stability Testing

    Since GPRS DTU is mostly used in remote monitoring sites, the stability of GPRS DTU becomes very important. Many users choose GPRS DTU, and it is not enough to finish the selection work only by doing some simple tests in the early stage. If you choose an unstable GPRS DTU and apply it in large quantities, it is tantamount to planting a time bomb for your own monitoring system. So how can you test the stability of GPRS DTU comprehensively and quickly at the beginning? This has become an important topic.