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    50VA Toroidal Transformer, 120V to 24-0-24V/30-0-30V

    SKU: ATO-T-C50VA
    50VA toroidal transformer steps down a primary voltage of 120V to selectable secondary voltages of 24-0-24V (2x24V) / 30-0-30V (2x30V) or other voltages. This single-phase transformer using high-quality copper wire, ensures superior power handling with minimal losses. Its customizability allows for tailored electrical solutions, fitting specific power demands. The toroidal design offers advantages like reduced magnetic interference and compactness, making it a preferred choice for power-sensitive applications.

    70VA Toroidal Transformer, 110V AC to 12V/35-0-35V

    SKU: ATO-T-C70VA
    70VA toroidal transformer with all copper wire, higher temperature resistant, small size with low weight, easy to install and maintain. The standard input is single 110V AC windings, designed to step down 110V to 12V or 2x35V (35-0-35 volt).

    120VA Toroidal Transformer for Audio Amplifier, 110V to 12V

    SKU: ATO-T-C120VA
    All copper toroidal transformer for audio power amplifier, it is 120VA , single phase, small size and weight, is designed for converting AC supply voltages to one or more AC voltages, for example 110V to 12V or 230V to 2 x 24V (24-0-24).

    150VA Toroidal Transformer, 120V AC to 12V/24V/2x30V

    SKU: ATO-T-C150VA
    This single phase toroidal transformer for sales, 150VA (150W) full power, is designed for a primary voltage of 120V AC and dual secondary voltages of 2x30V (30-0-30), one output 12V/24V is optional, all copper winding, manufactured according to CE, RoHS, ISO, UL standard.

    200VA Step-Down Toroidal Transformer, 240V AC to 24-0-24V

    SKU: ATO-T-C200VA
    Low cost 200VA step down toroidal transformer is made with cold rolled silicon steel core and pure copper winding and lead. It features a single primary winding tapped at 240VAC 50/60Hz and dual secondary windings 2x24V (24-0-24). Twin secondary windings may be connected in series or parallel or used independently.

    300VA Toroidal Transformer, 230V AC to 12V/24V

    SKU: ATO-T-C300VA
    300VA power capacity toroidal transformer is single phase, full copper design, low energy consumption, tested and approved by CE, RoHS, ISO, UL standard, with 1 primary winding of 230V and double secondary windings of 35-0-35V, 12V or 24V 1 output is available here.

    350VA Step-Down Toroidal Transformer, 220V AC to 12V/40-0-40V

    SKU: ATO-T-C350VA
    Cheap 350VA toroidal transformer with a single input of 220V AC and a output of 12V/24V, 40-0-40 volt double outputs are available, is a step down transformer, features high insulation strength, UL recognised, less noise and long life.

    500VA Toroidal Transformer, 230V AC to 2x12V/2x24V

    SKU: ATO-T-C500VA
    Customized and high quality toroidal transformer is single phase, 500VA power capacity, full copper design, less noise, with a primary voltage of 230 V AC 50 /60 Hz and twin secondary voltage of 2x12V (12-0-12) or 2x24V (24-0-24), manufactured according to CE, RoHS, ISO, UL standard.

    600VA Toroidal Transformer, 240V AC to 12V/24V

    SKU: ATO-T-C600VA
    600VA (600W) full power toroidal transformer is a single phase general purpose transformer with a primary voltage of 240 V AC and a secondary voltages of 12V/24V, dual outputs versions like 30-0-30V, 40-0-40V are avalible. It offers a significant size and weight reducation as well as low cost and high reliability.

    800VA Toroidal Transformer, 230V AC to 50-0-50V

    SKU: ATO-T-C800VA
    Single phase dry-type toroidal transformer with 800VA (800W) full power, all copper design, a single input of 230V AC and a output of 50-0-50V (2x50V), double outputs are available. Twin secondary windings may be connected in series, parallel or used independently.

    1000VA Toroidal Transformer, 240V to 30-0-30V

    SKU: ATO-T-C1000VA
    Step up/step down toroidal transformer with low cost, 1000VA full power capacity, single phase, transform input voltage 240V AC to double output voltage 2x15V or 2x30V (30-0-30V), single output is available. It features high insulation strength, UL recognised, less noise and long life.

    1500VA Toroidal Transformer, 230V to 12-0-12V/24V

    SKU: ATO-T-C1500VA
    Buy best 1-phase isolated toroidal transformer with 1500 full capacity, 230V AC primary voltage to 12-0-12V/24V secondary voltage, small size and light weight, has been widely used in household appliances and other electronic equipment with high technical requirements.

    2000VA Toroidal Transformer, 110V to 12V/30-0-30V

    SKU: ATO-T-C2000VA
    Single phase 2000VA isolated toroidal transformer step downs 110V AC input voltage to 12V AC or 2x 30V (30-0-30) output voltage at 50Hz/ 60Hz, can narrow the gap between the coil and the core, so has above 95% high efficiency. The output voltage can be customized according to customer specific needs.

    2500VA Toroidal Transformer, 120V AC to 12V/40-0-40V

    SKU: ATO-T-C2500VA
    HIgh quality 2500VA (2500W) toroidal transformer for power amplifier, high insulation strength, UL recognised, compact structure make efficiency >90%. Single 120V/50-60Hz primary winding, designed to step down 120V to 12V/ 40-0-40V secondary voltage.

    3000VA Step-Down Toroidal Transformer, 240V AC to 12V/24V

    SKU: ATO-T-C3000VA
    Factory price 3000VA toroidal electronic transformer with 90%-60% high conversion efficiency, safe isolation and easy installation. It is designed to step down 50Hz/ 60Hz single phase 240 volt AC primary to 12 volt, 24 volt AC secondary, twin 24-0-24V (24V/1500V, 24V/1500V) output voltage is available.

    4000VA Toroidal Transformer, 110V AC to 220V/35-0-35V

    SKU: ATO-T-C4000VA
    4000W toroidal transformer works at single phase 50Hz/ 60Hz circuit system, can step up 110V AC to 220V AC or step down 110V to 35-0-35V AC output. It features high efficiency, lower loss, excellent voltage regulation, smaller size, light weight and low temperature rise, is widely applied to the small adapter, lighting control circuit, air-conditioning equipment control circuit, medical equipment, monitoring equipment, automation equipment control circuit.

    5000VA Toroidal Transformer, 230V to 50-0-50V

    SKU: ATO-T-C5000VA
    High power 5000VA (5000 watt) electric toroidal transformer is compact size and full cooper wire design, make the conversion efficiency up to 96%. 50Hz/ 60Hz low frequency, 1-phase 230V input voltage to dual 2x50V (50-0-50) output voltage, 12V/ 24V/ 48V single output is available for optional.

    ATO step up/step down toroidal power transformers meet modern-day requirements for small size and lightweight. The power capacity range from 50VA to 5kVA, all copper wire design, has numerous approvals covering a wide variety of international standards. It features a single primary voltage of 110V/120V/220V/230V/240V AC 50/60Hz and a single or double secondary voltage like 12V/24V/2x24. The toroidal shape gives a significantly higher efficiency compared to conventional transformers of the same size. Our standard safety toroidal transformers can be ordered easily and are customizable. If you cannot find the products you are looking for, or you have special demands, please don't hesitate to contact us.

    What is a Toroidal Transformer Used for?

    Toroidal Power Transformers for Audio

    Among the toroidal transformer products, there are many well-known products in audio equipment. Such as high-performance products that can be used as power transformers in high-power hi-fi amplifiers and power transformers for medium and small power audio equipment.

    For Electrical control

    It can be used in current and voltage transformers. New high-performance magnetic materials such as permalloy soft magnetic materials, amorphous materials or nanocrystalline alloys can be used as magnetic cores, with precise intelligent instruments and special testing methods. It can ensure accurate transformer parameters and completely consistent performance.

    For Medical equipment

    Toroidal transformers are specially designed and manufactured for medical equipment. In addition to high efficiency, high reliability and high safety requirements, it also especially strengthens the electrical strength and improves the anti-humid heat performance. A thermal fuse is also required to be added inside the transformer to ensure reliability.

    Toroidal transformers

    Features of Toroidal Isolation Transformer

    1. The toroidal isolation transformer is a transformer with input and output windings completely independent and isolated from each other with an insulation layer in the middle.
    2. The toroidal isolation transformer is mainly used in places to avoid electric shock and protect human safety.
    3. 220V to 220V toroidal isolation transformer is mainly used to isolate the earth.
    4. Toroidal isolation transformers are used in most precision instruments, medical equipment, and mines.

    Toroidal Power Transformer for 220V/110V Voltage Converter

    Compared with ordinary transformers, toroidal transformers have great advantages in efficiency, temperature rise, cost, anti-interference, and longevity. ATO toroidal transformer specifications are: 50VA, 70VA, 120VA, 150VA, 200VA, 500VA, 1000VA, 3000VA, input voltage: 110V, 120V, 220V, 240V, output voltage: 12V, 24V, 110V, 120V, etc. For a more detailed toroidal transformer use case video introduction please see: