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    High Resolution Incremental Optical Linear Encoder, Non-Contact

    High resolution incremental optical linear encoder operates at 5V, featuring non-contact technology and selectable resolutions of 0.1 µm, 0.5 µm or 1 µm to meet diverse precision requirements. Operating at a frequency of 12.5 MHz, this linear encoder utilizes advanced non-contact optical technology to ensure measurement accuracy and stability.
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    High resolution incremental optical linear encoder offers reliable and precise position measurement solutions at a frequency of 12.5 MHz, effectively enhancing production efficiency by providing accurate real-time positioning data. Optical incremental encoder optimizes workflow processes, streamlines operations, and contributes to improving overall product quality.


    • Multi-color indicator lights indicate signal strength, facilitating easy installation.
    • It includes a built-in reference zero position for precise measurement initialization.
    • The encoder features high flexibility with a bending-resistant braided shielding wire.
    • Despite its compact size, it offers high resolution for accurate measurements.
    • The optical linear encoder provides a standard AB quadrature digital signal output for compatibility.
    • The incremental optical linear encoder utilizes an open non-contact optical system to ensure reliable operation.
    • Encased in a stainless steel shell, it boasts strong anti-interference capabilities.
    • The incremental encoder incorporates a high-precision measurement system to deliver accurate results.


    Model ATO-LGD20
    Power supply 5V±-10%
    Current consumption Less than 120mA
    Resolution 0.1μm, 0.5μm, 1μm (choosable)
    Accuracy level of grating ruler ±5μm/m
    Repeatability ±1μm
    Maximum output frequency 12.5MHz
    Output signal Differential TTL
    Mode of connection Direct outlet, DB9 or DB15
    LED status Red and green
    Reading head size 36mm*15mm*13mm
    Grating scale size 6mm wide (We can provide grating scale, please contact us)
    Operating temperature -10℃~70℃
    Storage temperature -20℃~85℃
    Outside diameter of cable 4.0±0.1mm
    Number of bending 50 million times, Bending radius greater than 24mm

    Dimension (mm)

    High resolution incremental optical linear encoder dimension

    Tips: Applications of incremental optical linear encoder

    • CNC Machining: Provides accurate axis displacement and position feedback, enhancing machining precision and production efficiency.
    • Semiconductor Manufacturing: Ensures stable position feedback for precise equipment operation and micrometer-level accuracy.
    • Precision Measurement Equipment: Supports optical measurement systems and coordinate measuring machines, ensuring accurate and repeatable measurement results.
    • Medical Devices: Facilitates precise position control and trajectory tracking in surgical robots and imaging equipment, ensuring accuracy and safety in medical procedures.
    • Precision Machinery: Essential in aerospace, automotive industries, and scientific research for precise equipment operation and performance.
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