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    3 Phase AC Vacuum Contactor, 200A, 1140V

    SKU: ATO-VCON-200
    Rated 1140V, 200A ac vacuum contactor is used for frequently switch on and off the normal working current. 3 phase, 36 volt or 220 volt control circuit, 2±0.2 mm open distance, 80±20 N final power, 1500000 times electrical life.

    3 Phase AC Vacuum Contactor, 250A, 1140V

    SKU: ATO-VCON-250
    ATO provides low price 4 pole 3 phase ac vacuum contactor with rated voltage of 1140V and rated current of 250A. 36V/ 110V/ 220V/ 380V control circuit can be selected. 2±0.2 mm open distance, 80±10N final power, AC 50Hz or 60Hz frequency.

    3 Phase AC Vacuum Contactor, 400A, 1140V

    SKU: ATO-VCON-400
    36V/ 110V/ 220V/ 380V coil voltage ac vacuum contactor for sale online is three phase ac contactor. Its main circuit rated voltage is 1140 volt and the rated current is 400 A. The contactor is designed for frequency starting and controlling AC motor in the power system with AC 50Hz - 60Hz. 2±0.5 mm open distance, 120±20 N final power.

    3 Phase AC Vacuum Contactor, 630A, 1140V

    SKU: ATO-VCON-630
    Buy three phase 630A, 1140 volt vacuum contactor at affordable price. Coil voltage 36V, 110V, 220V, 380V are available. The coil has good conductive effect, is not easy to generate heat, and is safe and reliable. AC 50 Hz or 60 Hz frequency, 2±0.5 mm open distance, 190±20 N final power.

    3 Phase AC Vacuum Contactor, 800A, 1140V

    SKU: ATO-VCON-800
    AC 50Hz/ 60Hz vacuum contactor has three enlarged vacuum tubes for better contact performance. 1140V rated voltage, 800A rated current, 190±20N final power. 3 phase ac contactor coil is sensitive to conduction and carries a large instantaneous current.

    3 Phase AC Vacuum Contactor, 1000A, 1140V

    SKU: ATO-VCON-1000
    ATO provides 1.14 kV ac vacuum contactor at affordable price. Coil voltage of 36V, 110V, 220V, 380V can be customized. It is a 3 phase contactor with 1000A rated current, 2±0.5 mm open distance, 190±20N final power. The contactor shell is made of high-quality flame-retardant materials with high strength, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.

    3 Phase AC Vacuum Contactor, 250/400/630A, 7.2kV

    SKU: ATO-VCON-250630
    Cost-effective 7.2kV ac contactor is mainly composed of vacuum switch tube and accessories. Rated current can be chosen from 200A/ 400A/ 630A. The ac contactor allows the operating frequency of 300 time/ h and the power frequency withstand voltage is up to 32kV voltage.

    Vacuum contactor is a kind of on-off switch used in AC power supply environment, which is widely used in various control circuits at present. It is energized through the coil to control the closing of the normally open contact and the opening of the normally closed contact. When the coil is de-energized, the normally open contact is reset and disconnected, and the normally closed contact is reset and closed. ATO has 3 phase, 4 pole vacuum AC contactors for sale online. AC 50Hz/ 60Hz frequency, 110V/ 220V coil voltage, 1140V, 7.2kV rated voltage, 200A, 250A, 400A, 630A, 800A, 1000A optional rated current. ATO AC vacuum contactors have the characteristics of under-voltage protection, zero-voltage release protection, reliable work, stable performance, high operating frequency and convenient maintenance. Now buy one at the best price.