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    3 Phase AC Vacuum Contactor, 250/400/630A, 7.2kV

    Cost-effective 7.2kV ac contactor is mainly composed of vacuum switch tube and accessories. Rated current can be chosen from 200A/ 400A/ 630A. The ac contactor allows the operating frequency of 300 time/ h and the power frequency withstand voltage is up to 32kV voltage.
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    Buy AC 110V/ 220V rated operation voltage vacuum contactor from ATO. 2500A - 6300A max breaking current, 200A - 630A rated current, 1.5±0.5 mm contact distance. It is especially suitable for use in basic industry, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, mining and docks.


    Model ATO-JCZ5-7.2
    Rated voltage 7.2kV
    Rated current 250A 400A 630A
    Rated closed current (valid values) 2500A 4000A 6300A
    Rated max breaking current 2000A 3200A 5040A
    4s thermal stability of the current 2500A 4000A 6300A
    Max breaking current 2500A 4000A 6300A
    Power frequency withstand voltage (V) 32kV
    Allows the operating frequency 300 times/ h
    Electric life AC-3 25x10⁴ times
    AC-4 10x10⁴ times
    Electrical life 30x10⁴ times
    Rated operation voltage AC 110V/ 220V
    Closing coil absorption current ≤DC 6/ 3 A
    Keep coil keeping current D:DC 0.32/ 0.16 A
    Shunt coil tripping current J:DC 2.5/ 1.3 A
    Contact from 4~5.5 mm
    Contact distance 1.5±0.5 mm
    Average closing speed 0.1~0.25 m/ s
    Average break-brake speed 0.3~0.6 m/ s
    Three phase break-brake synchronism ≤2 ms
    Closing time/break-brake time ≤150/ ≤50 ms
    Resistance (20℃) ≤250 μΩ
    Phase 3
    Number of pole 4
    Frequency AC 50Hz or 60Hz
    Ambient temperature -25℃ to 40℃
    Packaging details Standard package or according to customer's requirements

    AC vacuum contactor outline and installation dimension (Unit: mm)

    Outline and installation dimension of ac contactor

    Tips: How to install vacuum AC contactor?

    1. The vacuum AC contactor should generally be installed on a vertical surface, and the inclination should not exceed 5°. For AC contactors with heat dissipation holes, the heat dissipation holes should be placed up and down to facilitate heat dissipation.
    2. When installing and wiring, do not lose the parts inside the vacuum AC contactor to avoid jamming or short-circuit failure.
    3. The fixing screws should be tightened to prevent vibration during operation.
    4. When metal beads appear on the surface of the contact due to electric arc, file and repair it in time. However, the oxide film produced on the surface of the silver and silver alloy contacts does not need to be filed because of the small contact resistance, otherwise the life of the contacts will be shortened.
    5. The contacts of the vacuum AC contactor should be regularly cleaned and kept clean, but oiling is not allowed.
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