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    13 inch Cross Flow Colling Fan

    SKU: ATO-CFF-6024
    Buy low price 13 inch crossflow blower fan online, motor with copper core coil, double ball bearings, fast speed, low heat generation and low noise. ATO cross flow cooling fans provide powerful airflow and are ideal for cooling and ventilation applications.

    16 inch Cross Flow Colling Fan

    SKU: ATO-CFF-6031
    A compact design of the 16" cross flow cooling fan is widely used in the HVAC and electronics industries. The thin cross flow design provides ample airflow and creates a uniform laminar airflow to prevent components from overheating.

    18 inch Cross Flow Colling Fan

    SKU: ATO-CFF-6037
    18" cross flow cooling fan with high efficiency motor and optimised air duct design for significant energy savings. The cross flow blower fan is widely used in laser instruments, air conditioners, air curtains, dryers, hair dryers and household appliances.

    21 inch Cross Flow Colling Fan

    SKU: ATO-CFF-6043
    The 21" cross flow cooling fan has been designed with safety in mind and has built in safety features including overheat protection and automatic shut off. The tangential ventilator is made from high quality materials and is durable enough to withstand daily wear and tear to ensure long lasting performance.

    A cross flow fan, also known as a tangential fan or a blower fan, is a type of fan that produces an airflow perpendicular to the axis of the fan. Unlike axial fans, which produce an airflow parllel to the axis of the fan, cross flow fans are designed to move air in a different direction, making them useful in a variety of applications.

    Cross flow fans are commonly used in applications such as air conditioning, heating, ventilation, and refrigeration systems. They are also used in electronic devices such as computers and audio equipment, where they provide cooling to prevent overheating. Due to their low noise levels and compact design, cross flow fans are often used in applications where space is limited and noise is a concern.