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    13 inch Cross Flow Colling Fan

    Buy low price 13 inch crossflow blower fan online, motor with copper core coil, double ball bearings, fast speed, low heat generation and low noise. ATO cross flow cooling fans provide powerful airflow and are ideal for cooling and ventilation applications.
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    The 12" cross flow cooling fan provides stable airflow and significant energy savings. This type of cross flow cooling fan can be mounted horizontally or vertically and is commonly used in a variety of commercial and industrial applications.


    • Model: ATO-CY F06024
    • Rated Voltage: 220V
    • Frequency: 50 Hz
    • Phase: 1 Phase
    • Pole: 2 Pole
    • Current: 0.20A
    • Out Power: 24W
    • Speed: 2850 rpm
    • Max.Pressure: 37 Pa
    • Max. Air Flow: 186 m3/h
    • Noise: 41 dB
    • Weight: 2 kg


    • The wind wheel is multi-blade, high speed dynamic balance correction, large air volume, low noise.
    • The cross flow cooling fan is equipped with a certified high efficiency motor and is installed in a direct connection for stable performance.
    • The air outlet comes with a square to round fitting, the installation can be adjusted in many directions.
    • Optimised design of the air ducts for a significant energy saving effect.
    • Tangential fans can be made of special materials and can be made with special features such as infinitely variable speed.
    • 13" crossflow blowers fans can be matched with motors of different frequencies or voltages, AC or DC.

    Dimension (unit: mm)

    Crossflow fan dimension

    • A: 246.5
    • B: 260
    • C: 315
    • D: 88


    Crossflow fans, also known as tangential or blower fans, are commonly used in a variety of applications. One of the most common uses of crossflow fans is in HVAC systems, where they are used to circulate air throughout a building. They are also used in electronic equipment, such as computers and audio systems, to cool components and prevent overheating.

    Crossflow fan applications

    Tips: What is a crossflow fan?

    A crossflow fan, also known as a tangential fan or a blower, is a type of fan that is designed to produce a wide, uniform flow of air. It is called a crossflow fan because the air flow direction is perpendicular to the axis of the fan.

    A crossflow fan consists of a cylindrical housing with an impeller wheel mounted inside. The impeller wheel has curved blades that extend radially from its center, and the rotation of the impeller wheel creates a low-pressure zone on one side of the fan and a high-pressure zone on the other side. The air is drawn in through the low-pressure zone, then it is accelerated and forced out through the high-pressure zone.

    The unique design of the crossflow fan allows for a more even distribution of air flow than other types of fans. It is often used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, as well as in electronic equipment, such as computers and televisions, where it can help to dissipate heat.

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