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    Flow Switch

    The flow switch is mainly installed online or plug-in in the water, gas, oil and other media pipelines. When the flow is higher or lower than a certain value, the switch will be triggered to output an alarm signal, and the system can take the corresponding action after obtaining the signal. Common flow switches mainly include piston flow switches, thermal dispersion flow switches, electronic flow switches, etc. Compared with traditional vane type flow switches and piston flow switches, the thermal dispersion air/ water/ oil flow switches for sale online by ATO have higher sensitivity. Because the installation position of the thermal dispersion flow switch is not restricted, there is no wear of the movable mechanical structure, and the liquid containing impurities can be measured. And when you buy a thermal dispersion flow switch from ATO, you can choose different materials to measure the environment of different acid and alkaline liquids. They are all suitable for hydroelectric power generation, refrigeration and air conditioning, electronics, chemistry, shipbuilding, food, pharmaceuticals, optics, semiconductors and other industries.

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    Thermal Dispersion Air Flow Switch, 24VDC/ 220VAC

    Economical price thermal dispersion air flow switch for sale, various lengths of sensors can be selected: 15mm, 20mm, 30mm, 40mm, 60mm. G1/2, G1/4 male thread/ M18 female thread, PNP/ NPN/ relay output signal, 6 LED lights to indicate the velocity.

    Thermal Dispersion Flow Switch, G1/2 or G1/4 Thread

    Buy best thermal flow switch with the measuring range of water 3-300cm/s, gas 200-3000cm/s, oil 3-300cm/s. Liquid, air, oil can be measured, accurate to ±1-±10cm/s. G1/2, G1/4 male thread or G1 thread, 100 bar working pressure, 15-60mm sensor length, PNP/ NPN/ relay/ 4-20mA output signal.

    Thermal Dispersion Gas Flow Switch, PNP/ NPN

    Buy thermal dispersion gas flow switch from ATO to get the best price and highest quality. It has the advantages of LED display, PNP/ NPN/ relay output signal, 24VDC/ 110VAC/ 220VAC power supply. IP67 protection grade, free maintenance.

    Thermal Dispersion Liquid Flow Switch, M18/ G1 Thread

    Buy new design thermal dispersion liquid flow switch from ATO. Gas & liquid dual use flow switch, the flow percentage will be displayed on the digital display screen. It has wide power supply: 18-24VDC, 85-265VAC and multiple sensor length options: 15mm, 20mm, 30mm, 40mm, 60mm.

    Thermal Dispersion Water Flow Switch, Relay/ 4-20mA

    ATO thermal dispersion water flow switch has 6 LED lights to indicate the flow rate, which is very intuitive. The 4 optional output signals are PNP/ NPN/ Relay/ 4-20mA. The length of the sensor can be selected from 15mm, 20mm, 30mm, 40mm, 60mm, or can be customized as required.

    G1/4" Magnetic Water Flow Switch

    SKU: ATO-MR-2253
    Magnetic water flow switch for sale at low price, G1/4 thread, 50W, flow rate 15, 30, 50 L/min available. This water flow sensor consists of magnetic core, external case and reed switch, which is used in different water systems.

    G1/2" Magnetic Water Flow Switch

    SKU: ATO-MR-2260
    Water flow switch is a flow sensor which consists of magnetic core, external case and reed switch, G1/2 thread, 50W, optional flow rate 15, 30, 50 L/min, reliable components of the reed switch with low price.

    G3/4" Magnetic Water Flow Switch

    SKU: ATO-MR-4060
    G3/4 thread magnetic water flow switch is a flow sensor used in the control of water charging and discharging, water circulation and other water systems. It consists of magnetic core, external case and reed switch, reliable and low price.